Career Prospects for MBA Candidates at Dmart

  • Date: May 16, 2019, 3:00 pm - May 16, 2019, 4:15 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 15 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Webinar
  • Who Should Attend: MBA/PGDM Candidates of Marketing/Operations/Retail Management
  • This chat session will help to clarify the career prospects in Dmart for applicants

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Meruna Das

Associate Manager - HR Avenue Supermarts Limited
"DMart is a rapidly growing Indian retail chain and is owned by Avenue Supermarts Ltd having its headquarters in Mumbai. Dmart is into the business of value retail and primarily focusses on the discerning Indian consumer who looks for value for money especially while shopping everyday household goods.

As an organization, Dmart believes in investing in bringing in the right talent and grooming them in the right way to handle the growing business."

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  • Meruna Das: Hello everyone,
    Its a pleasure to be here with you this afternoon!!
  • Hello Everyone, Thanks for logging in. Welcoming Ms. Meruna to this interactive session. We would request Ms. Meruna for her opening comments and open the floor for student questions.
  • Meruna Das: Thanks
  • Prashant Thakur: Do u hve opening for PGDM fresher for the profile of store manager than let me inform.
  • Meruna Das: Hi Prashant, currently for PGDM freshers (2019 batch), we are offering Management Trainee positions for Department Manager role in store operations.
  • Bhargav Atmakuri: I am a MBA FRESHER specialized in HR and Marketing and my aspirations are toward Hr stream
  • Meruna Das: Dear Bhargav, as of now MBA freshers are being recruited for Store Operations in Department Manager trainee roles. Right now, we do not have any vacancy for HR stream.
  • VINAY KUMAR TIWARI: Please provide some information about Company.
  • Akansha singh: Hello good afternoom Ma'am give introductiom about company?
  • Meruna Das: DMart is a fast growing hypermarket chain in India. It is one of the very few retail organisations which has been successful and profitable. As we are rapidly expanding our stores across India, we are looking for young people who look to build their careers with us.
  • Sumit Kumar Saurav : A very good afternoon ma'am. I 'm Sumit Kumar Saurav. Persuing MBA and will complete it by June 2019. I'm very much interested in joining Retail industry.
  • Meruna Das: Retail in India is growing and there is a good growth scope in the industry if you are willing to work hard and learn more & more.
  • Vipul Mukund Mallapur: My birth date is 21/07/1993. Am i eligible for this job?
  • Meruna Das: You are just in time to apply.
  • Vivek patil: I am MBA OPERATIONS condidate and i have 2 yrs experience to handle store activities but that was related to manufacturing unit .is that experience will count for D mart job profile and futur growth
  • Meruna Das: As of now we are looking for MBA freshers for this position of Department Manager trainees. If you have an experience that helps you in your attitude and performance in your job role, it will reflect in your work and therefore growth can happen.
  • Rohit Reshi: what is the exact role in this job and what is the training period?
  • Yash Amar Patil: What exact is the job role mam?
  • Gaurav Digambar Athalye: What will be the actual work to do?
  • Meruna Das: The role of a Department Manager involves man management, multi tasking & coordination to handle floor operations, customer service as well as many other other dynamics. Initially you will undergo training in various job roles in the store including front line to understand what each person does in the store. Once you are through with training and have taken charge in your role, you manage the staff, look after the smooth functioning of various departments in the store.
  • vivek sasidhar M: Hello Mam..!As a freshers what your expecting from us ?
  • Meruna Das: As you are freshers, we will be giving you enough training and grooming. You have to just learn as much as you can, work hard and have the willingness to adapt & make the effort.
  • venkateswarraRao: may i know the interview procedure
  • Meruna Das: If your CV is shortlisted, you are aligned to a drive location. You will have to appear for an online aptitude assessment post which if you are selected, you appear for a personal interview. That is the selection process.
  • Manideepkammila: Please tell the recruitment date mam
  • Meruna Das: We should start recruitment drives by fourth week of May 2019.
  • KURUVA KANAKALA RAMESH BABU: What are the key success factors for demart or any other retail marketing?
  • Meruna Das: This is a vast topic and perhaps not appropriate for this forum. But let me assure you Ramesh that in India right now, this sector is growing and if you join in a sunrise sector, chances of your personal career growth are high. Every organisation have their own values and philosophy upon which they base their growth.
  • Sri Harsha : Hello, can I know when is the drive happening?
  • Meruna Das: We should start recruitment drives by the fourth week of May 2019
  • Vivek patil: Chances for be a permanent employee of D Mart
  • Meruna Das: If you get selected for the job, from day 1 you are on the payroll of the company. There is a probation period of 1 year which allows both parties to check fitment without obligations. Once you successfully complete this term, you would be deemed as a confirmed employee.
  • Shivani Agarwal: Being a HR specialist i have to switch into Retail then what i have to do??
  • Meruna Das: Shivani when you say you are a HR specialist, do you have any experience in HR? Are you seeking a lateral opportunity?
  • Sherin K Mamachan: Last 3years performance of the company
  • Meruna Das: The company has displayed a strong performance over the last 3 years. If you are interested to find out more details, please visit relations
  • Shagaf Akhter : And are you expanding in UP also
  • Meruna Das: Right now, we have 1 store in UP- actually it is in Ghaziabad, so in NCR. We intend to expand across India but we do not believe in mindless expansion. We prefer to consolidate our presence in new markets before spreading further.
  • Kodali tharun raj: Is there any specialisations or course to enter in this field like in dmart
  • Meruna Das: Well, we are looking for general specializations like Marketing or Operations or Retail Management simply because the job role we are offering is a mix of all.
  • divainder jeet singh: please mention the interview venue for the concerned profile
  • Meruna Das: We are going to conduct recruitment drives in different regions of North, West and South India.
  • saloni: This job profile is for girl also? which type of work u'll give us ? as a fresher this is the right path to start our career ?
  • Gauri Rameshwar Lawhale: It is better for the girls to do this job
  • Meruna Das: It is a perfectly nice role for girls as well. We have had many female freshers who have joined us through campus recruitment in earlier years. But girls should also be willing to work hard. DMart is an equal opportunity organization- growth and promotions are based on performance.
  • MOTAMARRI LAKSHMI ANUSHA: Hi mam. Gud afternoon. Feeling nice to have a pre-chat with you. I exactly don't know what to speak out here. So I want to discuss with you about the job role, salary, training period, working hr
  • Meruna Das: As mentioned earlier, job role is that of Department Manager but initially you will undergo a thorough training of about 2 years so that you know each and every role in the store and are able to handle the staff well when you actually take over charge on your own. Every store has a staff strength of at least 150-200, so a manager has to be really good in terms of their knowledge and skills. Salary is already mentioned as 2.75 Lakhs per annum when you join.
  • Shubham Mani Tripathi: As a fresher how can I start my career in your company
  • Meruna Das: If you are an MBA fresher (2019 batch), you can apply for this role through firstnaukri. If you get selected and join us then career opportunity has a huge scope as we are a growing company.
  • Shradha Babanrao Thakare: Sir after Complete the session next process of the recruitment
  • Meruna Das: As mentioned earlier, process of selection is CV shortlisting, Online Assessment followed by Personal Interviews. All these are elimination rounds.
  • hari: how many days training will be?
  • Meruna Das: Total training will be approx. 2 years out of which first 1.5 years will be in front line and supervisory roles to understand thorough processes. Later on you have to manage people who are actually doing these roles. So it is important to know what they do.
  • Yash Amar Patil: I also want to know the working days and working hours
  • Meruna Das: If you choose to build your career in retail, you have to prepare yourself for 3 things-
    1. Standing job - on the floor, in a retail store there's no scope to sit unless you are at the backend.
    2. As holidays (including weekends) and festivals are higher footfalls, Operations team has to work on those days, they can take holidays on other days
    3. Changing shifts as per store working times
  • Nagesh J : Hello madam can you tell us the different job roles in D-mart
  • Meruna Das: Well Nagesh, there are multitudes of roles in a large and growing organization like Dmart. In store operations, in the role that we are offering, you will get exposure to people handing, Operations, Purchase, Accounts & Finance, Maintenance, Crowd control, Property Management among others.
  • Shubham Mani Tripathi: What salary you are offering ??
  • Meruna Das: 2.75 Lakhs per annum which includes statutory benefits like Providend Fund, ESIC etc. Annual components of Statutory Bonus and Leave Travel Allowance are also included. Monthly salary would be around 16.5 thousand to 17 thousand depending on the city you are deployed for training.
  • Shagaf Akhter : i want to know the chances of growth in your organization
  • Sindhura: Hi mam this is sindhura can I know will I have growth in the position further if I get selected
  • Shivam Gupta: Does the retail sector consist sufficient opportunities & growth options for fresher.?
  • Meruna Das: Growth opportunity is huge if you are willing to learn and work hard with sincerity
  • Nikhil Darak: And apart from CTC 2.75 is their any incentives and benefits do you offer?
  • Meruna Das: 2.75 LPA is fixed CTC when you join as fresher Management Trainees. There are intangible benefits. Later, as you grow in the organisation, benefits and incentives would be there.
  • P. Harish: Where is job location
  • Meruna Das: Harish, initially you will be allocated training location. Later after a year or so, you will be allocated a store as DM. This position is based pan India, so you could be deployed anywhere though we do consider any personal concerns. As young managers looking to start your careers, you should be ready to move anywhere, that will help you broaden your outlook and learn more.
  • Vivek nitnawar: What basic skils i neee to improve
  • Meruna Das: It depends on your personality, cannot be addressed here :))
  • Dattasai Renduchinthla: How time does it take to reach store manager form management trainee
  • Meruna Das: Growth in the organisation depends on your performance.
  • rohith: my question is apart from take care of store , the job role aslo demands me to do hiring and staffing of employess.
  • Meruna Das: In the role of Department Manager, you are not involved to do hiring and staffing of employees though managing them will definitely be one of your deliverables.
  • Ramesh: Hi Ma'am, What will be the hiring process? How many set of interviews will be conducted?
  • Meruna Das: Post CV shortlisting and online assessment, only one round of Personal Interviews will be conducted.
  • Varu Richard Catchick: I'm curious to know, Is there any on job training kind of module??
  • Meruna Das: The entire training programme is an on job training module only. We will also have classroom interventions to help you learn better.
  • Dattasai Renduchinthla: As I had done my internship at Decathlon which is a sports retail outlet I had knowledge of retail segment ,I freshly passed out PGDM student ,I am very interested to be a Dmart
  • Meruna Das: It is good that you have a perspective of retail based on your internship. However please be very clear that the target audience of Decathlon and DMart are very different. You can gauge that by the number of footfalls in the store especially on weekends.
  • Tamanna Singh: Good Afternoon Ma'am. I just wanted to know as online retail is growing so fast so what's the growth prospect in brick and mortar form?
  • Meruna Das: Well Tamanna, India is a growing and diverse market for organized retail. It is an exciting time for retail players to be operating here. Brick & Mortar and Online - both forms have ample scope because the size of the market is huge. But yes, everybody has to be competent and competitive.
  • Dattasai Renduchinthla: Whether interview is campus pool drive or walk -in madam
  • Meruna Das: It is a pool drive being conducted through Firstnaukri
  • Rahul Pant: Mam please tell me is I am working as a front line sales man or as a superior of salesman
  • Meruna Das: We don't have a salesman profile. The frontline staff ensures that shelves are never empty, so they are constantly refilling their respective sections. Supervisors manage a team of frontline staff. You will undergo on job training in both these roles because in your actual role of Dept. Manager, you have to supervise both and ensure customer is satisfied with their experience in DMart.
  • Sagar Phani Kumar: Please mention the marks percentage required through out the academic ?
  • Meruna Das: You should not have any active backlogs. 50% academic average is ideal.
  • chandrakant fasale: in june 2019 i complete my M.B.A in marketing currently i work in and interested to join dmart
  • Meruna Das: If you are already working currently with a reputed organization like Shopers Stop, why would you want a change..
  • Azharuddin Mohammad: as a department management trainee, what all areas he/she will get the opportunity to explore?
  • Meruna Das: You will get detailed training is various functions directly related to your job role like floor operations, cashiering, warehouse, GRN etc and also get exposure to other functions like HR, finance & accounts, maintenance, purchase etc.
  • Shivam Srivastava: What are the present locations you are having your stores.?
  • Meruna Das: Please check for store locations
  • Gunjan Tailor : Good afternoon, I am MBA with the specialisation of Shipping, Logistics and supply chain management, what are the related vacancies and opportunities in Avenue Super Market
  • Meruna Das: If you are an MBA fresher with specialization of Supply Chain, currently your profile may not be relevant for this role but we may look at hiring freshers for Supply Chain in near future.
  • Mahesh : Mam... Also I want to know is there any agreement for this job?
  • Meruna Das: No there is no bond or agreement.
  • Praful kumar Upadhyay: Hello good afternoon mam.. This is praful and I want to know that if some will perform better then your organisation will give promotion.. And when will you give on yearly or half year basis..
  • Meruna Das: Performance is reviewed both half yearly and annually. However promotions are based on company policy and I cannot commit a time frame for the same. Every year, you will have a salary increment depending on your performance and the same will also translate into a promotion at the appropriate time.
  • Dattasai Renduchinthla: Working hours for both male and female
  • Meruna Das: Dmart is an equal opportunity company and both males & females are treated equally. Owing to social issues and other concerns, in certain areas female staff are not expected to work beyond 9 pm while males can.
  • shrikant singh: by when we will get our interview result
  • Meruna Das: Within a maximum time frame of 2-5 days of interview, you will know the result
  • Thank You Meruna for interacting with the candidates and sharing your amazing insights. Thanks everyone for logging in. Tune in to Firstnaukri Net-Engage for more such events in future.
  • Meruna Das: Thanks all of you for your active participation and the Firstnaukri team for organizing this. It was a pleasure interacting with you all!