What skills do companies measure while hiring freshers & how to improve them ?

  • Date: December 24, 2012, 12:00 pm - December 24, 2012, 1:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Pre-Placement Talk
  • Who Should Attend: MBA (Marketing), B.Tech
  • Orient and exchange with participants the critical skills & aptitude which are shaping the next generation workforce. Why they need to hone these skills and how they can develop themselves.

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Saurabh Singh

National Head Pearson TalentLens
Mr. Saurabh Singh heads the strategic TalentLens arm of Pearson with interests in Assessment, testing & consulting services. TalentLens is a part of, Pearson a global leader in publishing, education and developing and distributing assessment tools & services for recruitment, selection and development of the 21st century workforce.

Mr. Singh comes from an in-depth and expansive professional experience in the Assessment & Consulting industry since the inception of his career. His expertise lies in consulting, designing and developing solutions in the talent management space that provide an engagement and resolution of HR challenges across verticals and industries. His professional experience include the design, development and delivery of consulting assignments, notably in the domain of Competency Mapping, Person-Job Fitment analysis, Assessment/Development Centre and Diagnostic Organizational Mapping.

Mr Singh’s past and current expertise in the service delivery sector is anchored in an extensive training in the use of assessment tools that are gold standards in the assessment industry. He is an authorized trainer for TalentLens assessments such as the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (W-GCTA), a measure of critical thinking skills, is trained on Golden Personality Type Profiler – for leadership development, and a certified trainer for the SOSIE personality test, a TalentLens-owned internationally acclaimed test of personal values and workplace motivators, introduced in India for the first time. Mr Singh is also certified/trained in the administration and interpretation of several other globally used assessment consulting tools, including the Person Profile Analysis (PPA), Human Job Analysis (HJA), Test for Selection and Training (TST), 16 Personality Factors (16PF), ECHO, DIALOG, and Job Guide.

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  • Firstnaukri: Hello Everyone, Thanks for logging in. Let me welcome Mr. Saurabh Singh to this interactive session. Request Saurabh to give his opening comments and open the floor for student questions.
  • Saurabh Singh: Hi guys..good afternoon everyone..nice to see so many questions flowing in...well why don't i just jump in and address some of your queries..!
  • Prakash Singh: Hello Sir, Is there some way to prepare for aptitude tests ? Or is aptitude a natural talent which cannot be improved like height ?
  • Saurabh Singh: aptitude also known as cognitive ability are the building blocks which defines our potential and future ability to perform...!! it can be acquired through knowledge and skills and that's one reason why its commensurable!!
  • Smriti Gupta: Hello Sir, how important is english knowledge in cracking aptitude tests ? Does joining CAT coaching classes help ?
  • Saurabh Singh: there are different reasoning skills which define our building block, verbal acumen/reasoning being one of them...but the focus is mainly to assess "usage & application" ...so while you read a lot and develop your vocab (for eg) but missing out on the application of words in different setting...you may limit yourself..so developing english language means reading, speaking in lot of measures to see that improvement. NO you dont necessarily need to join CAT coaching clss for cracking
  • arati: hello sir my name is arati. i am in B.E now. can i get the job
  • Saurabh Singh: yes..believe in yourself...and feel confident
  • RanjaniSree: Hello sir, What are the basic skills that play a part in the selection criteria???
  • Saurabh Singh: Skills - firstly do you have the basic aptitude which differentiates you from the others, who've applied for the same job (you should be in the highest quartile), secondly - learning skills - how fast you can acquire new skills and become productive for an organisation in quickest time possible - which means your mental agility, openness to acquire new knowledge and that drive to excel.
  • rajeev ranjan: What is more important for a fresher soft skills or subject knowledge?
  • Saurabh Singh: both equally...without content you will end up making empty drums..but without skills you may just sound bookish & naive...people want to see content & knowledge with "wow" presentation & communication skills and that tinge of confidence
  • Niji: Could you kindly elaborate on the approach a student should take to succeed in Psychometric Tests.
  • Saurabh Singh: Just be yourself..dont try to impress or present somebody that you are not!!
  • arati: how can we improve communication skill
  • Saurabh Singh: practice, practice , practice - read news papers, feel that urge to find a meaning of something that you could not understand and create a coterie of like minded people who are equally enthused to learn and speak good English and then just never ever feel ashamed of speaking your mind without doubting yourself on grammar etc
  • Saurabh Singh: @Arati - also hang on to a nice sitcom - entertaining - like "friends"...you will see the difference very soon.
  • Amandeep: Is aptitude test also important for B.tech student or only techhical knowledge??
  • Saurabh Singh: yes its important for everyone as companies are always looking out to select the best. whenever and wherever you apply for a job companies use Aptitude as criteria to shortlist their "creme de la creme" from the crowd since aptitude performance is a measure of your future "potential to perform". So keep brushing your reasoning skills and fundamentals.
  • ASHISH BADONI: hello sir im btech final year electrical student , what is my scope in private firms
  • Saurabh Singh: Anyone and everyone has equal opportunity to apply for jobs irrespective of whether its a public or a private enterprise - depending on their line of operation. So you have as good a chance to excel in private firms. Have you come across any opening in campus or elsewhere..
  • Amandeep: hello sir, how to improve aptitude skills ? from where i can prepare for aptitude test?
  • Saurabh Singh: brush up the basics and fundamentals of numerical reasoning, logical reasoning and verbal reasoning except NOW you need to acquire the "application" part of the knowledge. for eg - companies dont want to know if you can do computations but rather they would like to know how you can make sense (reason out) of a raw data in non-computation format. Application of your knowledge is what they want to know. So keep your tentacles open and look around for the real life applications of any the
  • Tapan Parikh: Good afternoon Sir, What importance does work experience hold in the relevant field when it comes to pursuing an MBA?
  • Saurabh Singh: going back to the classroom after having gone through that work setting gives one extra advantage of learning and picking up concepts really fast as you can relate really well with business challenges. so learnign and application is real quick and that is an added advantage. Besides attending a Bschool opens up your mind to different ways of thinking and approaching a same problem.
  • Ayushi Mishra: Hello sir,I'm a B.Tech student . What are the main areas that are looked into in personal interviews during campus recruitments?
  • Saurabh Singh: HI Ayushi - it totally depends on the role or a company that your have applied. But they are looking at few common things like Cultural and role fitment , people should seamlessly fit into an organisations work culture and structure, people should be excited about working with this company, should have a zeal to learn and grow professionally, learning is an on-going exercise, never stops, open to feedback fosters your learning curve.
  • Saurabh Singh: Very good! be confident!
  • RAHUL KUMAR: hello sir im btech final year cse student & my aggregate is not 60%, what is my scope in any firms.
  • Saurabh Singh: Very good! be confident!
  • Subhasish Datta: hello sir,I am BE(Computer) & MBA(marketing/system).which kind of job will be best for me?
  • Saurabh Singh: Whatever you aspire to do you can achieve. The answers lies with you. Let me ask you, "what prompted you for an MBA in marketing/system" post your BE in CS?
  • Mohammed Bharmal: I have gone through many campus interviews, i get selected many times for the final interview and my interviews were also good, I don't know what wrong happens with me. Can you give me any sugges
  • Saurabh Singh: I wish i could help you but i need more information from you to help you understand what you can do better. Pls elaborate your context and write me on saurabh.singh@pearson.com, will try to respond back at the earliest. Thank you.
  • Kashish Saxena: Gud Afternoon SirSir, I wanted to know that How much importance does a Resume has while applying for a job and whats the judgement criteria.
  • Saurabh Singh: Resume is a snapshot of all the "FACTS" that you want your future employer to know about yourself which can strengthen your case. You may decide to highlight one particular skill/certification/experience or other depending on a job context. So having a custom created resume for different jobs will not harm you as long as you present the facts correctly and don't dupe other of falsifying information.
  • Saravanan V: hello sir, i'm a final yr mechanical engg. student. There is no campus drive in our college. pls What should i do getting placed in top mnc's (mechanical core like ashok leyland, volks wagon
  • Saurabh Singh: Join firstnaukri - they will help you.
  • Saurabh Singh: Thanks all of you for a wonderful interactive session, i hope some of your concerns were addressed.
  • Firstnaukri: Thank You Saurabh for your insightful views. Thanks everyone for logging in. Tune in to Firstnaukri Net-Engage for more such events in future
  • Saurabh Singh: Thanks one and all

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