‘Engineering at Info Edge – what to expect’

  • Date: June 21, 2012, 3:00 pm - June 21, 2012, 4:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Pre-Placement Talk
  • Who Should Attend: CS/IT Engineers
  • The event aims at introducing you to the engineering aspect at Info Edge. It also introduces you to the cutting edge technologies that has made Info Edge the no. 1 internet company of India.

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Shalabh Nigam

Chief Technology Officer Info Edge India Ltd.
Shalabh has more than 17 years of experience in various industries and cross-cultural environments across the globe. He is B.Tech from IIT Kanpur and is currently handling engineering responsibilities for 99acres, Jeevansathi, Shiksha, brijj and AllCheckDeals along with being the Business Head for Brijj.

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  • Firstnaukri: Hello Everyone,Thanks for logging in. Let us welcome Mr. Shalabh Nigam to this interactive session. Request Shalabh to give his opening comments and open the floor for student questions.
  • Shalabh Nigam : Welcome everybody to this session. Looking forward to an interactive session and hoping to resolve all your queries and help you take the right career decision.
  • Rahul Kumar: Good afternoon Sir!
  • Shalabh Nigam : Good Afternoon Rahul.
  • Rahul Kumar: Is Netengage is a Web Based Application Development Corporation
  • Shalabh Nigam : Yes.
  • Shalabh Nigam : NetEngage is a platform developed by FirstNaukri team to assist in campus hiring. yes, it is a web-based software
  • Rahul Kumar: In which Language your organisation develops Applications
  • Shalabh Nigam : Rahul, the primary stack is LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. We also work on Java and latest technologies in mobile, cloud computing.
  • vikram verma: hello sir!! I want to ask that for which post you are hiring students
  • Shalabh Nigam : Vikram, we are hiring software engineers who will be expected to work on creating web-based applications and mobile based applications.
  • vikash kumar: sir ,what's your exceptions from the candidate side???????????
  • Shalabh Nigam : Vikash, For freshers we mainly check the aptitude and passion for programming. Of course, how you perform in college and academics helps in your candidature.
  • Rahul Kumar: Sir! I can develop application on C#.NET. Do your organisation have any post for that?
  • Shalabh Nigam : Rahul, if you have flair for programming, language is not a barrier in our organization. How ever, it is important that you are willing to work on LAMP and Java.
  • Manish: Sir will u please tell me what kind of student u want to hire, ie the students who excellent in their university exams or the students who have better practical knowledge???
  • Shalabh Nigam : Manish, We have quite an elaborate mechanism of evaluating the applications. In a nutshell, everything has some weightage - your marks and your knowledge. The knowledge will always get more weightage but we would like to meet the bright students of the university also if they love programming.
  • Taqsh: Sir what will be the job profile of a software engineer in your company, would we be working on third party applications?
  • Shalabh Nigam : Taqsh, there are multiple areas of development. Primarily, the fresh lot is expected to undergo a formal training also to understand the nuances of development in a product company, especially an Internet based product company. Depending on the problem being solved, one could be expected to work on third party applications but mainly the software engineer will be doing lot of coding.
  • vikram verma: ok thats nice... sir,are you visiting this year also for recruitment?
  • Shalabh Nigam : Vikram, can you share your college details
  • Rahul Kumar: Sir! It is very tough to learn all languages within your course. Financially as well as mentally
  • Shalabh Nigam : Rahul, we understand that it is difficult to learn all languages. Again, that is more to give you all a view of what all we work on . There will be some training also imparted on the areas we work on. As I mentioned earlier, important is the desire and passion for coding, rest we all believe follows on its own.
  • Taqsh: SIr how long would be the training period, would there be any qualification exam after that, like infosys and TCS do?
  • Shalabh Nigam : Taqsh, Infosys and TCS have very big numbers to train and much more elaborate mechanisms in place. We typically hire 10-15 fresh engineers every year so it is less formal and runs into 3-4 weeks. No, there is no qualification exam after that. The qualification is checked at the time of selection only.
  • vikram verma: sir, I am from National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, you can find many talented students here..two students of our class ie B.Tech CSE got recently placed in EPIC Systems,USA
  • Shalabh Nigam : Vikram, Please write to our HR - meenakshi.kapur@naukri.com for us to consider visiting your college. On a separate note, for your campus placement solution, you can contact FirstNaukri campus team also - rohit.agarwal@firstnaukri.com
  • Manish: so what i can do for inviting u on my college campus !!!
  • Shalabh Nigam : Manish, please write to meenakshi.kapur@naukri.com for us to visit your campus.
  • Rahul Kumar: I love to learn computer languages but in my point of view it is also important to have a full command on acertain language
  • Shalabh Nigam : Rahul, you should have command on one language to know what it takes to do good programming. Overtime, languages evolve and new languages come so one has to keep pace with the times.
  • Taqsh: Sir what is your hiring ratio?
  • Shalabh Nigam : Taqsh, we dont go by hiring ratio. We only go by merit. We are open to any number of hiring if the candidate fits our requirements.
  • vikash kumar: i like languages like c,java,c# ....is these languages helpful for your organization?????
  • Shalabh Nigam : Vikash, yes they are helpful for our organization but you might need to get a foot into LAMP stack also to expand your horizons for doing software development in InfoEdge.
  • Rahul Kumar: In the training period. What do you teach the trainees.
  • Shalabh Nigam : Rahul, we will train on basics of Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, web architecture, security, javascript, html, css, etc.
  • Shubha Goel: Good afternoon Sir .
  • Shalabh Nigam : Shubha, welcome to the chat.
  • Rahul Kumar: it is better to learn about the basics before training
  • Shalabh Nigam : Rahul, if one knows the basics then the training becomes more interactive and useful but we don't expect the freshers to know all the stuff. The training has lot of training material which is used during the exercise.
  • vikash kumar: sir ,i have developed soft wares using .net and java,but i am not familiar with other subjects
  • Shalabh Nigam : Vikash, It is not an issue for us to consider your candidature. You should be willing to work on LAMP stack and lot of opensource software.
  • Taqsh: Sir what is the growth rate in your company?
  • Shalabh Nigam : Taqsh, we value meritorious candidates. After 1 to 2 years, each person can take a different path in terms of role and salaries but typically path is senior software engineer, module leader, team leader, project manager and we also have technical track where you can become a technical architect.
  • Akanksha.S.Rathod: if someone is having low percentage ...is there any chance to get into any industry??
  • Shalabh Nigam : Akanksha, if you are able to convince or explain to your potential employers on why you got low percentage and how it has no bearing on the role which you are going to take up then it should not be an issue. On a separate note, remember 3 idiots. Follow your calling instead of taking up 'any' industry.
  • shiva saxena: Hello sir, is there any minimum criteria ( like any certain amount of percentage in 10 or 12 or b.tech),for applying ?
  • Shalabh Nigam : Shiva, in B.Tech we look for 60% marks or CGPA or 6.0. There is no minimum criteria for 10th or 12th.
  • Taqsh: SIr there seems to be a dotcom boom waiting to happen, with this thought what are your observations of internet future in india
  • Shalabh Nigam : Taqsh, Internet has penetrated our daily lives in a big way. It is here to stay. Infact, we all believe that mobile will also play more role in our day to day lives beyond just some cool apps and games so anybody willing to invest his time in the Industry is going to benefit in the long run and will be part of the digital revolution that is happening in India.
  • vikram verma: Sir, can you please tell me for which place you will be hiring and the package?
  • Shalabh Nigam : Vikram, We will be hiring for NCR as the development center is only in Noida. Our package is 5.5 Lakhs CTC.
  • Rahul Kumar: Sir! Can you please tell me the hiring Process?
  • Shalabh Nigam : Rahul, we have a mental aptitude and programming test. Then there is a technical interview and a HR round.
  • Taqsh: Sir so do you also develop mobile applications?
  • Shalabh Nigam : Taqsh, we develop mobile applications. Infact, you can visit naukri.com, jeevansathi.com, 99acres.com on mobile to experience it. We are still evaluating development on native apps for different OSs like Android, etc.
  • Taqsh: Sir does you company provide training to enhance skills in technology further?
  • Shalabh Nigam : Taqsh, we provide continuous training on a need basis. Our endeavor is to keep the people in the company abreast with latest technologies.
  • Firstnaukri: Thank you Shalabh for such an informative session. Hope it provided you some useful insights about Info Edge. Stay tuned for more such sessions through Firstnaukri Net-Engage !
  • Shalabh Nigam : Thanks for giving your valuable time to get your doubts clarified. Hope I was able to resolve your queries regarding our hiring. Looking forward to more such sessions.

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