Scope of Business Analyst Role in Retail Industry

  • Date: December 17, 2011, 11:00 am - December 17, 2011, 12:15 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 15 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Company Presentation
  • Who Should Attend: Engineering Graduates from Premium Campuses
  • Many non-conventional and exciting careers are available to Engineering graduates these days. This session is a preview into a very exciting role in Retail Industry offered to Engineering grads with sound quantitative skills

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Sridhar Bollam

Vice President, Analytics Capillary Technologies
Sridhar Bollam is currently the Vice President, Analytics at Capillary Technologies. He has been with the company for close to 2 years now.

Sridhar is an astute professional with a keen eye for trends in retail analytics, which is incidentally his forte. A graduate from IIT Kharagpur with a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering, Sridhar worked with Cequity Solutions as a Consultant and Analyst prior to joining Capillary.

Having been a key participant in the Electrical Engineering Society and IIT Kharagpur’s Water Polo Team, Sridhar has also been an IIT Kharagpur Member of Fine Arts.

His hobbies include Swimming, Water Polo and Fine Arts.

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  • Sridhar Bollam: Hi all, welcome to this chat session on Scope of business analytics in retail sector
  • Jordan: Will FDI help increase the demand of BA in this industry??
  • Sridhar Bollam: FDI is going to help the retail organised sector from 5% to probably 30 - 40%, where there is a need of business analysts look after the growth
  • Ratheesh kumar.R: Sir what's the role of a B analyst in an IT field?
  • Sridhar Bollam: 1990 - 2010 was the IT grown.. Now its the growth for business analytics.. Where analyst needs to interpret the data which has been captured in the last 20 years.
  • prashantdawar: as a computer graduate how can i begin in this sector
  • Sridhar Bollam: There is a good scope of developing the algorithms & analytical tools, where all the organised retailers need it for their growth. Coding along with logical ability are the required skills for this profile
  • Jordan: how is retail analytics different from analytics in other industries??
  • Sridhar Bollam: Analytics has grown in different verticals like Banks, Insurance. But people have started innovating only from the last 10 years... There is a very high scope of building the strategies for retaiil
  • Sharad Loya: what is the actual role of analytics in your company?
  • Sridhar Bollam: Analytics is a growing field. We actually require people who are self motivated & having a plan to grow very fast.. Career growth will be super fast. We innovate ourselves everyday to make sure employees are in the favour of learning differently.
  • Swateek: Fresher Computer Science grads...are they considered for BA post?
  • Sridhar Bollam: Computer graduates can build algorithms & prediction tool which helps retail marketers in understanding the data very easily
  • uday kiran: iam an electronic stream i want settle in IT field wat should do?
  • Sridhar Bollam: Analytics is a stream, which is bit different from IT & Marketing. It is a numbers game. Although you are from Electronics, if you have interest in numbers, you can opt for it.
  • Nissy John: As a fresher from an Engineering background, are there specific companies that we could apply for, for the post of Business Analyst in India?
  • Sridhar Bollam: Analytics has grown in the last decade in India. Many companies has started in the last 10 years. People with logical skills can opt for this. Companies are diversified across different verticals like Banking, Retail, Insurance etc. There are more than 200 companies, where they do analytics. It is still in a growing stage
  • Swateek: and wish to join the post of an there any chance of freshers??
  • Sridhar Bollam: Yes, we do opt for freshers. You can login to our website & do the proceedings. As this is a numbers game, you should be very strong on logical ability
  • raghav: enlighten us ahbout ur product Intouch
  • Sridhar Bollam: Intouch is a inhouse product which has been developed by Capillarians. It's a customer engagment solution which can help retailers in running the loyalty programmes with less cost & better returns than conventional loyalty programmes
  • nagesh: what is the role of civil engg. in retail industries
  • Sridhar Bollam: Analytics is not like a IT field, where you should have hands-on Coding before getting onto it. It's a number game, whoever is strong in logical ability & numbers can opt for it. No need of separate qualifications for analytics other than logical ability
  • Rajesh P: sir, is user behavior in facebook used to study response to a product ? is social media data currently being observed ?
  • Sridhar Bollam: We do customer engagement through multiple channels, Social media is one among them. We have internal built reporting tool to pick the trends.
  • Swateek: i wish to first knw the qualifications for an analyst...pls
  • Sridhar Bollam: Logical ability, Good in numbers, Bit of understanding on the market.
  • siddhartha: how to enter in corporate sector as a fresher in field of software
  • Sridhar Bollam: Analytics is much different from IT. Analytics is going to be next IT in the coming 2 decades. Analytics is the follower of IT growth which has happened in the last 2 decades.
  • Mohit: what is the possible path for me in retail sector.??
  • Sridhar Bollam: Huge opportunity & Scope. In capillary, we give chance to everyone to grow with a fast growth.
  • Shayan Ahmad: Is there any vacancy for this post in your company?
  • Sridhar Bollam: We have vacancies in our company. You can go to our website & can apply for the business analyst profile
  • Madhu: Being a computer science student i understand that data mining and business intelligence tools are very important to analyse historical data...How is capillary technologies innovating to be ready for
  • Sridhar Bollam: We innovate ourselves with more New Gen products, which help retailers in growing themselves at faster pace.
  • Rajesh P: sir, can a smart phone be converted to a POS for a low end retailer ?
  • Sridhar Bollam: Basic billing system can be done through the smart phone. It can be integrated with Customer relationship management programs
  • vaishali sharma: May I know the role of chemical engineer in this issue..
  • Sridhar Bollam: Expertise you gained through chemical courses would not be helpful here. But if you are more logical & with high aptitude, you can opt for this.
  • harshit: What your company do sir?
  • Sridhar Bollam: We provide solution to the retailers by engaging customers through loyalty program. Loyalty program is not new, but it is getting innovated day by day.
  • Madhu: How should a fresher plan his career to eventually become a business analyst? and what qualities do you look for in a potential candidate?
  • Sridhar Bollam: Logical ability & can do some amount of magic with the numbers.
  • rupjyoti talukdar: sir. i am lookin job in you have openings?
  • Sridhar Bollam: It's not specific to any graduation you opt during engineering. If you are strong in aptitude & logical ability. You can opt for it.
  • Swateek: Fresher Computer Science grads...are they considered for BA post?
  • Sridhar Bollam: Yes. Computer science grads can build the tools & algorithms which will be very useful in extracting trends.
  • Anurag: I am pursuing MBA (finance) and want to do my internship, starting in Jan 2012 from your esteemed org. Is there any scope? Mode of application?Your website dsn't have any contact (Phone& mail
  • Sridhar Bollam: Very less scope of internship. You can apply for full time job. You can pick the profile & apply from careers section.
  • Prakash Raj: Sir, can you explain the work in your company in very simple terms ? I am an electronics grad and interested in certain subjects like signal processing. Why should I choose analytics ?
  • Sridhar Bollam: You can opt for analytics if and only if you are interested in numbers & you want to play with them.
  • Aaskti: Sir , what are your exact expectation from a Computer Science graduate applying for a position in your company ?
  • Sridhar Bollam: Huge scope. Tools & algorithms should be very helpful in automating the very simple activities of analyst & help him in understanding more trends in the less given time.
  • Akash: can management knowlege along with core engg knowledge help an analyst?
  • Sridhar Bollam: Yes. Management knowledge is very helpful in consulting the clients to understand their problems. Analytics along with Management knowlede can be very helpful in the design & implementation.
  • Anand Shanmugham: sir, how do you convince your customers on data privacy. your company seems to take customer data to your cloud for analytics
  • Sridhar Bollam: We are ISO certified company. Already we have taken care of encoding & decoding stuff to secure the data on cloud.
  • Rajesh P: sir, do you measure responses to marketing campaigns through analytics ?
  • Sridhar Bollam: Yes. Channels for marketing campaigns are many. We suggest the best strategy & marketing channel which can work for the retailers. Not just suggestions, we implement them through our products.
  • Mahendran V: sir, do you think your company is capable of surviving a recession ? during a recession won't the retail companies stop spending on analytics ?
  • Sridhar Bollam: Every retailer want to grow especially during recession. Analytics is the only way, customer can grow during recession. Analytics decrease the marketing spends & make sure they invest on the right customers
  • Aaskti: What are the future prospects of a bussiness analyst ? How should one plan his career ?
  • Sridhar Bollam: Huge opportunity lying in the analytics, because it is still in a growing stage. Business analyst can become a consultant in the future to understand the problems of customers & fix them up with right solution.
  • Firstnaukri: Thank You Sridhar for sharing critical insights and enlightening us about the analytics industry in general and Capillary Technologies in particular. Thanks everyone for joining in.
  • Sridhar Bollam: Thanks a lot for joining us on First Naukri. You can login to for further details.