Work done at Adobe, Adobe India and the Career Paths within Adobe India

  • Date: December 20, 2010, 4:00 pm - December 20, 2010, 5:00 pm
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  • Who Should Attend: Freshers
  • Clear all your queries about a career in Adobe India directly from Dr. Naresh Gupta, Managing Director, Adobe India R&D Center

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Naresh Gupta

Sr. Vice President, Print & Publishing Business Unit and Managing Director Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. Naresh Gupta is a B. Tech in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, where he was named a Gold Medalist. He holds master’s and doctorate degrees in computer science from the University of Maryland, College Park. He has been widely known as a computer science expert in the areas of shape, motion, image understanding, and AI research. His Ph.D. thesis, “Recovering Shape and Motion from a Sequence of Images,” was nominated forthe ACM Distinguished Dissertation award.
Dr. Naresh Gupta is Managing Director of Adobe’s India research and development center that he started from concept in 1997 and has since grown to be the second largest Adobe’s R&D campus worldwide. Dr. Gupta is also responsible for the Print and Publishing Business Unit at Adobe. In this role, he oversees product marketing and development for Adobe’s standalone print, Web publishing and e-learning tools.

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  • nikhil12: Good afternoon sir
  • sahil bansal: hello..
  • Ravi Kumar: hi sir
  • Ravi Kumar: Good after noon sir
  • Naresh Gupta: Good afternoon. Glad to be with you.
  • Rohit: Hi Naresh...Are there any fresher opportunities for B.Tech and MBA freshers in Adobe
  • Avishek Dan: Does Adobe recruit freshers apart from campus interviews?
  • Naresh Gupta: Adobe is a big believer in hiring from Campus. Infact, we hire from around 25 campuses every year through our campus recruitment program. We go to all IITs, select NITs, IISC, and many other state engineering colleges.
  • nikhil12: On what perspective software engineers are employed at Adobe?
  • Ankesh: What are the qualities that are sought in a recruiting a fresh B.Tech in your Adobe India?
  • Naresh Gupta: Adobe evaluates candidates on three parameters - basic intelligence, skills and knowledge of the chosen subject, and attitude. In attitude, we consider the passion, energy levels, and desire and willingness to work hard.
  • Naresh Gupta: We have internship program but that is summer only. No winter internship.
  • vishal: what is the scope for mechanical engineers in your company??
  • Naresh Gupta: We usually hire computer science and electrical engineering students from campuses.
  • ravinder: does NIT jalandhar cums under ur selected NIT????????
  • Avishek Dan: Thank you, I am from Bengal Engineering and Science University (B.E. College) and Adobe is not recruiting from our college. How else can I join Adobe?
  • nikhil12: Sir, I am from NIT durgapur.We have few alumni working at Adobe.Our T&P cell tried having Adobe at our campus but they failed.Can we expect you campus drive?
  • Naresh Gupta: If we don't go to you campus, you can apply through the off- campus placement program. Just apply online at
  • Archana Chaudhary: Hi Naresh, given that there are so many more institutes beyond the IITs and NITS does Adobe hire from other campuses?
  • Naresh Gupta: We hire from non-IITs as well. We go to IET Lucknow, HBTI Kanpur, AMU, and many such institutes.
  • Sumit: What's the hiring outlook in your opinion for the IT Sector in general & Adobe in particular?
  • Naresh Gupta: Hiring outlook for IT industry is positive and unless there is a global economic shock, I expect it to be robust in coming years. As for Adobe, we continue to hire aggressively. In fact, we have been hiring as fast as we can.
  • aisha: sir is there any opening for marketing students who have done mba
  • Naresh Gupta: Yes, we do hire MBAs for certain positions. Please apply @
  • sanjeev: What are the products Adobe India is working on?
  • Naresh Gupta: Adobe India is working on almost all products that Adobe ships. India team has complete businessand engineering ownership of products like FrameMaker, Captivate, Robohelp, Postscript, Director, Coldfusion, Shockwave etc.
  • Naresh Gupta: India team has complete engineering responsibility for products like Illustrator, Photoshop Elements, Fireworks etc.
  • Naresh Gupta: India teams works with global engineering team on Acrobat, LiveCycle, Flash, flash mobile, Indesign, AIR,, Dreamweaver, Connect, Flash Media server etc.
  • jagmohan: does adobe got affected by recession.....and what was the main strategy of a multinational company like adobe in recession period
  • Naresh Gupta: Adobe was impacted by the global recession like most other companies. Our revenue and hence the profits growth came down in 2009 but we were still very profitable.
  • Naresh Gupta: We managed recession by focusing on improving our products and tech and ensured that our operations were optimal. It was an opportunity for us to look inward and improve all aspects of our business.
  • Swati K.: Sir, is there core development happening or are there feature additions ?
  • Naresh Gupta: New featurein a product like Indesign or photoshop is core development. That is what many of our engineers do. Several work on new products as well.
  • Swati K.: what are the specific areas or domains where we need to focus on ? signal processing , imagingetc ? Do I need to be expert in these ?
  • Naresh Gupta: We look for smart engineers with deep understanding of computer science and engineering. They also need to be good in coding in some of C/C++/JAVA/ Javascript etc. Deep knowledge of image or signal processing is good but not necessary.
  • vishal: what about rural talent and students from smaller cities?
  • Naresh Gupta: We hire people from all cities and towns as long as they have the required talent and skills.
  • vishal: what is the message that u want to give for aspring younsters?
  • Naresh Gupta: Key message - you are fortunate to live in time where opportunities in India are abundant. That was not the case when I graduated in 1988. Donot waste the opportunity. IT is ours to take but for that this generation has to work hard and be dedicated to the work.
  • Naresh Gupta: If we are smart, dedicated, and passionate about making a difference to our jobs, company, and country, nobody can stop India from taking its rightful place in the world and be considered as an economic power and a thought leader.
  • Naresh Gupta: But, work has just started and there is a long long way to go and the country needs and demands support and contributions from each one of you.
  • saikrishna: can you explain what is this Robohelp all about?
  • Naresh Gupta: Robohelp is used for authoring software help systems, policy documentation, and self help sites.
  • sanjeev: Sir, should I do an MS from a US university to be able to do good quality work ?
  • Naresh Gupta: If you have an opportunity, please go for higher studies. There is very high return on the investments you make in higher studies. Go and pursue M.S/ Phd in US
  • Naresh Gupta: We don't hire students from bioinfaormatics at campus but you can apply for off campus.
  • Rachna: Good evening sir, my question is what kind of growth do you expect in the internet usage via mobiles & what products have Adobe come up with specifically for mobiles?
  • Naresh Gupta: Mobile internet is hte BIG thing. IT is expected to be bigger than desktop internet in next 2-3 years. Adobe provides the Flash and AIR platform for the mobile internet space.
  • Naresh Gupta: Android ships with Flash 10.1 and AIR runtime to enable developers to develop content and applications that runs across a wide array of devices.
  • Ankesh: Is Adobe India working on any cloud computing technologies?
  • Naresh Gupta: Adobe India is working on as well as acrobat. com. These are two key SaaS initiatives at Adobe
  • saikrishna: what is the future of flex in international market?
  • Naresh Gupta: Flex is growing exponentially all over the world. We have a large Flex developer base in India - both at universities and at S.Is like infosys and TCS. We are really excited about the prospects...
  • j. bala: Good evening sir, what do you think is the scope and future of cloud computing? How do Adobe products work with these platforms?
  • Naresh Gupta: Cloud computing would continue to grow. Infact, several years from now, we expect that most computing services would be delivered on the cloud.
  • Naresh Gupta: It is a big focus for Adobe. In fact, Adobe is the second largest pure play SaaS company. Our Omniture business handles 1.3 trillion transaction every quarter.
  • Naresh Gupta: Interesting areas can be around mobile, internet, and social computing
  • harmeet: Sir, do you have any contests or initiatives where i can take part in the development effort from my university ?
  • Naresh Gupta: Harmeet, we do have few contests from time to time. You will need to check on an ongoing basis..
  • Joydeep Saha: Good evening sir, What is the scope in Adobe for an ERP consultant
  • Naresh Gupta: We have our internal IT team that needs ERP skills
  • Prashant: Sir, what about work done for hand held devices ? iPod etc
  • Naresh Gupta: Prashant, as I have already said, handheld, and mobile phones would be the growth areas of the future. Any experience on these platforms would be valuable.
  • j. bala: Sir, should we focus more on desktop technologies like C/C++ or server side and cloud technologies like JavaScript / HTML5 / Flex etc?
  • Naresh Gupta: Bala, depends on your interest. There are opportunities for both desktop technologies and web technologies. That being said, I believe that there would be increased demand for web skills in the future...
  • Prakash: Hi Sir Can you let us know about Career Growth and Training in Adobe
  • Naresh Gupta: Prashant, we have a fairly extensive training program. We offer training on various technical topics. We have a tie-up with IITs where IIT professor offer a 2 - 3 days certification courses to our employees. We also offer training opportunities to our managers to help them grow as people manager and leader.
  • Naresh Gupta: Employee can grow at Adobe both as and individual contributor as well as on management track. They both go almost all the way to the top. There can be a situation where the individual contributor reporting to a manager be senior than the manager.
  • saikrishna: what are various research areas in demand now a days?
  • Naresh Gupta: There is demand in many areas like - mobile computing, analytic, data mining, image and video processing, robotics, wireless networks, ecommerce, security, privacy, ...
  • saikrishna: while hiring a candidate on which thing you give more importance,good attitude,communication skill,personality or subject knowledge and academic records?
  • Naresh Gupta: Saikrishna, all these are very important. But, most important is the right attitude. Talent is an enabler but worth nothing if does not come with the right attitude.
  • Naresh Gupta: Person with medium talent but very good attitude would generally be more productive than a person with high talent but poor attitude.
  • Naresh Gupta: Of course, the best ishigh talent and good attitude. That's the kind of employees we look for.
  • Ritu: Sir, what are the attributes we should be looking at while targeting a company for working there? What are the key areas Adobe concentrates on for it to have become one of the best places to work?
  • Naresh Gupta: Ritu, look for companies with good business model, good people, high level of integrity in their business dealing, and good and growth oriented people management practice.
  • Naresh Gupta: We focus on hiring the very best people, giving them good infrastructure and management practices, and then give them challenging work so that they can contribute to their potential or even beyond. That is what makes us a company where good people want to work.
  • M. Khanna: Good evening Naresh. Would you advise B.Tech IT campus graduates to pursue MBA degrees or focus on further studies in IT field only such as MS?
  • Naresh Gupta: There is no right answer that fits everybody.Depends on your interest. If you are interested in management, go for MBA. If you want to stay technical, go for a job or higher studies in technical field.
  • Joydeep Saha: Sir, would you suggest direct job after B.Tech or a Masters from IIT?
  • Naresh Gupta: Joydeep - we are in a knowledge economy and higher studies always pays back... IF you have an opportunity, go for higher studies.
  • saikrishna: what is the life cycle enterprise suite of adobe is all about?
  • Naresh Gupta: LiveCycle helps enterprises automate their business processes.. More information on
  • Naresh Gupta: Neha, you can apply after a year.
  • Naresh Gupta: I really enjoyed chatting with you folks... If you need more information on Adobe, please visit If you need more information on Adobe india, please visit Thanks you....

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