Career Opportunities with KSB Pumps

  • Date: August 12, 2016, 3:00 pm - August 12, 2016, 4:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Pre-Placement Talk
  • Who Should Attend: B.E/Btech - Mechanical / Production Engineer
  • The Online event aims at introducing 2016 passed out engineering candidates about the career opportunities with KSB Pumps - What all is expected from a Graduate Engineer Trainee. Candidates can know more about the work culture and grow opportunities with the company.

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Nitish D Kulkarni

Asst Manager - HR KSB Pumps
KSB is the brand with the greatest technical expertise; hence today it is a leading international manufacturer of pumps and valves for almost all applications involving the transportation of fluids. This brings KSB employees close to customers with a wide spread of sales and marketing companies, manufacturing facilities and service operations in all continents. A comprehensive range of services rounds off this customer-focused portfolio.
KSB has been growing continuously since it was founded in the year 1873 with more than 16000 employees contributing towards sales revenue of over two billion Euros. KSB is spread over six centers in Pimpri, Chinchwad, Sinnar, Vambori and Coimbatore, each facility dedicated to a product line. The commitment and dedication of the collective strength of more than 2000 strong team who firmly believe that rewards come through the success of a client's project.

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  • Firstnaukri: Hello Everyone, Thanks for logging in. Let us welcome Mr. Nitish D Kulkarni to this interactive session. Request Mr. Nitish to give his opening comments and open the floor for student questions.
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Dear Candidates,

    Good Afternoon!

    Welcome to GET Drive-2016 of KSB Pumps Limited.

    First of all thank you for showing interest in KSB as your preferred career partner. We will be happy to resolve your queries related to GET Drive-2016. From KSB Pumps Limited, Me and my colleague Mr. Anup Sharma will assist you with your queries.

    Lets make this as interactive session!

    All the best!

    Best Regards,

    Nitish D Kulkarni
  • dhiraj kumar: sir is there be any opportunity for mechanical fresher.
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Yes. The drive is specifically for B.E./ B.Tech Mechanical 2016 passout.
  • Laxminarayan sahu: how to apply for job
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: If you have received this communication, it shows you have already applied for Job in KSB Pumps.
  • soumyajeet ghosal: what are the opening for job as a fresher mechanical engineer in this esteemed company ?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: The position will be Graduate Trainee Engineer.
  • Sanket Gajanan Lokhande: Sir What will be the criteria for selection ?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: B.E.- Mech/ B.E.- Industrial eng/Production- 2016 passout. Throughtout first class in 10, 12/Diploma and Graduation. Graduation preferred from reputed institutes
  • Kishan: Sir , will there be any exam for the recruitment
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Yes. Detailed process of GET is as below-
    Shortlisting of Candidates by KSB Pumps Limited on the basis of merit-> Interview invitations are sent to shortlisted candidates only via> GET Drive is planned on 22, 23 August 2016 -> Selection process - Technical+Aptitude test- Interview-> Results -> Medical Checkup -> Documentation -> Joining
  • Natarajan : Sir is there any vacancy for electronic and instrumentation engineer
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: No. At the moment we do not have any opening for Electronics.
  • chandan dubey: what is date of interview
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Planned dates for GET Drive is 22nd & 23rd August 2016.
  • Vishal tyagi: Is there any boond?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Yes. Trainee is registered under Board of Apprentice for period of 1 year. In case Trainee is absorbed in company after completion training period, 2 years of employment bond is applicable
  • Akash Dhage: what is the job profile?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: On the basis of orientation observed during interview, Trainee can be placed in any department such as- TOP, PM & PS, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Tech
    Subsequent training is given to candidates to handle work profiles.
  • Omkatnath Hunuswadkar : I have completed BE in production engg, am i eligible?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Yes.
  • ABHIRUP NANDA: is there any oppurtunity for electrical engineer
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Yes we had the opening. But this year we have completed the drive for electrical engineers.
  • Kishan: Sir, What is the package being offered.
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: We will update you at the time of GET Drive. Last year stipend offered was Rs. 20,000 Per month + other welfare benefits.
  • anjana padhi: Sir i am Anjana Padhi 2016 B.Tech passout with CGPA 8.37 in the stream Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Yes.
  • Vinay Appasaheb Birajdar: sir i dont have first class throught
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: No in this case you are not eligible for this process.
  • kilaru srikanth : where is location for interview .
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Pune. Specific location will be communicated only to shortlisted candidates via separate e-mail.
  • Rakesh kumar sahoo: what is the appropiate date of online exam?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: It will not be online test. Candidates will be called at Location on 22/23 Aug 16.
  • Aniket Patil: candidate(2016 passout) can apply for this position ?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Dear Aniket, we have opening for M.Tech however they are currently filled.
  • Gaurav Shrivastava: Sir, What documents do we require to carry for the drive?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: The documents required will be communicated to shortlisted candidates in subsequent mail.
  • SURESH.K: Good afternoon Sir whether the drive will take place in any college or in company itself
  • Akshay Ghali: By when will I get to know whether I have been shortlsted or no through naukri.comt?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Shortlisted candidates will be communicated via mail by Naukri latest by 18 August 2016.
  • Siddharth Bhandari: sir is there any other basis apart from first class for shortlisting
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: No. we hire candidates based on Merit.
  • RAHUL R GUPTA: what are the carrier oppurtunities in ksp pump?
  • Anirudh: Sir is there any opportunity for civil engineers?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: After Successful completion of Trainee, if the positions are available with company, based on personal interviews candidates will be absorbed at Officer cadre.
  • amogh.: And what r the things we need to prepare for interview?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: You need to prepare for your Academic syllabus and aptitude- logical reasoning.
  • sameer khan: sir what will be tranning period
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Training period will be of 1 year.
  • KALE DADASAHEB KACHESHWAR: sir which facilities provide company to trainee engineer
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: In addition to Stipend, you will be provided with Company Bus, GMP & canteen facility.
  • Krushna Kumawat: Hello Sir, What is the exam pattern of technical+aptitude test ?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Yes
  • nimishajmera: So if selected there will be 3 year bond , am I right?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: No. If selected for 1 year, there will not be any bond. However in case of absorption, there will be bond for 2 years.
  • Vinit Nagda: Sir have you already sent email to short-listed candidates for the interview?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: No. The e-mail sent was only for Online Chat session. Shortlisting e-mail will follow to shortlisted candidates.
  • vinayak: after training will candidated be given assured jobs?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: No. It will be based on Company requirement at time of training completion & candidate performance.
  • Sarfraj Ansari: Sir interview location is having in jharkhand
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: No. It is in Pune- MH.
  • sameer khan: sir is this criteria of 60% is like aggrigate
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Throughtout first class in 10, 12/Diploma and Graduation.
  • pranav dambalkar: First class throughout means 60% in 10th,12th AND ENGINEERING AGGREGATE 60% right?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Yes. Correct.
  • RAHUL SIDRAM KHATTE: Sir i have completed my one month internship from volkswagen as quality engineer so i would like to work with your organisation
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Yes. If you are not registered under Board of Apprentice.
  • Parth Valera: First of all good afternoon sir!!What is the companys expectation from a new entrant, if he wishes to grow within the organization?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: We are looking for young & dynamic talent, who are ready to accept challenges and grow with company.
  • JUHI CHAUDHARI: sir i am 2016 passout with 64.1 in Mechanical Engineering. But in 4rd sem i got 57 am i eligible?
  • Rohit Jadhav: sir, are only the candidtae those who are doing this session will be shortlisted for the further process
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: No. All eligible candidates applied for GET will be considered.
  • Gayatri Shirish Joshi: Sir, are there any vacancies for girl candidates?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Yes. KSB is open for encouraging women employment opportunity.
  • Atul Shankar Ghagare: How you will judge candidate during trainee period ?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Quarterly evaluation, project work, Presentation session, HOD feedback, attendance, discipline are major criteria.
  • Kartik Bhatt: Sir what will job location after completion of training...its Pune or somewhere...
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: For training period it will be Pune.
  • Niranjan Raste: upon selection how soon the joining letter will arrive ?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: We are planning for joining on 1 Sept 16.
  • Ramadoss Karthik: Sir, is the consolidated mark sheet required at the time of interview?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Detailed documents list will be communicated to shortlisted candidates.
  • Saikiran : Sir, what are the test centres? Please respond me
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: It will be communicated via separate mail.
  • Chandra bose.B: Sir is there need of any additional certification courses like MEP?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: No
  • KULDEEP SANJAY CHAVAN: Is there Technical Interview separate from HR interview?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: No. It will be panel interview.
  • PRAKASH SM: Sir, I have education gap between sslc and diploma, may I eligible?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: No
  • Adithesh M: is candidates with history of backlogs are eligible?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: No
  • Pramod Singh: sir will the technical and aptitute test happen online or i have to go to pune? if online can give it fron kolkata?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Test will be conducted in Pune.
  • Raiwin Sam Raj: After the interview process, if selected when will the training commence?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: 1 September 2016.
  • jitender sharma: Sir i wanted to know that if someone have good projects in cv and from a tier1 college but lack 1% in the first class degree will he be get evaluated or not?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: We have set criteria for through out First class.
  • PONNADA RAM VENKATA GOPAL: sir what are the types of trainings that company provides to the freshers
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Training is imparted via various modes like Classroom training, Virtual training, On the job training, Practical training etc.
  • Anirudh : Is there any scope for civil engineering passout?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: No. Not currently at GET drive.
  • Aditya Gopinath Maske: Sir is there be any opportunity for be Automobile fresher.
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: No.
  • NAVEENKUMAR: When the selection process starts?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Process is planned on 22 & 23 Aug 16.
  • tejas gadhe: what will be our Profile after selected as GET?? i.e. quality, Maintenance
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: On the basis of orientation observed during interview, Trainee can be placed in any department such as- TOP, PM & PS, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Tech
  • PSR CHAITANYA: sir can i know the place where the training take place?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Pune.
  • niranjan Raste: What are the steps of recruitment process?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Interview invitations are sent to shortlisted candidates only via> GET Drive is planned on 22, 23 August 2016 -> Selection process - Technical+Aptitude test- Interview-> Results -> Medical Checkup -> Documentation -> Joining
  • Kalandar hassan: I really really intrested to work in KSB pumps, as it is a purely mechanical company , what will be the eligibility criteria to get placed in KSB pumps
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: please refer our trail chat.
  • Rupanshu jha: Are candidates with Electronics & Comm. background eligible for this drive ?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: No
  • Shaunak Kale: Hello Mr. Nitish & Mr. Anup. Is this drive open for MTech 2016 passout students
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Hello, For M.Tech process was already completed.
  • ABHISHEK SRIVASTAVA: sir in which city interview will be conducted ?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Pune
  • Konar Tripathi: Is there any vacancy for design engineer?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Yes.
  • Anurag Tiwari: Hello sir. I am fresher mechanical engineer, seeking chance to work in KSB Pumps. How do I apply for it?? What is the procedure ?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: please refer earlier chat.
  • Pramod Kumar Singh: Which place the GET drive and interview happen?
  • Piyush Ranjan: Sir, where is the recruitment drive scheduled?
  • shahil bissa: Where this test will been organised ??
  • Sonali Rawat: Venue for the selection processes..?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Venue will be in Pune and will be communicated only to shortlisted candidates via mail.
  • Rangasravanth: How to apply for job sir
  • MANOJ KUMAR M: Sir How can apply for GET in your company??
  • Digivjay D Zankat: I am Join your company. what is process?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: You have received this online chat invitation because you have already applied for the GET Drive.
  • ABHISHEK SUBHADARSHI BEHERA: sir also please mention the pakage KSB going to give to its GETs?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: We will update you at the time of GET Drive. Last year stipend offered was Rs. 20,000 Per month + other benefits.
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: All students are requested to go through Chat history which will clarify most of your queries.
  • Sourabh Deshinge: what is salary per annum for training period ?
  • pranjal brahmanakar: what is the pakage being offered to us if we get selected
  • Abhilash kumbhakar : Good afternoon sir, I am a mechanical 2016 pass out, with a dgpa7.12, and also 1st class on 10th, bt 2nd class on 12th , am I eligible for this recruitment process?
  • Satya narayan ghosh: Sir, cadidate have to go pune for the exams or interview
  • Satyavrat: So cgpa 6.93 in engineering will be all applicable?
  • Adithesh M: is candidates with history of backlogs are eligible?
  • Deepak: sir I am not registered on firstnaukari site I applied for this job on LinkedIn so on firstnaukari site my details are not there as you said that you will select on merit bases what should I do..?? as
  • Swamiul Kabir Rahman: sir, if the student has 60%+ in aggregate but has a back log, is he eligible?
  • Amit Potdar : Good Afternoon Sir. I am BE (Instrumentation and Control) 2016 pass out. Are there any vacancies for Instrumentation?
  • Abhinav Palwe: I am graduated with first class average in overall academic in BE Mechanical is this essential for qualification
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: All students are requested to go through Chat history which will clarify most of your queries.
  • MD FAIYAZ HUSSAIN: what is the date result for shortlisted candidate
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Results will be announced via e-mail after completion of GET Drive.
  • sunil kumar: is there any accomodation in company premisis
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: No.
  • POBBA VENKATA SIVA KUMAR: sir are u receiving my questions?
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Yes we have been receiving questions from many students. Chat response is huge and we are trying to reply maximum questions.
  • Akshay Ashok Pitla: is apprenticeship for diploma and BE students diffrent ? because i have completed apprentice ship on diploma basis in tata moros
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Yes it is different. If you are passout of 2016 B.E. Mech with specified criteria you can apply.
  • Chirag Kirad: What your company can manufactured and what type of jobs are available for be mechanical engineer
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: KSB Pumps Limited is one of the leading manufacturer of Pumps and Valves. It is German Multinational company having group turnover over 2.3 billion dollars. Globally, KSB has 32 manufacturing locations, out of which 5 plants are placed in India with employee base over 2000. We are into manufacturing of Pumps, Valves, Spares, Services.
  • Atul Gupta: Hello Sir, I have completed B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) and i am looking to work in dynamic working environment with passion and professional working culture.
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: KSB is right company for candidates like you. Please apply.
  • Ashish singh: sir your company take any charge during the training
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: No.
  • Abhay Tiwari : what is the job description for this post.i am a fresher passout in 2016
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: We are looking for Trainee. It will be department specific-
    learning about processes, systems of department
    assist team in various work orientations
  • Nitish D Kulkarni: Dear Candidates,

    It was a great session with lot of participation. We hope that we have clarified most of your queries. The Chat history will be online for next 3 months, in case of any doubt you can refer to Chat communication. Thank you for participating.

    Wish you all the best for your career!
    Team- KSB HRD.