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  • Date: June 22, 2012, 3:30 pm - June 22, 2012, 4:30 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Pre-Placement Talk
  • Who Should Attend: Engineers
  • The event aims at introducing you to the cutting edge technologies that has made Info Edge the no. 1 internet company of India

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Vibhore Sharma

Chief Technology Officer Info Edge India Ltd.
Vibhore has around 15 years of experience and has played a pivotal role in establishing the technological platforms and technical innovations in the engineering landscape of Info Edge.

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  • Firstnaukri: Hello Everyone,Thanks for logging in. Let us welcome Mr. Vibhore Sharma to this interactive session. Request Vibhore to give his opening comments and open the floor for student questions.
  • Vibhore Sharma : Hello everyone ! God afternoon. Shoot right away with your questions
  • anand: what are the key facts to be kept in mind while going to a technical interview?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Aptitude, programming skills and ample expertise on the skills and platforms you have mentioned in your CV
  • PRAKHAR AGRAWAL: sir, is basic C and coding your main concerns for interns?
  • Vibhore Sharma : For interns, we primarily look for good aptitude, programming skills and OOPS is preferred
  • Aman Bahadur Singh: According to you what all is a graduate supposed to know?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Like I mentioned Aptitude, programming skills and ample expertise on the skills and platforms you have mentioned in your CV
  • Taksh: What are the platforms on which Infoedge functions?
  • Vibhore Sharma : We work on everything open source. Largely on Linux, apache, php, mysql, java perl, python
  • PRAKHAR AGRAWAL: does programming skills include advanced algos like: segment trees, advanced DP etc?
  • Siddharth Maloo: does programming skills includes dynamic programming and advanced data structures like B+ trees etc.
  • Vibhore Sharma : yes, for certain roles, we also look at DP, DS and algorithms
  • Aman Bahadur Singh: Sir, what has to be prepared for the HR interview when applying for intern?
  • Vibhore Sharma : For an HR round, I guess just being yourself and being candid about your strengths, weaknesses, aspirations would always work in my view.
  • Kamaldeep: What are the technologies know how or programming skills that companies majorly desire in a fresher these days?
  • Vibhore Sharma : It varies from organization and roles in questions. Largely good analytical and mathematical skills are good foundations for a programmer.Apart from these, preferences wrt proficiency in a certain language are also there.
  • Aman Bahadur Singh: Are coding skills the only key for acheiving success in work field or other IT skills are also important?
  • Vibhore Sharma : For the role of a software engineer, programming skills are most essential. However, understanding of databases, how operating systems work help one write more efficient and long lasting (scalable) software.And thus play a vital role in one's contributions and thus career advancement.
  • Abhishek: Topcoder , SPOJ , Codechef and various other Coding competitions rank matters in RESUME ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Your participation and rank in such competitions reflects the desire and capability to make your mark in this field. However, most companies would still like to validate your expertise and skills.
  • Siddharth Maloo: sir, does it will get a negative impact if i say i have never worked on open source platform like linux ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : No it does not. What matters is that given to work on a new platform, how fast and well can you become proficient.
  • Taksh: Sir, Do you provide any training to the new joinees
  • Vibhore Sharma : Yes, we have an induction training that helps new joinees get acquainted with the industry and platforms.
  • preeti: Why is companies like Microsoft, Amazon or Adobe prefer only IITians for development profile and rest others for testing?
  • Vibhore Sharma : I would not be able to comment on processes of other organizations.
  • anand: I totally suck at coding. How can I improve, seriously, for a better job perspective in a reputed technical company.
  • Vibhore Sharma : A good beginning would be to know why are not good at something and then aim to convert weaknesses into strengths. Practice is known to compensate for a lot of shortcomings. So if you believe you need to improve in coding, just start picking programming exercises and solve them one after the other ..
  • sonika: to become a web developer, on which technologies need to focus more.
  • Vibhore Sharma : HTML,CSS, Javascript,PHP
  • Aman Bahadur Singh: What all fields does the written round cover?
  • Vibhore Sharma : pls refer to earlier answers
  • Taksh: What is the growth chart of a software engg in your organization?
  • Vibhore Sharma : there are multiple options. Folks can move into architecture, technical operations, project management, quality assurance. Depending on one's aspirations and capability you can continue to be in an individual contributor role or go on to lead a team in any of these disciplines.
  • Vedant Sharma: Is this a agreed fact that working on GIT is much faster and effective as compared to SVN as a Source Code Management system?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Most version control systems work on the same fundamentals. One's familiarity with a certain platform leads to faster and efficient usage if a given system. Having said that, there is always room for improving upon everything. SVN was said to be better than CVS and now GIT
  • Abhishek: What are the new technologies your company is working on ???
  • Vibhore Sharma : MongoDB, COuchDB, MogileFS, etc to name a few. We keep evaluating new technologies and platforms to see if they find use in our ecosystem.
  • Kuldeep Panchal: sir , Does knowledge of java language is reqired in terms of oops ...?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Not necessary. Application of OOPS concepts in C++ would be good to.
  • sir how many rounds do your recruitment process comprises of??
  • Vibhore Sharma : 3 technical + 1 HR round
  • Taksh: Sir does your company work on HCI. Do you develop websites based on methods and logics of HCI?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Yes,we do.
  • sumit: what kind of projects will be preferred for freshers ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Projects that a fresher gets to work on could be various - from core technical builds to product features.
  • Aman Bahadur Singh: Does Data Mining find any place in your organisation?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Yes. Information extraction, statistical modeling and analytics find numerous applications in our roadmap .
  • Kunal Krishna: Any scope of AI students at Info Edge?
  • Vibhore Sharma : We have a search team where several concepts of machine learning and NLP get used.
  • Amanjot: After how many years of relevant exp. in software engineering you can make an estimate of your further career will go as Software Architect or Engineering Manager ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : So, it depends on different individuals. We have folks in our team who reached certain levels faster than others. In our company it could take a person 7-9 years to be eligible, subject to qualifying criteria.
  • sir...can you please split up 3 technical rounds.....does it also comprise of coding round......?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Yes. programming skills are judged all through.
  • Taksh: Sir i am interested in doing MS but i also want to work. do you provide opportunities to employees to go for further certificate programs, degrees (like mine)?
  • Vibhore Sharma : We have various short term courses and certifications that employees can go for.
  • Aman Bahadur Singh: HCI is a vast feild. Is your organisation also plunging into application development covering gesture recognition?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Unfortunately gesture recognition does not find much application for the websites that we have.
  • Mudit: what is the job comprise of for a software engineer?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Essentially, building new products, features, functionalities. Maintaining existing products, ensuring uptime of the websites and their components. Optimizing and refactoring existing code to perform better with changing dynamics.
  • sumit: online shopping website is a good option for many companies, whats your opinion about info edge in this field?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Ecommenrce is an interesting space with a lot of players trying to break even. We are in the business of making platforms that enable hand-shakes between people.
  • how much packege do you give for new joinees......what job location should we expect?
  • Vibhore Sharma : appx. 5.6L per annum. Our development centre is in Noida.
  • Sanjay Garg: What is the exact criteria of judging a person's dimenional capability like on what grounds your company judge that the candidate is ready to take the next level of responsibilities ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : There are several dimensions on which a person needs to qualify to be able to move onto the next level. These vary from role to role. For instance, for architecture, a strong understanding of various aspects of building a system, right from OS, networking, databases, caching, programming, etc. For managers - evangelization, leadership, collaboration and such qualities, but well demonstrated in prior / current roles
  • sonika: does cloud computing technologies also implement in infoedge platforms
  • Vibhore Sharma : Yes, we are using virtualization and the cloud to address various needs that these platforms can address.
  • anand: does previous academic record matters, while facing an interview?
  • Vibhore Sharma : In an interview what matters is your expertise / proficiency in the field and skills that you have and how you respond to the problems / questions asked.
  • which college Info Edge is going to hire new joinee in coming days?........and how many students it will hire?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Tier 1 engineering colleges and we are looking to hire 15-20 people.
  • how much cgpa criteria do you put selection?
  • sumit sahu: does less pointer reflects any negative impact..?????
  • Vibhore Sharma : CGPA > 6 is the criteria.
  • Firstnaukri: Thank you Vibhore for such an informative session. Hope it provided you some useful insights. Stay tuned for more such sessions through Firstnaukri Net-Engage !
  • Vibhore Sharma : Thank you everyone. Hope your queries got answered.

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