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E Commerce Strategy Challenge 2012

Case Study Analysis
Case Study Analysis phase is closed. View Winners
Analyse the case study given below, solve the questions and submit your answers in a well structured presentation.

Case Study:
Buyonlineindia.com has established itself as the No 1 e commerce (online retail) portal in India with a broad spectrum of offerings. They offer customers cash on delivery and discounts on each product offered. They also have established a delivery network of warehouses and built an efficient delivery team which helps extend their services to tier 2 towns also. They are also spending heavily on branding campaigns on TV and other mass media. The company is incurring losses continuously but is backed by strong investors. Apart from buyonlineindia, there are other players who are servicing niche segments in the market especially fashion, apparels etc.
An international e-commerce player buyglobal.com (online retail), is contemplating entering the Indian market with similar offerings. Buyglobal.com is the number 1 player internationally but currently do not have a delivery network in India and the prices that they offer including overseas courier charges is not competitive. Buyglobal is planning to enter Indian Market with competitive pricing and local distribution channels. You are part of the team that is defining the market entry strategy for buyglobal. You will have to come up with a (India) market entry strategy for buyglobal.com.
1. Analyze the Indian online retail market potential and growth for next 5 years. Take margins also into consideration.
2. Evaluate different business models and segments in online retail
3. Evaluate Legal Implications for India market entry
4. Define how to set up a competitive delivery network
5. Define how the marketing budget should be spent
6. What do you anticipate Buyonlineindia.com will do to thwart competition and how Buyglobal.com can preempt these measures
7. Analyze and suggest if it is wise for Buyglobal.com to enter Indian market or not
You can structure your presentations after studying the Indian online retail market. Please state any assumptions that you make and sources that you have referred to.

Rules for Submission:
1. Submissions should be in PPT or PPTX format with maximum 25 slides
2. The file should be compressed in .zip or .rar format before uploading
3. You will not be able to change the uploaded files, once they are submitted
4. You will have to do the submissions before the deadline of the phase
5. Sources which you had referred to should be explicitly mentioned
6. Submissions should be made before 28 March 2012, 11:59 PM

Selection of Winners:
The panel has decided to select two winners whose submissions cleared the benchmark in terms of analysis and presentation.

Winners List

Participant Name/ College/ University
  • kushal sharma
    Faculty of Management Studies (FMS)

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