Careers for Life @ Infosys BPO

  • Date: November 29, 2011, 4:00 pm - November 29, 2011, 5:10 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 10 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Company Presentation
  • Who Should Attend: Graduates contemplating a Career in the BPO Industry
  • Mr. Raghavendra from Infosys BPO describing the exciting career path in the BPO industry. This is an opportunity for students to clarify their doubts about how to enter this industry, what skill sets are needed for the same and what career progression can you expect in the long term.

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Raghavendra K.

Vice President and Head - Human Resources Infosys BPM Limited
Raghavendra joined Infosys BPO in August 2008 as Vice President and Head of HRD at Infosys BPO. In his current role, Raghu is anchoring a number of initiatives and interventions to support development of Business Strategy through aligning the HR functional role to dovetail with business plans. The focus areas include development of HR competencies, managing culture, change management, performance management systems and employee development.

He strongly believes in the sharing of experiences and knowledge in various forums and platforms, both in India and at international forums and also contributes to presenting papers in journals and the media. He believes that for growth, learning has to be an ongoing process and passionately advocates the “learn while you earn” principle. To meet this objective, he has anchored a number of programs by tying up with leading educational institutions to enable and develop human capital in their quest to acquire knowledge and enhance their self worth and value.

Raghavendra comes with a wealth of experience of over 25 years straddling different industry verticals & organizations like J.K. Synthetics (core manufacturing and process), Blue Dart Express (service industry) and Ramco Systems (IT), and was last heading the Human Resources function at Strides Arcolab Ltd. (pharmaceutical operations and R&D) before joining Infosys.

He is a commerce graduate and a PG Dip (Hons) in PM & IR from the Madras School of Social Work. He has also undergone the 1 year AMP from IIM Bangalore.

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  • Firstnaukri: Hello Everyone, Thanks for logging in. Let me welcome Mr. Raghavendra to this interactive session. Request Mr. Raghavendra to give his opening comments and open the floor for student questions.
  • Raghavendra K.: Hi guys, Greetings to all and hope to have a lively chat which will be meaningful and an enjoyable experience to all of us
  • ankit: good evening sir, i am ankit n i am student of BBA final year,, i want to know that what i do after BBA
  • Raghavendra K.: Ankit hI.. GREAT TO have you and respond to you as the first person who has sent in his question. BBA is the right choice..however you would need to further look at specialization and go in for a PG from a reputed institute. If you are looking at getting some experience, then getting into any industry, say like the BPO would give a good exposure to the way the industry operates and will help you in taking your qualifications further.
  • asvinth.P: i like to join in infosys call centre iam not an engineering student iam an Eglish literature student is there an possibility to join in ur company
  • Raghavendra K.: Hi Asvinth, IBPO is not a call center, though close to 17% of our BIZ is the CS horizontal. you need not be an engineer to join the BPO. for Infosys, you need to be a graduate, have good communication skills, analytical bent of mind and lots of common sense,. all the b est
  • BHASKAR.H: How can i get into Infosys ?
  • Raghavendra K.: I have answered this earlier, you need to be a graduate for an entry level role. there wouldbe a test, gd and an interview, if you are professionally qualified and have some experience, you may be considered for any of the lateral positions in the orgn. will wait for your application!
  • ishamanaktala: how can i make use of my knowledge of a foreign language in a bpo
  • Raghavendra K.: Hi Isha, pls let us know your proficiency and language. Infosys BPO has over 48 nationalities and we service countries across the globe. log into our website or
  • jothi lakshmi bai.p: Good evening sir .am jothi lakshmi .thank you for giving this wonderfull doing my B.E. final year cse.i know C,C++,VISUAL BASIC 6.0,and .net(basics). How can I get into this company
  • Raghavendra K.: looking at your qualifications would suggest you join an IT firm and make use of the qualifications you have acquired.
  • Mukul Ranjan: whts the scope of bpo in india and abroad ?
  • Raghavendra K.: Mukul you raise fundamental questions. wherever there is biz, BPOs will exist. what started off as a call center industry has evolved into back end operations, into biz processes and has now progressed into biz solutions like analytics, k
  • Raghavendra K.: K
  • renju john: Gudeve sir..would like to know the growth opportunities available with Infosys BPO for a candidate
  • Raghavendra K.: renju, we believe a good performer cannot hide and for a good performer even the sky is not the limit
  • RAJALAKSHMI.J: i wnat to kow what is currnet trends in BPO
  • Raghavendra K.: Rajalalshmi, as i was answering Mukul, the way BPO is currently growing and evolving from a pure play back end processes, it is now moving into the realm of analytics, knowldegemanagement, LPO, kpo
  • sayan: i want to make a career in HR in BPO i am a 1st division garaduate with englishhonours with 62% in grad what more do i need ????
  • Raghavendra K.: Join the tribe Sayan and I believe, this is one of the most exciting progfessions to be in. You need to basically love to be with people and more importantly align biz needs to people aspirations. however, i would like to debunk a popular myth that anyone can be a successful HR professional. In addition to what I have mentioned above, unless you have deep domain knowledge and mastery on the subject you will not be taken seriously. all the best
  • amit singh: could you kindly explain the reasons for attrition in the BPO industry and as to how Infosys BPO ensures employee retention and career progression?
  • Raghavendra K.: Amit one of the most popular questions, but would like to add any fledging inou dustry will have such a challenge and the bPO industry cannot be an exception. Other industries like Retail and insurance I am told have a much higher attrition rate than the BPO industry. what you need to understand is that close to 75% of people who join this industry, it is their first job, also you should be aware that this is one industry which is highest job creator in urban India and with multiple opportuniti
  • amit singh: kindly throw some light on the career progression at Infosys BPO?
  • Raghavendra K.: continuing from where Iet off, being available, and the training that is provided in world class systems people tend to look around. the key is to provide a long term career and many leading BPO players are ensuring that the experience and opportunities ensure that people with a long term visision stay
  • BHASKAR.H: where can i send my C.V ?
  • Raghavendra K.: bhaskar, pls send ur cv to
  • Shyam Adhin Vishwakarma: i'm final year student, is BPO a right way to start my career ??
  • Raghavendra K.: shyam, you need to be clear as to what you want to do in your career and life. BPO as an industry has enough and more jobs available, you need to be sure as to what you want to do and choose your career carefully
  • amit singh: Do you hire people with statistics background for your analytics division??
  • Raghavendra K.: We do, pls apply
  • jothi lakshmi bai.p: is the curriculam vitae format is same for all the company?or it varies?
  • Raghavendra K.: Jothi, depends on what position an individual is looked for. If you are a fresher, basically, what is looked for is your academics, achievements, extra-curricular activities in addition to age, address etc.
  • RAEES AHAMMAD.K: what all are the qualification needed for the BPO section on infosys?
  • Raghavendra K.: Raees at IBPO we look at a person being a graduate to qualify
  • ankit: sir tell me something about KPO
  • Raghavendra K.: Ankit, KPO basically involves analytics, primary research, secondary research, data analytics, reporting etc
  • Pradeep: Hello Sir, I am from a small town, my english is not good how can i apply to a BPO ?
  • Raghavendra K.: Even if English is not good, you may still find a career in the BPO industry where English is not reqd. Do not lose heart, but if you feel that you should improve your english language skills, register yourself in any of the British Council certified english courses, read english newspapers and make it a point to converse in english, it will help you improve your english language skills
  • niji : What is Infosys BPO doing to ensure innovation in back end processes? Do you believe such an approach provides sustainability?
  • Raghavendra K.: Niji, if one does not innovate (s)he stagnates and for any biz or processes to be current and evolve, one has to innovate, as an organization we run numerous progs to promote innovation.
  • RAJALAKSHMI.J: good evenig sir, i am rajalakshmi.j B.E (ECE final yera student WHAT WILL BE THE PACKAGE IF I COME TO YOUR BPO
  • Raghavendra K.: Rajalakshmi, I have answered this question earlier, i would strongly suggest you join the IT or any of the electronic or communication industry as the first option
  • renju john: Does IBPO helps the graduates to do their master's?
  • Raghavendra K.: Yes Renju, we have a HEP (Higher Education Prog) where we have tied up with a number of education institutions for people to continue to learn as they earn
  • jothi lakshmi bai.p: if the freshers are step into bpo company?what is their first month package?
  • Raghavendra K.: Jothi, this is in line with what the industry pays 1.2 l + other perks and benefits at the m inimum
  • sayan: last question sir ...... will an MA in english help me more or an MA in Idustrial organizational psychology or an MBA in HR ???? or all of the above ??????
  • Raghavendra K.: Sayan, it depends on what you want to achieve and aspire for. a professional qualification will always help and that too from reputed institutions. beyond qualification a positive and a can do attitude is something one needs to definitely have.
  • ankit: what should I do to create a strong CV for BPO jobs, since there is a lot of competition?
  • Raghavendra K.: Ankit, a CV should provide basic information and reveal enough to interest the interviewer. what you should definitely avoid or claims which are not factual.
  • Prakash: Sir, there are companies which ask for a payment to be made before they give us work in document processing. Can we trust these companies ?
  • Raghavendra K.: I cannot comment on that, but normally this is not a norm
  • ankit: good evening sir, i am ankit n i am student of BBA final year,,is BPO job is relevant for me..
  • Raghavendra K.: Sure Ankit we take graduates from any discipline
  • jothi lakshmi bai.p: my brother finished his graduate in M.A.TAMIL.his english level is not there any possibility he get into this compapny?if it possible means what will his package?
  • Raghavendra K.: Jothi, i have already answered on the min package, however, he would need to ensure that he can communicate well in English and have the basis skills of reasoning, reading, writing, logical and analytical skills, basic computer usage etc
  • renju john: Could you also tell us about the other opportunities thats available with IBPO apart from voice and non voice process?
  • Raghavendra K.: Renju, as told earlier the BPO industry is all about biz processes including KS, KPO, :LPO, analytics. you need to be clear as to what you want to do and where you fit in
  • Sankarlal J: Good evening sir, Is there any vacancy in non voice bpo process?
  • Raghavendra K.: Sure Sankar, you should be a graduate, able to understand and communicate well and fulfill the basic reqmnts as I had mentioned earlier to Renju, pls apply to
  • Rahul: Working in a BPO can become stressful and monotonous due to the odd working hours. What HR policies does Infosys BPO follow to keep it interesting at the work-place.
  • Raghavendra K.: Rahul, what gives you the impression working in the BPO can become stressful and monotonous. If there is one industry that can change the face of the country that is BPO. as mentioned earlier the majority of all urban jobs that are getting created is in this industry. for more than 70% of people for whom it is their first jobs, this is the industry, it is the place for young bright individuals and it is the youth, their vibrancy and working on world class systems and environment that makes adif
  • jothi lakshmi bai.p: what is meant by voice and non voice process?
  • Raghavendra K.: Jothi, voice process is something where all personnel are live and responding to customer queries while non-voice process is what they will be doing while responding and actioning on their process on the computer
  • Prakash: Sir, Why is it that India has lot of BPOs. Is it because we know more english that other Asian Countries ?
  • Raghavendra K.: Prakash, India is a happenning place with a lot of excitement, hope and has a huge talented work pool. where it makes biz and economic sense, like water, biz will flow in. If there are bright and talented people and hard working more and more biz and value added services will continue to come to India
  • jothi lakshmi bai.p: sir am having over all 84% and current sem 93.7% and i got second prize in paper it help me to get into this company?
  • Raghavendra K.: Wos.. keep it up. this will help
  • Mukul Ranjan: last question from my side sir, what exactly the human resource department is ? what are the works og HR in infosys BPO ?
  • Raghavendra K.: HR function takes care of all employee related needs right from Talent planning, acquisition, deployment, development, training, compensation, welfare and well being. basically it takes care of the 3 Cs - Careers, Compensation and Care
  • BHASKAR.H: bt wat about others
  • Raghavendra K.: Bhaskar, you seem to be a worried man. Professionally run organizations select people purely on merit. pls do not have any apprehensions on that count. best wishes and be positive
  • jothi lakshmi bai.p: what is the age limit to step into bpo/it company?
  • Raghavendra K.: we are an equal opportunity employer and if a person meets the criteria (s)he gets selected. however,in India we do have a retirement age and a person should be within that age to qualify
  • Firstnaukri: Thank you Raghavendra for taking time out and patiently answering the questions of jobseekers. It was a pleasure to have you here. Thanks everyone for joining in
  • Raghavendra K.: Guys, it was indeed a pleasure to have you onthis chat. I sincerely wish that I had more time on my hands to answer your queries but I hope spending this time with all of you would have clarified some basic doubts you had and that it was answered. I would personally like to wish each and every one of you who posed questions and others who are in line the very best and am sure each one of you will do well in your lives. India is moving up the value chain and you too would grow in your careers. b