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“AppTite”- Whet your Hunger to Code!

Solution Submission
Solution Submission phase is closed. Results pending
Here you submit a textual solution for the problem you have stated in the earlier phase. For example: “Our solution for this problem is “Water Alerting System” where we will sense for the ”availability of water and intimate/alert all the rightful consumers in their mobile phone. Most important thing here to note is, the end user doesn’t even need a app to be installed or need a smart phone, all they need is a mobile phone. The alerting system will be centrally managed and will send out messages or alert calls to the rightful consumers. The reason why we had to get away with Smart Phone app is that a village with such scarcity of water means it is very underdeveloped and smart phones would not have reached all over the place but an ordinary phone would have already be in place.

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