Engineering Careers@InfoEdge

  • Date: August 29, 2011, 3:00 pm - August 29, 2011, 4:07 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 7 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Pre-Placement Talk
  • Who Should Attend: Engineering Graduates stepping into the Corporate World
  • As a fresher engineering graduate, you have a strong urge to work on the cutting edge technologies. This session is an attempt to acclimatize you to the careers in technology at Info Edge.

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Shalabh Nigam

Executive Vice President Technology Info_Test_InfoEdge
Shalabh has more than 16 yrs. of experience in the Industry in multiple domains varying from Internet, Telecom, VOIP, Mobile to Supply Chain, Financial Systems and Banking. He brings exceptional troubleshooting and design principles into the development of IT based products so as to deliver 24X7 uptime and long term maintainability in carrier & production grade systems. He also brings in the ’start-up’ culture to big-sized teams by using the right amount of lightweight processes and freedom to innovate.
Prior to Info Edge, Shalabh has worked in cross-cultural environments across globe in countries like USA, Switzerland, Japan, Indonesia and Egypt with organizations like WHO, HeadStrong, BayPackets (now Agnity) etc.
He has a B.Tech. degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur and is currently handling engineering responsibilities for 99acres, Jeevansathi, Shiksha and AllCheckDeals along with being the Business Head for Brijj.

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  • firstnaukri: Hello Shalabh. Thanks for sparing time and sharing your thoughts with inquisitive young minds
  • Shalabh Nigam: Thanks and looking forward to an interesting session here.
  • suraj raj: gd afternoon sir
  • Satish Prasad: Hello sir! Greetings from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra.
  • Shalabh Nigam: Good Afternoon everybody. Good to have you all.
  • Kirti Garg: Sir what is the scope of biotechnology in your company?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Kirti, We are primarily in the Internet space and there is not much we are doing in biotechnology currently unless you are interested in computing and programming.
  • suraj raj: is there is oprunities in 3rd year of btech
  • Shalabh Nigam: Suraj, We have lot of internship opportunities where you get a good flavor of what exactly we do and help you decide on the company as an employer when you go for placements.
  • Satish Prasad: I am Satish Prasad Acting as Student placement coordinator(MCA branch) for NIT kurukshetra. Sir ,My question is do your company allow MCA guys for IT Profile.As MCA is now prefered branch by Many co
  • Shalabh Nigam: Satish, Currently we are considering B.Tech. only but we can discuss when we are in your campus for future.
  • Kirti Garg: Ohk Thanx Sir but if I am interested in programming and I just have basic knowledge of programming languages like c++ and java... Is there a some sort of training for us people?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Kirti, Definitely there is a training which is done in-house. Important is to have the aptitude for programming and desire to learn.
  • tanuj: will you be visitng our campus for internships as well?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Tanuj, we will visit campus for Internships or can ask students to visit our corporate office in Noida as well.
  • mukesh kumar: I have done B.Tech in IT -2011 and looking for job so is there any scope for me to work in your company.
  • Shalabh Nigam: Mukesh, Yes you can surely sit for the placement.
  • Satish Prasad: What are the skills and attributes you value most for someone being hired for IT position?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Satish, refer to career microsite hosted on firstnaukri . Primarily, interest in programming and aptitude for problem solving should see you through.
  • vishwadhar: Sir presently are you conducting any interviews for C,C++ programmers.?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Vishwadhar, We have work in C,C++ but primarily work happens in LAMP. You can be more flexible about the technologies since decision of technology is more a function of the problem being solved but answering to your question, if you like programming, there is a place for you in InfoEdge.
  • Jaspreet Singh: I am from Eternal University Himachal Pradesh. How we can invite you for Campus Placements
  • Shalabh Nigam: Jaspreet, Please talk to our HR manager.
  • Madhusudhan: Every company has its niche requirements when it comes to recruiting,What does Infoedge look for in candidates,especially freshers
  • Shalabh Nigam: Madhusudan, we are working in Internet space and lot of exploration on Mobile space. Candidate should have done programming in the past and willing to work in this space. Beyond this, there are tests to evaluate your skills.
  • tanuj: sir, what all environments/ platforms does your company work on?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Tanuj, we work on LAMP, Java, C/C++ primarily. On a case to case basis, we do look at alternate technologies and new technologies on the horizon.
  • Jaspreet Singh: could u please provide his/her contact?
  • Shalabh Nigam:
  • suraj raj: If i have good knowledge of PHP using LAMP/WAMP how can i get in ur company?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Suraj, if we are coming to you for placement then it is fine else please talk to our HR manager.
  • Pancha: Sir apart from C , I have basic knowledge of JAVA but have a good knowledge of .Net and C#. Is there any scope for me to work in Infoedge.
  • Shalabh Nigam: Pancha, As answered earlier, technology is one of the criteria and not the only criteria. As a fresher, be flexible about the technolgy. Important is to have a liking for programming, trouble-shooting and picking up new technologies in the computing space.
  • Ashis Negi: Good afternoon sir. Please enlighten me about the focus areas of your cmpany in Resarch and deveopment of new technology. creating new applications ? Are you client specific ?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Ashis, We are a product based company and creating products in the online space. We do very minimal client specific configurations/customizations if required. We do use lot of open source, make changes to open source based on our requirements. Our endeavor is to contribute to the open source in a big way in the coming years.
  • Ashis Negi: What are the current trends in computer industry going towards languages that have a lot of in build functionality ... and cloud computing ? Are indian industries changing to the tunes.
  • Shalabh Nigam: Ashis, The language requirements cannot be defined at an Industry level although there are broad trends towards having everything plug and play and having tools which require minimal coding. But the fact is that organizations are at a different level of maturity so everybody has different requirements from computing Industry. Key requirements are productivity, maintainable code and performance of code. Cloud was always there but now it has been commoditized and so all the hype.
  • Jaspreet Singh: are there any tools used for code optimization?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Jaspreet, currently we don't use tools for code optimization but intend to do so in future. We do lot of performance testing through tools and based on results, do lot of tweaking in the code to make it ready for production systems and the expected load and concurrency.
  • Jaspreet Singh: do you use algorithms for optimizations
  • Shalabh Nigam: Jaspreet, A lot of optimization is done using the right data structures and algorithms. All the core technologies like search, matching rely heavily on algorithms.
  • vishwadhar: Sir I have done B TECH(ECE)-2011 ,I have good knowledge in C..So is there any scope to work in your company.
  • Shalabh Nigam: Vishwadhar, I have answered this earlier. Passion for programming should do it for you provided you are keen to work and willing to learn new technologies.
  • Ashis Negi: Sir, it is hearenting to know your endeavour for open source. How should an average student with less exposure to practical training of networking update himself ?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Ashis, there should be lot of good sources available for free on the Internet. Another route is to do Internship in companies which are into networking so that you get a good flavor of real world applications of networking and just not the theoretical concepts.
  • Ashis Negi: Do you provide summer internships ? How should one apply ?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Ashis, Please write to for details on Internships.
  • Divay Khosla: sir may i ask abt ur qualifications??
  • Shalabh Nigam: Divay, I am a B.Tech. in Electronics/Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur.
  • Ashis Negi: Sir, is it true that M.Tech students are not given preference for placemetns ? Do your company go for post graguate placements ?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Ashis, This is not true that M.Tech. students are given less preference. It is always a case of fitment and future ambitions of the candidate.
  • Ashis Negi: With the other web languages like php , javascript how much is java and its tools like jsps still useful today ? Is java superoir to them. Are servers for java are costly ?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Ashis, PHP started as a technology for creating stuff quickly and designed mainly for web applications while Java had usage outside web also. Both languages are at a different level of maturities. Server requirements are function of the application requirement and not necessarily expensive.
  • Divay Khosla: Is there any scope for doing MBA after working in InfoEdge?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Divay, There are lot of people working in InfoEdge who are pursuing MBA and there is always a scope for doing MBA after gaining some work experience.
  • mukesh kumar: sir, as you mentioned in your anwers to ashish negi, you are product based comapny and work in internet space, is this website developement comapny.
  • Shalabh Nigam: Mukesh, We develop web-based products and don't do ad-hoc web development work for anybody. Our web-based products are mainly websites like -,,,,,
  • Ramveer: What is expected number of vacanies for software developer profile currently ?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Ramveer, we are looking at 15-20 freshers for the coming year.
  • Ramveer: Ur interview and written test for recruitement wud mainly deals in ?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Ramveer, there is an aptitude test, programming test and then technical interview round followed by HR round.
  • Ashis Negi: I want to pursue M.Tech and contribute in Computer FIeld. Would it be good to have first some experience and then do it ? Or should i get my fresh btech brain to MTech?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Ashis, you can do M.Tech. As I understand, for M.Tech there is no requirement of experience.
  • Ramveer: A student having higher analytical ability wud prefered or some coding geek ?
  • Shalabh Nigam: Ramveer, both are required:)
  • Jaspreet Singh: What is the role a resume for a fresher
  • Shalabh Nigam: Jaspreet, Typically HR teams have to sift through lot of resumes so they look for certain attributes in the resume related to a job description. Important is that resume is clear and readable so that HR can quickly find the information they are looking for. Beyond that, lot of decisions are taken during tests and interviews. Marks do have a role.
  • firstnaukri: Thank you Shalabh for such an informative session. Hope it provided you some useful insights about Info Edge. Stay tuned for more such sessions through Firstnaukri Net-Engage !
  • Shalabh Nigam: Thanks for the initiative by FirstNaukri. Hoping some queries of the inquisitive lot got addressed. Looking forward to more such sessions.