Accelerate your career growth with a promising start up organization

  • Date: January 16, 2012, 3:00 pm - January 16, 2012, 4:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Company Presentation
  • Who Should Attend: Engineering and Management Graduates
  • This event will acclimatize you with the work at Y2CF and also provide you with valuable insights concerning career growth and progression.

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Mohammad Imthiaz

Starter & CEO Y2CF digital Media Pvt. Ltd.
Imthiaz, or Imti as he’s fondly known, is the starter (read: founder) of Y2CF. With a career spanning 14 years managing diverse business ventures and brands, Imti was last spearheading the VAS and new business incubation function at Bharti Airtel. Prior to that he spent 4 years living it up and managing key brands at United Breweries. Always a firm believer in the power of mobile, location and social media, Imti knows what the mobile can do, and is leading Y2CF’s charge to create something WOW in this space.

About the Company:
Y2CF as a name comes from our philosophy that we will have Young (Y), Cool,Creative (2C) and Fun loving (F)people coming together to create & market WOW products.In a nutshell, Y2CF is a consumer products & marketing company, with focus on digital media. Our team comprises of experts from Brand Marketing, Mobile VAS, Product & Sales.

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  • Firstnaukri: Hi all, Firstnaukri welcomes Imthiaz to this session. We now throw the floor open for the session.
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: Hi Everyone, Great to interact with a young crowd today....And look forward to speaking to everyone.... :)
  • shweta agrawal: should b appropriate for me?
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: Hey Shweta, as a major in marketing, there are a lot of career opportunities that you have. You should decide what industry excites you, and look forward to an entry level position in the same. As an MBA grad its important that you are willing to work in entry level positions to gain the relevant experience in the field, and gain the relevant skill sets for a future career.
  • sahajpal: i want to know about Y2CF.
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: Hi Sahajpal, Y2CF was started with a vision to bring 'wow' services on the mobile to consumers. The scope for mobile led services in the country is huge with 800+ million users who carry one with them all the time. Y2CF works with the leading telecom operators in the country. Our service today delivers checkins, rewards and coupons to consumers everywhere in the country. We believe in creating an engaging user experience and ensuring that users have a lot of Fun while using it.
  • lalitha: what are the challenges you faced in starting a new business
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: Hey Lalitha, starting a business, a one of my friends once put it...'is a ifestyle choice' have to live and breathe what you do. Love what you have started. One of the early and continuous challenges that one faces is hiring fantastic talent. You always want to work with young, smart people who want to change the world.
  • Nikunj: As an MBA, how can i look at my career in startup?
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: Hi Nikunj, if you want to work in an ALIVE environment, create something that gives you joy when users use it, and see a 'J-shaped' curve look at joining a startup.....It will be the best experience in your life....!!
  • Abhishek Kumar : sir i have done BCA and now perusing mba.I am in 5th trimester i have a year this problematic to me
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hey abhishek...nothing is a prblem my friend..its all in your well ahead and am sure u can and will fly
  • jibran faheem: sir, can you tell me, how u came up with a idea to start Y2CF?
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: i didnt know what i was getting into..all i knew was i have to start something which some day can have 1000 families dependant upon...and so the start up happened...
  • ankita agarwal: wat according to u is more important.. having a gd personality or excel in knowledge???
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: a knowledgable well rounded personality:-)
  • jiban jyoti garnaik: how to crack the pi interviews
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: dress well....know what to NOT say...and just enjoy the experience..and when stressed take a deep breath and have a glass of water...and ur self and God :-)
  • nischalraparthi: how does your company encourages creative thoughts? can you please explain in detail
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: we have an environment which allows ppl to do what they love and above all...ppl feel that they doing what they doing for themselves and NOT for anyone the best has to come from them...come over sometime and feel it pal
  • SHALINI: Hi, i read about your company and the way uou thought to interact & share your exp wid us is actually different and new.
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: thanks shalini...and yeah this was an idea of my very smart hr kudos to vibhor and shweta for the same :-)
  • Abhishek Kumar : sir i want to join telecommunication field company like knowlarity communication.what is the scope for marketing in this field
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hey i have heard of this company and i know that they r lead by very good u should explore the option by chatting with them for sure...
  • Pardeep Kumar Chaudhary: in which field there is more boom>
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hmmmmm....its imp that u wanna do and whether u want to create the boom or just be a part of it...anyways...i see consumer marketing and technology as an interesting is definite the way for lots of businesses to grow...have fun
  • Pardeep Kumar Chaudhary: Sir I am final year student of B.Tech CSE. I have knowledge of java, j2me, lwuit package. should i contunue to naddroid oe j2ee?
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: android def is the future but then keep learning the basics as they never go out of fashion
  • lalitha: the info you provided in site is a i just want to know your industry area
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hey we are building something exciting in the mobile space...just write to to explore more
  • Afroz Khan: Imti i am just about to finish my MBA + PGPBM in International business & marketing,,,can you suggest some good Profile where I should try myself
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: thats a straight one afroz...the world is open buddy...we def are one of the companies u should look at...write to us
  • pankaj wadhwa: sir i am IT student(final year) should i continue my studies?? if yes then what should i do??
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hey pankaj...ofcourse...pls complete your studies and anyways there is life ahead to work ...jaldi kya hai bhai:-)
  • jiban jyoti garnaik: hello sir.i am a btech student in EE.what are the strategies to get into a good company
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: be a good student and read and do things beyond book...explore the world and see what excites u..above all..DREAM and DO
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: SHALINI
  • Vasudevan N: Hello Sir, Saw Your Company Profile, It was Amazing!
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hey vasudevan...thanks a ton...yeah we have a bunch of great guys who do great work i guess
  • HIMANSHU SHEKHAR: wat is the best thing to khnow abot corporate life
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: month end...nos and ofcourse bank account credit:-)
  • Tarun Kumar: all companies visiting our Campus..ask for 60% altrough...thats what creating a problem.
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: wait....there is always the right company
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hey all of u..u can follow me on handle is livingondedge
  • Pardeep Kumar Chaudhary: whenever i attend any offcampus placement drive, partiality and references matters!! so how can i give a good start to my carrier/
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hmmm...u r going to wrong companies then....
  • amit: hello sir i am In final year of My branch is computer science and no good companies are visiting to our campus.. what should i do? as out campus is very difficult
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: i think firstnaukri does a good job the companies u like and start applying
  • nischalraparthi: whom do u recruite sir? what qualifications do u expect?
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: we look for good ppl...who love what they and do what they love...baaki sab HR kar lega..write to
  • sethukumar: sir i was the btech from ece can there is any telecomm apportunity how should i approach
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hey sethu..u should def apply to telecom companies or partners to these telcos...
  • Dipen Ghosh: in this case English fluency is impotent for my branch in any interview
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: it is v 'important' but then u can always impress with any language...
  • Mohammed Sameeruddeen: What are the basic things a person should go through to start his own businees?
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hey sameeruddeen - humility, clarity of idea, patience, lotsa 'wanna do spirit' will to succeed...and a bigger reason to start than just money
  • Rajan Choudhary: Hello sir, I am a chemical engineering grad with 1 yr. exp in textile ind. ,pursuing MBA in mktg mgmt and parallely doing job in a mutual fund industry but i m not satisfied at all.
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: Hey Rajan...look for joy in what you do...its very important....You will do a good job only if you love it.....look for a change if ur that unsatisfied....!
  • Afroz Khan: can I join Y2CF in the marketing Department.
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: Hi Afroz, we are looking at hiring great people across functions...Please send in your profile to and we will get back to you... :)
  • SHASHANK GUPTA: sir , if i want to apply for ur organisation , wht is the eligibility criteria of it??
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: good attitude and a relevant aptitude...shoot an email with your profile to
  • Naina Batra: Hello Sir, As I'm a fresher from B.Tech, want to move my career in cloud computing. I'm very much interested for the same. Would it lead me to marketing/business area? or the similar Softwar
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hi naina...why would u do a btech and be in marketing? i think u should select a cloud computing company and then be in the relevant function in that..
  • SHALINI: Being an BA in english..will it be beneficial to start up with this?
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hi shalini...its about what u wanna do and completely depends on that my friend
  • Rijo.T.Varghese: Hello. Good afternoon. i am presently pursuing my mechanical engineering( 4th year). wat are the opportunities for me???
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hi rijo...i think opportunities galore in every field in the world today..u have a campus recruitment?
  • Farhan: please gude me as to which firm to choose from and which city to start with
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hey farhan..u have to respond..which company u want to work in and which city u want to stay in....
  • lalitha: I want me to do a dynamic job which is quite challenging...can i get such a job with engineering qualification?
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hi lalitha...ofcourse..challenging and engineering has no inverse correlation..its all upto u to decide and do whats challenging my friend
  • Rajan Choudhary: Hi imti I did Btech in Chem Engineering and just going to complete MBA in marketing mgmt suggest me the right guidance..
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hey rajan..u might have to decide whether u wanna continue in technology or start out with marketing or sales or HR...decide a role/function..find the companies that u wanna work for..prepare a relevant resume and start applying
  • krunal parmar: hi imti... i m final year engineering student and very much confused for my future.... i cant afford to do n e fulltime cousrse as m out of time and moony... can plz guide me sme part time course
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hi krunal...i have a fundamentak question...why do u wanna do another course?
  • amitsharma: hi , i passed btech in 2011 in cse , i started a company name, initially i got some clients but now there is none , so what should i do, any suggestions?
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hi amit...appreciate u starting up my suggestion...pls feel free to change the strategy and see where r the customers...if u not changing strategy every quarter in the first year of start up then u not a start go ahead and think and start fresh again...hold on!!
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hey guys..typing really fast so ignore grammar pls...
  • syed murtuza ahmed: sir iam a final year student of B.Tech ECE i have lil knowledge of C C++ & JAVA will these lenguages help me out in getting me a job in d IT feild or i should opt 4 any other lang as well
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hey syed..these languages are great but yeah there is no harm in learning more..
  • atul: i am pursuing pgdm in marketing and i am also engg graduate i dont want to job in typical sales profile so can u plz suggest me which kind of job suitable for me according to my education profile
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hey atul....the key is to ask why did u chose mba post engineering...apart from sales there are roles on operations, marketing etc too..u should explore but yes nothing wrong in sales too..
  • ankita pandey: ankita pandey: hey sir...please tell me there z hw much % of chance dat we can get call from any company by applying through firsrnaukri n all ankita pandey: can there z any place or requirment of com
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hey ankita..i am sure this question is something naukri should be able to answer but then i always feel its about you and how do u match the companies requirement...a site like this only helps in bringing u in touch with companies
  • Ishu Singla: hello Sir, this is Ishu Singla from FORE School of management. I have a doubt about future growth opportunities in startup firms
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hi ishu...every company sometime or the other is a start dont think u should worry abt that...find a place which u love...and go ahead...there is never a guarantee that a fortune 50 company also will continue for life right ?:-)
  • Firstnaukri: Thank You Imti for your insightful views and sparing time to interact with jobseekers and address their queries. Thanks everyone for logging in. Keep looking into this space for more.
  • Mohammad Imthiaz: hey thanks guys for your patience and for any queries or applying to us..feel free to write to

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