Naukri Goes to Campus:

  • Date: August 25, 2011, 3:00 pm - August 25, 2011, 4:05 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 5 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Pre-Placement Talk
  • Who Should Attend: Engineering Graduates stepping into the Corporate World
  • The event aims at introducing you to India's No. 1 internet company and also to the cutting edge technological platforms created at Info Edge.

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Vibhore Sharma

Executive Vice President -Technology Info_Test_InfoEdge
Vibhore has around 14 years of experience and has played a critical role in establishing the technological platforms at Info Edge which have facilitated the company objective of achieving No. 1 status in internet space in India.

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  • Vibhore Sharma : Hello.
  • Saurabh: Sir, what kind of work we suppose to do in the company .. whats the job profile and further opportunities .. ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Hi Saurabh.The work at Naukri is pretty interesting.
  • Vibhore Sharma : We work on complex algorithms that ensure matching the right jobs to people who come searching for them
  • Vibhore Sharma : Apart from that we enable jobseekers to upload their resumes, receive relevant jobalerts
  • nitin: Can you clarify as to what are the various technical platforms you work on?
  • Vibhore Sharma : We are fairly technology-agnostic but stick to open source platforms.Core technologies are : Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Java, C++
  • Saurabh: sir is it a kind of working on data mining and information retrival ???
  • Vibhore Sharma : Yes. Information extraction, statistical modelling as well.
  • Nand kishore Sharma: hello sir, would you also be providing internships ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Yes, we do have internship opportunities as well.
  • Sukhmeet Singh: will be be working on algorithms or website or database as a fresher
  • Vibhore Sharma : There are ample opportunities for folks to contribute on algorithms, database design, etc.
  • Sukhmeet Singh: is internship optional ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : We always have openings for interns, so candidates who wish to apply for tat, can do it. Apart from those, we have full time opportunities as well
  • Saurabh: what are the working hours and working days .... ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : We have flexi work timings, 5 days work week.
  • Deepak Kumar Modak: sir, since job profile will more of designer or testing engineer ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : The profile is for software engineer.
  • Vibhore Sharma : For details around work hours, etc, pl have a look at our presentation
  • Sukhmeet Singh: what location will u be recruiting?
  • Vibhore Sharma : We are hiring for our engineering center in Noida
  • Saurabh: Sir, what are the pre-requirements to be the part of the company ... in the sense of technical field ???
  • Vibhore Sharma : Preferably Elec / Com Science / IT Engineering
  • nitin: What are the various data mining techniques being used at the company??
  • Vibhore Sharma : We use multiple data-modelling techniques to arrive at new algorithms and / or tweak existing ones.
  • Sukhmeet Singh: is there a seprate RND department ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : We dont have a separate R&D team but most guys pull out time to do research on new and emerging technologies and their application
  • Ashish: Roughly how many software engineers are presently in the company?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Across the company we have a development team of about a 100 engineers
  • Ashish: Which skill sets will you be basically searching in interviews?
  • Vibhore Sharma : We are looking at basic analytical and programming skills
  • Prasad: Hello Sir, Is naukri working on mobile apps - android platform etc ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Yes, we are and also on Blackberry
  • nitin: what are the various skill sets required of fresh engineering graduates across IT sector? Do you believe that there is a gap between industry and academia?
  • Vibhore Sharma : I think it's being recognized and The gap is bridging.
  • Ashish: how lies ahead of the competitors in technological aspects?
  • Vibhore Sharma : We keep taking feedback from our end users. In the search and match space, user experience.
  • Rohit: Does Infoedge works on Open Soucre Technology?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Yes, completely.
  • Deepak Kumar Modak: you provide various services like,, are goin to recruite for only or may outsource to other also ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : While the current drive is for, we'd be happy to have you on board for contributing for other brands
  • Mohit Mittal: Sir, I have heard of this technology called 'in-memory' computing . Does that make sense for ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : At the current juncture, no
  • Rajesh: Sir, What do you think of Cloud Computing ? Is it a marketing hype or a technical innovation ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Cloud computing, in my opinion is a new name for SAAS, as it was earlier. Yes, there is a lot of buzz around it. But it is a real good innovation. Especially for companies who can not make huge upfront investments in infrastructure and technology
  • gaurav: Other than Noida, where do u have offices? What if someone want to join at other location?
  • Vibhore Sharma : We have several branches across India, however the engineering team is based out of Noida only
  • Santak Dalai: besides hosting websites like and what other kind of works your company does?
  • Vibhore Sharma : We run, develop and maintain a lot of complex features and functionality tat help people search and find the right jobs on naukri. On 99acres, its the same with properties. Apart from these we have several growing businesses. Pls refer to our corporate presentation.
  • Mohit Mittal: Sir, Mobile Ads in Smart Phones is another hot area where lot of startups are working. Anything related to that in Info Edge ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Our focus is to get more and more users adopt to using our sites on the hand-held devices. We already have some ads running on our wap site.
  • Neeraj Singh: sir how will help us in building our career ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : At Naukri, you would get exposed to a lot of key technologies, components, processes and thought processes.Apart from that you learn to think out of the box, adapt to dynamic situations. these are essential learnings to make a good career that have helped several young people grow into successful professionals with us
  • Ashish: is for searching jobs in india... do you have any plan to extend your services to other countries?
  • Vibhore Sharma : We run a jobs site in the middle east - but the operations are run from Noida itself. So far we dont have any plans to expand outside India
  • Deepak Kumar Modak: well right you would hire for internship+job offer or only job ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : For both
  • Sandeep S: Hello sir, good to interact with you. I am a linux enthusiast and have recompiled kernels 2.4, 2.6 etc. Will I get to work in linux kernels in Info Edge ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : We dont do a lot of kernel engineering but we do modify other opensource platforms like Apache, MySQL and Lucnee and customize them to our needs. That's quite some interesting stuff too.
  • gaurav: Please through some light on the career growth path of a freah engineer joining Info edge, within the company?
  • Vibhore Sharma : A fresher engineer can go on to be a senior engineer and then choose to gain experience, seniority and higher ctc in that role and become a principal engineer. Or take the path to be a senior technical architect. Alternatively, one can choose to go the management path, become a team lead, project manager or even engineering manager.
  • Sukhmeet Singh: do also outsource their projects to other small firms ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : As of now, we do not outsource any projects and do everything in-house
  • Deepak Kumar Modak: how many peple are you willing to hire from our campus? Any approx. figure ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : Which campus are you from ?
  • Sony Xavier: Hello sir, is an engineer allowed to work on pet projects in Info Edge ?
  • Vibhore Sharma : We have an open culture and we believe in innovation. If there are any projects that can help the organizational objectives and also be of interest to team mates, they are more than welcome to work on those.
  • Vibhore Sharma : Thanks everyone. It was great interaction.
    Good Luck
  • Firstnaukri: Thank you Vibhore for such an informative session. Hope it provided you some useful insights about us. Stay tuned for more such sessions through Firstnaukri Net-Engage !
  • Vibhore Sharma : .

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