Campus Hiring at Hexaware

  • Date: July 19, 2019, 3:00 pm - July 19, 2019, 4:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Pre-Placement Talk
  • Who Should Attend: BE/B.Tech - CS, IT, ECE, EEE, EIE, ICE, ExTC and MCA
  • The event aims to showcase the career opportunities for fresher candidates at Hexaware technologies.

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Senthil Kumar Nayagam

CLO & SVP Hexaware Technologies Ltd.
Hexaware is the Fastest Growing Outsourcing provider of IT, BPO, Consulting and Next-Generation Services.
With revenue over $525.6 Million and 12,000+ employees, working around the clock and across the globe, we’ve been passionately building our customers’ visions to life.
Since its inception in 1990, Hexaware has been committed in delivering meaningful technology solutions to, Large Enterprises & Fortune 500 organizations. The company has attained deep domain expertise across four chosen verticals -Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare and Insurance, Travel and Transportation and Manufacturing & Consumer.
We have helped our customers to thrive in ever changing business and highly competitive business environment, through our bottom up Innovation, backed up by strength of delivering high-end and complex engineering engagements.
As a truly global company, our greatest strength is the diversity of our workforce, from over 20 nationalities, and with more women empowerment, in our workforce, all striving for the same objective. Hexaware’s team consists of creme de la creme resources from over 80 prestigious institutes across the world, distilled through a stringent selection process.

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  • Hi Everyone, Welcoming Mr K Senthil Nayagam, Chief Learning officer & Head of RA at Hexaware to this interactive session. Requesting him for his opening comments & start the chat.
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Hello Everyone, Good Afternoon!
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Welcome to the e meeting with Hexaware where we connect with bright minds to select our pillars for the future
  • MUHAMMED SUHAIR: Sir, what are the basic skills expected from freshers for hiring.
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: We hire for aptitude and train for skills. We are also require our hires to have good communication
  • Harish Reddy: What are the requirements that the company is expecting from students?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: We are looking for energetic minds, willing to learn and not afraid of exploring new technologies. We offer a happening place and world class opportunities to work on, every day.
  • Shifel Malar FS : And do u have any bond after getting placed
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: We do have a service bond of 2 years
  • A.K.Sukhanya: What kind of programming language do you expect us to learn?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: We put people through our own hand-on 3 month training session. Everyone will go through a strong foundation and unit specific training. If you are fundamentally good, we will do the training
  • Ruba Christika R: May know about your company goal
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: One the workforce front, we aim to have 50% of the workforce as Digital!
  • Galavila Teja: Can I know how long is the training period??
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: About 3.5 months. We offer an industry best covering full stack, soft and behavioral skills and everything needed for a real life corporate career
  • P H H V SAI TEJA: what is the selection process for hiring a job
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: You will have an GD, communication assessment, Technical round and HR round.
  • Yogesh: can u plz tell me the eligibility criteria?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: We will share the cut off percentages during pre-placement
  • Sai venkata ganesh : Sir, why should someone join hexaware technologies
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Great question! Some of our Campus graduates like you who joined us years ago are today successfully running our business. So, if you are looking for a happening place, better than any competition for the best experience and growth, stop by when we visit your campus.
  • Monisha BN: Placements starts from next week. I am preparing myself for it. I am not good in coding and I dont want to get into coding domain. Can you suggest me to get into jobs where there is no coding ?
  • Athira M: Sir.Can you please give us some introduction about the company
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Do check out our website. We are the best and the fastest growing service provider with strong focus on Automation, Cloudify and Customer experience.
  • PAVAN SAI KILIMI: Sir, is percentage is important or skills and knowledge are important
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Aptitude for learning is the most important. if your foundation is strong, you can succeed.
  • R.Sivasankaran: Python language used your company
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Yes and other several others!
  • Annamalai: Greeting sir,Will Hexaware hire Full stack developers ?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Absolutely, we train all campus graduates in Full Stack.
  • Gowri.G: What are the biggest opportunities and challenges facing by the company right now?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Good question: Digital, Customer experience transformation, automation and cloudification are driving new opportunities for the industry. As the very best, we win a large share of the new deals in the market today
  • Preetham M S: What is the role you are hiring for and what is the package offered ?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: All will start as a Campus graduate, go through our program to create Mavericks and work in different domains. Growth is a derivative of good performance
  • S Dhivya Dharshini: Sir,Will your offer any intern program?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: yes, we do.
  • PENTAPATI DURGA SWATHI: Will you give importance to communication skills or technical knowledge in students
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Both!
  • Yuvashree Mahendran : Hi my name is Yuvashree Mahendran can you tell me what is the next process after this chat session. Thank you
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: We will visit your campus soon. Join us in the pre-placement talk and attend the interviews if you are interested
  • S.Deepa Lakshmi: In technical Round what type of questions and area from which you will ask Sir
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Programming principles, common sense, aptitude
  • Kaligotla Naga Sai Prasanna Lakshmi : Sir,could you tell us the pattern of written test
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Online assessment
  • AFRIN FATHIMA S: What are the things that will be covered during the training period
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Already covered- Campus to corporate, professional skills, behavioral skills and technical skills
  • A.Anitha Loraine: Do you allow fresher to go aboard to the other branches so I would gain more varied experiences?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Initially that may not be case. But we do have cases where a smart one moved onshore within 2 years
  • ARUNKUMAAR.T.C: i am so confused the job is day shift or night shift
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Mostly day jobs. Some roles may have extended shifts depending on client time zone and work.
  • KALAVATHI.M: What kind of services you provide to the customer?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Transformation, Design, Development, Support in many technologies
  • KARUPPASAMY.V: sir, your company provoide any abroad opportunity or higher studies chance
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Yes, to both. We have tie ups with good Universities in India for higher courses
  • Reshma: How to apply for the interview process
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Watch out for the dates we are visiting your campus, atttend the pre-placement and interviews. Walk out with your offer letters for a great start and rewarding career
  • Ramya Lakshmi K: what is your first preference to hire an employee ?? education or attitude
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Attitude
  • Sudha: Sir ,I am strong in technical skills .but not much communication..if you hire me sir?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: There are some roles like technical research which demand less. The right environment changes people so don't worry about the past, stay confident and give your best, things come
  • Seshankkumar: how do you expect a Hexaware employee to be?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Answered earlier
  • Dammalapati Bhanu Prakash: On what basis would you give the promotion to your employees??
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Merit
  • Ravi kumar: What are the various training programs the employees are put through?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: We want our employees to be cutting edge. So we have programs for campus graduates and laterals. All choices are open to all and there are no restrictions. The best framework, tools, labs and projects are available to upskill and stay ever green.
  • Gokul v ram: Sir , is the stipend fixed.. or does it change according to our skill and performance
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Stipend amount is for first six months and then follows the regular CTC
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Interesting questions so far, I hope you got most of the answers.
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: in summary, if you want to challenge yourself, work on cutting edge in a happening place where people grow on merit, Hexaware is for you
  • Mulkraj Singh: What's after 2 year bond?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: You would have gained exposure in many areas by then, identified your sweet spots, and on the growth path to great heights at Hexaware
  • DEBASHISH MONDAL: when u will start the placements in campus?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: We start this month
  • Guntamukkala Hemanth Kumar: What are the additional qualities of Hexaware compared to other company?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Disrupt the norm, focus on the customer
  • Joel A: What is the biggest challenge the team has faced in the past year?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: which team are you referring to?
  • S Venkat Ragavan: Whether doing an automation course in online is worth or not
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Learning is always worth it
  • N JegadeshSaravanan: Sir, whats your main aim of you interview process in your way?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Find smart people, hire for attitude and train for skills, provide the environment to enable them to grow and stay with us
  • Ajith kumar J: what's the basic salary package for Freshers
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Our training center is in Chennai but posting could be in any of our locations or client locations
  • vijaya selvam: how employees are benefited from hexaware?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Just look for us on Youtube, listen to what Hexawarians have to say about their careers with us
  • Dinesh.P: what will be my career growth in your organization?
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: If you are the best you could aspire to be the CEO someday
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: We are nearing the allocated time. Hope you found the session useful and understood Hexaware better now. Good luck and all the best for a great start to your careers. See you soon!
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Firstnaukri Team- we can close this session, thanks for arranging the connect
  • Thank You Mr. K Senthil Nayagam, CLO & Head of RA for interacting with the jobseekers & sharing your insights. Thanks everyone for logging in. Tune in to Firstnaukri Net-Engage for more event
  • Senthil Kumar Nayagam: Thanks