Kick-start your career in the Diagnostics Industry

  • Date: January 18, 2013, 4:00 pm - January 18, 2013, 5:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Knowledge Session
  • Who Should Attend: M. Sc. – Biotechnology / Microbiology / Biochemistry Final year students 2013 Batch
  • This event aims at introducing you to an enriching career in the Diagnostics Industry. We bring to you the world leader in in-vitro Diagnostics (awarded “Best in-vitro company of the year 2012 in India” by Frost and Sullivan). Through this event you can explore career growth prospects and also an enriching culture at Roche.

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Mr. Ravi Kumar

Head – Human Resources Roche Diagnostics India Pvt Ltd
Mr. Ravi Kumar is a very experienced Human Resources Professional who has worked for major Indian and Multinational organizations across a range of industries including Engineering, Glass, Ceramics & Abrasive and Healthcare Diagnostics.
He joined Roche Diagnostics India in 2006 as Head – Human Resources. In his current role, Ravi is anchoring a number of HR initiatives and interventions to support business development and the company’s growth strategy.
An MBA in Human Resources from XISS Ranchi, Ravi has also done an Advanced Leadership Programme from London Business School.

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  • Firstnaukri: Hello Everyone, Thanks for logging in. Let us once again welcome Mr. Ravi Kumar to this interactive session. Request Ravi to give his opening comments and open the floor for student questions.
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Guys, welcome to this session. Thanks FirstNaukri for hosting this, and I look forwrad to your comments and questions for the next 60 mins
  • Metan Prasher: hello sir
  • SNEHASISH PARAMANIK: good evening sir
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Metan, Snehasish
  • Deepa: Hello Sir, I am a fresh graduate from University of Helsinki, Finland. I have done my masters in Biotechnology. Could you plz tell me the job prospects for a biotech student
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Deepa, for your stream, sales and application jobs could be interesting
  • Metan Prasher: i ve completed M.Sc. Biotechnology in october 2012 and im keen to know my scope in ur esteemed company
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Metan. We offer application roles and also sales & marketing careers in our industry to colleagues like you
  • Deepa: could you please elaborate about the application jobs you mentioned above?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Application jobs in the Diagnostics industry involve training of customers and our own sales people, inculdinh hand-holding customers for installation and trouble-shooting. You can find more details at
  • SUMAN GUPTA: hello sir i am completed my msc biotechnology in 2012 i m keen to know my scope in research and quality role in industry
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Suman, regert that i may not know much about the research and quality roles in our industry because we do not have research sites / manufacturing in India currently. For the Pharma industry in India, this may be a good career option
  • SNEHASISH PARAMANIK: sir, i am a student of microbiology doing my M.Sc in Lovely Professional University,my B.Sc was in Microbiology Could you plz tell me the job prospects?.
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Snehasish, as mentioned in the earlier replies in this chat, you can look at the Diagnostics Industry for roles in Application Services or Sales & Marketing of in-vitro diagnostics products
  • Shreya: Hello Sir, I am in final year of MSc in Bio Chemistry from the university of Pune and want to know what kind of jobs can i pursue apart form going into research?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Shreya, please see my reply to Snehasish on the same topic.
  • Ragesh Kannatt Nair: Do freshers like me and others here having done MSc Medical Biotechnology having any chance of getting into the Research or quality department?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Yes Rajesh. But this is more likely with the Pharm aindustry in India given their investments in Research and Manufacturing.
  • Ragesh Kannatt Nair: Good evening sir, I would like to know what kind of application role is being said
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Ragesh. Do look at our Career Webpage at This will give you a good idea of what is meant by Application careers.
  • Navin: Sir what kind of job roles does your company provide to MSc candidates?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Navin. We provide Application and Sales & Marketing roles to fresh M.Scs like you.
  • Rakesh P: Sir, what is the The cobas test portfolio ?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Rakesh. the Cobas Brand is Roche's flagship brand for all testing machines and parameters in the IVD sector. For full details, please visit our product portfolio on
  • SNEHASISH PARAMANIK: how i will apply for job?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Snehasish, please visit our career webpage to apply via FirstNaukri or log onto our career page at
  • sudeep: HI sir as fresher Msc what type of marketing we ill be doing
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Sudeep, thank you for a very good question ! Marketing colleagues in our function manage the product management, pricing of products, handling CMEs, product communication and a host of other interesting campaigns, strategies, etc
  • Soubhagyaranjan Jena: Respectfully Sir,myself soubhagya studying Biotechnology in Kiit university.I have interest ito get job in Diagnostic Industry.Please say some job prospectus about this
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Mr. Jena. Job prospects in our industry for colleagues like you range from Sales, Marketing to Application Services, Customer Management etc.
  • Rakesh P: Sir, do you support the view of generic drug proponents who say that companies should not hold on to their patent for the better good of humanity
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Rakesh, today's chat is about the Diagnostics Industry and the careers it offers. Regret that i cannot comment about the Pharma industry.
  • Ragesh Kannatt Nair: Sir, with reference to the application job described in mentioned website , does the new employee get training on the methology adopted by the company or he/she has to have prior knowlegde
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Yes of course, Ragesh !
  • Soubhagyaranjan Jena: Sir now I am in my last semester of my and looking for internship for 4 months.Do your company provide internship?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: We offer traineeship for those who have completed their course. Unfortunately we do not offer internships currently
  • SUMAN GUPTA: good evening sir i want to know after Msc biotech what would we do further study
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Good evening Suman. Unless you have a lot of time and money at your disposal, I would recommend that you start working as soon as you get your degree !
  • Ankit Shah: Hello Sir, I am an MBA 2nd yr student of IIFT. I have a pharmaceutical background and interned in pharma MNC too. I would like to know if there are opening in Roche Diagnostics India currently
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Ankit. Do visit us at for info on current openings
  • sudeep: Sir that means we have to teach our customers about the product they bought from us...but sir one question do we have to approach/ search customers to sell the product...
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Sudeep. In application roles, one need not do that. But surely that is required for Sales roles.
  • Navin: Sir, what is the starting salary for MSc freshers
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Navin, our traineeship stipends vary year to year. the starting stipend in our Company for freshers would be in the range of 20-24k p.m. Salaries on confirmation of course are pegged to the kind of roles that Trainees may take up
  • Sunil Raj: Sir, will I be able to move laterally in your organization ? I am not sure what is my career path and I'd like to explore
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Yes Sunil, of course you will be able to. But regardless of whichever Company you work for, your career path will be what you are really interested in and are passionate about. Any Company which tells you that they have career paths charted out very clearly - are actually not being truthful with you
  • nikhil: hi sir wht is the scope of medical microbiology student
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Nikhil, please see my answers to the same question earlier in the chat today
  • Ragesh Kannatt Nair: Sir, so after they have completed their training in the respective field they get absorbed by the company on the basis of merit OR everyone that have applied to the job?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Ragesh, absorption after traineeship depends on two things : open positions and applications by trainees interested in getting absorbed
  • Soubhagyaranjan Jena: ok,sir after my how can I apply for job in your company?by going career website
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Yes of course
  • Prakash Kumar: Sir, how will you describe the work culture of Roche ? Are you offering something which is different from other organizations ?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Prakash, very interesting question ! For understanding our work culture, you should speak to any of our employees across India. They will give you the most honest and correct answer. And about how we differentiate ourselves - we are the leaders in this industry in India and abroad, and offer exciting opportunitites, as well as the freedom to innovate and develop on the job. Do look us up at FB and LinkedIn
  • Deepa: Sir, my knowledge in the research equipments will add an extra point during the recruitment process? I have been using equipments from Roche Diagnostics during my masters in University of Helsinki.
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Yes surely Deepa ! Am sure you enjoyed working with our products and will recommend them to other customers !
  • SNEHASISH PARAMANIK: as we are more concern in lab based work, is not there any lab based work apart from sales and marketing?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: No
  • Ragesh Kannatt Nair: Sir, how long is the trainee programme?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: One year, Ragesh
  • sudeep: sir ,, company main office is in mumbai ,,.,is there a branch in bangalore
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: No Sudeep, no Branch in Bangalore, but we have Sales, Engineering and Application colleagues all over India in over 42 locations serving wherever our customers are.
  • SUMAN GUPTA: thank you sir , sir may i start my career as trainee in ur company and for it what i do ? and during internship in your company which type of job responsibilities we hav
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Suman, whenever we have the Traineeship opportunity, you will see it on FirstNaukri and please do apply if you are interested. The Traineeship details will also be available at that time on the site
  • sangita: Hello sir, myself sangita and i completed my masters in industrial biotechnology, i wanted to know that what are the key skills you will be looking in a candidate?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Sangita, Key traits that we look for at Roche when we hire are : Communication Skills, Learning agility, an open mind and the ability to grasp situations and techniques quickly
  • M.gayathri: good eve sir.. i am final year BE ECE student... do i have any opportunity to enroll in your company as soon as finishing my course
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Gayathri. It seems you missed alst weeks chat only for Engineering students. Do feel free to refer to the chat log on
    and you will get the answers to your question
  • Prakash Kumar: Sir, is there any role for analytics professionals in your field, can you explain the same ?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Sorry Praksah, not in our industry
  • Metan Prasher: sir , how one can appy for traineeship???
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Metan, FirstNaukri hosts such openings from us. You can apply whenever you see such roles hosted on the site
  • Soubhagyaranjan Jena: What are your recruiting process?Sir I have also 1 year experience in operation in vedanta Aluminium Limited.
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: The process includes written tests, Group Discussions and face to face interviews
  • Metan Prasher: but sir im fresher with no experience. Does the company offers job to freshers ??
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Yes. Do look for such roles on FirstNaukri where we post such stuff from time to time
  • nikhil: how can I apply for job in Diagnostics Industry or wht is the procedure
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Nikhil, you can search for roles at sites like Naukri, First Naukri etc and limit your search to keywords like "Diagnostics". You can also visit the websites of Diagnostics companies and apply directly there
  • ramesh Serapalli: Sir, I am pursuing MSc from IIT. My comm skills are not good. How i Improve is that necessary to get job in your comapny?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Ramesh. Communication Skills are absolutely important in any job in today's world ! You must try and improve on these by asking for feedback from your colleagues, seniors and those who are experts in this field. Courses may also help
  • sangita: sir do the written tests include subject related questions or its an aptitutde based ?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Both, Sangita
  • Abhay Uthale: good eveng sir, I have completed my MSc biotech from VSBT baramati this year. Do I have any chnce of getting job in your company as a research candidate?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Abhay, we do not have any roles in Research
  • sudeep: Sir,,,really like Job profile for Roche Application team, I just finish ma msc bt, but am in bangalore if any opening is there to give an interview its gonna be really had to approach..
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Sudeep. Limiting yourself to Bangalore is your personal choice. Do feel free to apply if anything comes up for Bangalore specifically.
  • Deepa: Sir, will my knowledge of handling research equipments will add an extra point during the recruitment process? I have been using research equipments from Roche diagnostics for more than 2 years.
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: So Deepa, what is feedback about Roche instruments as a user ?
  • Soubhagyaranjan Jena: Sir in training much salary do you give?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Please see my answer on the stipend given earlier in this chat
  • sangita: sir do the company ask to sign a bond if we get selected? and if yes for how many years?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: No bonds at Roche, Sangita
  • Abhay Uthale: So wat role is for us in your company? and how should we apply for it?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Abhay. It seems you have entered the chat late. Do go through my answers to similar questions earlier, and feel free to get back in case you have more questions
  • ramesh Serapalli: Sir i am conceptually strong but not good in explaining in English. I am comfortable with Hindi and Tamil
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Welcome back Ramesh ! Looking at your written English, I think you are quite good at it, so dont worry. At work, one needs to have a fair grasp of the English language, and that should be good enough.
  • Marvin: Sir Does Roche give opportunities for higher certification/training while pursuing the job?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Hi Marvin, we do a lot of internal technical training while on the job. But if one wants to go in for a Ph.D for example, we do not have an issue with it as long as the course does not affect work objectives
  • ramesh Serapalli: Sir my spoke english is not good and it makes me uncomfortable. All interviews are in english which makes me uncomfortable?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Still, I would say that a bit of practice with oyur freinds, teachers and family will bring in the much needed confidence. Trust me, its not the English, but the confidence that matters in an interview.
  • Firstnaukri: Thank You Ravi for your insightful views and sparing time to interact with jobseekers and address their queries. Thanks everyone for logging in. Keep looking into this space for more.
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar: Thanks all, for a very patient hearing, and thanks FirstNaukri for hosting us ! Good bye and have a great weekend !!
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