Kick-start your Engineering career in the Diagnostics Industry

  • Date: January 11, 2013, 4:00 pm - January 11, 2013, 5:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Knowledge Session
  • Who Should Attend: BE/B.Tech – Electronics & Telecommunication Final year students 2013 Batch
  • This event aims at introducing you to an engineering career in the Diagnostics Industry. We bring to you the world leader in in-vitro Diagnostics (awarded “Best in-vitro company of the year 2012 in India” by Frost and Sullivan). Through this event you can explore career growth prospects and also an enriching culture at Roche.

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Mr. Ravi Kumar

Head – Human Resources Roche Diagnostics India Pvt Ltd
Mr. Ravi Kumar is a very experienced Human Resources Professional who has worked for major Indian and Multinational organizations across a range of industries including Engineering, Glass, Ceramics & Abrasive and Healthcare Diagnostics.
He joined Roche Diagnostics India in 2006 as Head – Human Resources. In his current role, Ravi is anchoring a number of HR initiatives and interventions to support business development and the company’s growth strategy.
An MBA in Human Resources from XISS Ranchi, Ravi has also done an Advanced Leadership Programme from London Business School.

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  • Rohan Thapar: Afternoon to you sir !
  • Abhaypratap Singh: Hello Sir,
  • Sameer Subhash Sawant: Good afternoon sir
  • Firstnaukri: Hello Everyone, Thanks for logging in. Let me welcome Mr. Ravi to this interactive session. Request Ravi to give his opening comments and open the floor for student questions.
  • Parminder Singh: Good afternoon sir
  • shalini joshi: hello sir
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi guys ! welcome to this session, and feel free to shoot your questions to me !
  • Ramesh Kumar: hello sir , sir i want to know what are the criterions for jobs in diagnostic industry for an ECE student
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Jobs in the Diagnostics industry cover areas in Engineering and Applications, including maintaining and servicing, as well as installing and training. Technical skills from the ECE course are definitely required, besides social skills like excellent communication and customer orientation
  • Rohan Thapar: A generic question . I am looking for the key traits which you look at a person when you hire him/her.
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Rohan, thats a very good question ! Key traits that we look for at Roche when we hire are : Communication Skills, Learning agility, an open mind and the ability to grasp situations and techniques quickly
  • Parminder Singh: Sir how can we rise in the diagnostics as an electronics and communication engineer?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Parminder, in any tech role career in the Dia industry needs nurturing. You will need to keep updating your tech skills regularly, as well as your social skills as you go along in your career. And then moving into new areas / functions / sub-careers will not be a constraint at all
  • Parminder Singh: So sir how can we make our future there in and which are the leading industries in diagnostics
  • Abhinandan Goswami: Good evening sir, I want to know is the future scope of India is bright enough for Diagnostic Industry?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Parminder & Abhinandan ! careers in the Dia industry are varied and very exciting, since this is a very high growth industry in India. Growth rates of upward of 24% are very normal for this industry. Given that situation, there are interesting roles in Dia companies in India, and the roles keep expanding. So, in short, careers are very interesting
  • pralin pavithran: hello sir, may i know what are the positions and jobs for the fresher in your company.
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Parlin. We recruit fresh Engineer Trainees in our Company. You can look at the FirstNaukri site for more details
  • sheenam narula: do we ece students requires to have knowledge of sftwre languages for interview?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Sheenam - no, not necessary, but its always an advantage to know some latest and useful software
  • swathi: sir is that ECE students are necessary to have good stuff on c c++ languages?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : No Swathi - not really required for our industry
  • SHAIKH AASIM JALAL: hello sir,as you said that the abilities that the student should have also include the percentage criteria.
  • SHAIKH AASIM JALAL: hello sir i want to know that what kind of services do the diagnostics industry serve to the people
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Aasim. In the Dia industry, we cater to the medical testing needs of patients through Hospitals, Labs and Point of Care devices. Regrading your next question about the percentage criteria, we do not worry about it unless it is way below the passing score of universities !!
  • Teertha: would the jobs in your company comprise of providing Technical survice to the electronic-medical equipment owners
  • Teertha: What is the starting salary in your company?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Teertha - the starting stipend in our Company for freshers would be in the range of 20-24k p.m. Salaries on confirmation of course are pegged to the kind of roles that Trainees may take up
  • ramojirao Yalamati: we are technical people so we dont know the medical -madican requrements how can we surve to your companey
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Ramojirao. We do hire several Technical experts like you in our industry. Here, since we serve patients and the medical fraternity with our tech skills as well. so you can surely contribute
  • Rohan Thapar: Thank you. I will like to know more about the prospects which you involve students to do research related activity with you.
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : In India we do not have any R&D, so we do not hire for research here. But our Global colleagues do hire at various other countries. Do visit our Roche Global Career Webpage on FaceBook for more details
  • aditya mhatre: respected sir please answers my questions???
  • aditya mhatre: respected sir,what scope does an extc engineer have in a diagnostics industry????
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Aditya, sorry for the delay.Please see my response to Ramesh Kumar in this same chat
  • aditya mhatre: after seeing our above replies,you want to hire extc people for bio-medical jobs???
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Aditya, we hire people for several roles and not just Bio-Medical. Engineering, Applications, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain etc.
  • srujith chaand: sir im ece student how can i approch ur company to place in it??? and what qualities are exept from me??
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Srujith. Visit us on our career webpage
    for more detail son our hiring process as well as the FirstNaukri site
  • sheenam narula: sir i jst want to know to know, i have heard from everyone that there are vry few chances to get job in core industry for ece students
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : No Sheenam, thats not true. There are several jobs for ece students in not only Dia but other Engineering (core) industries as well. Its just that the jobs for freshers may have been limited in 2012, but in 2013 core industry jobs are expected to pick up
  • SANDESH SHANKAR GADGE: Sir do we really need to have certified courses?? If yes can you suggest some courses ???
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Sandesh, no, there is no specific certifications required. Technical training is provided by Companies like us after the person joins us
  • P.Radhika: hello sir,is their any written test?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Radhika, this is just a chat to help you understand the industry opportunities better. For actual application to jobs in our Company, you may visit
    Some of our processes do include tests
  • Abhinandan Goswami: Sir,what is the recruitment process in your company?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Abhinandan. The process includes written tests, Group Discussions and face to face interviews
  • Parminder Singh: Sir,Is dia industry limited to some particular states in our country or it spreads all over in our country
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Parminder, the industry is all over the country
  • aditya mhatre: respected sir, I am passout of MIT will u hire me????pls give me ur email-id so that i will forward u my cv????
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Aditya, please visit us on to apply
  • rohit pandey: hello sir ,do we requird to have basic knowledge about medical??n what is the criteria for this company??
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : No Rohit, your Engineering fundas are good enough !
  • pralin pavithran: sir, in diagnostics industry which part of our branch it medical electronic or any other
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Pralin, ECE is good enough
  • Sameer Subhash Sawant: What are the main objectives and responsibilities of the position?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : HI Sameer, today we are not talking about any specific position. For freshers, we look at hiring as Trainees
  • Saiba kaur: i m btech(ece) final yr...suggest me things which would be essential for job
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Saiba, for any job, laerning agility and confidence are very essential, alongwith a strong understanding of your tech (ECE) fundas
  • SHAIKH AASIM JALAL: sir do you provide jobs in the vlsi(very large scale integration) field
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : No Aaasim
  • ramojirao Yalamati: is any bond agreement if there is an agreement how many years
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Ramojirao, welcome back ! No bonds at Roche !
  • Abhinandan Goswami: Sir,I am a final year ECE student.i will complete my graduation in July 2013.Am I eligible to apply for your company right now?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Yes Abhinandan. The Traineeship of course starts only after you graduate !
  • pralin pavithran: your company hire students from campuses directly
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Yes Pralin
  • sourav das: i have done my b-tech in 2012 after that i took trainning in CCNA i'm looking for job since last 6 month ,please guide me.
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Sourav, over the last few months, the job market has not grown much. But you must keep up your efforts to look for one. Do see if you can upgrade your skills while you are looking for a job. Also be open to different locations and different streams
  • Teertha: In which position is a fresher hired in your company?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Teertha, we hire freshers as Engineer Trainees. Engineer Trainee Programme is a One Year detailed programme framed to give the incumbent a complete knowledge and enhance skills pertaining to products as well as service. Training on Business processes, Customer Service, Break down and preventive maintenance, Installation and commissioning are integral part of one year Engineer Trainee Programme.
  • ramojirao Yalamati: what are the fields you want to test in the written test process
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Tests are mainly in the area of Aptitude and Technical Skills (Engg fundas)
  • Arshdeep kaur: sir do we need any extra courses to get placed into such companies as yours?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : No Arshdeep
  • Sahil Aggarwal: about optical fibres and their operations and maintainence,SDH technonolgy,Otdr dere any scope 4 me...any specific job opening??
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : No Sahil, not with our industry, sorry !
  • Arshdeep kaur: sir my question to u is what does role will an electronics and telecommunication engg will play in your company
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Arshdeep, *
    Jobs in the Diagnostics industry cover areas in Engineering and Applications, including maintaining and servicing, as well as installing and training. Technical skills from the ECE course are definitely required, besides social skills like excellent communication and customer orientation
  • Aman Gupta: Sir i am a student of last year ece from Amity University... watching the scenario of placement i am really confused what to do after the completion of grads can u plz guide me fr the same
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Aman, in a difficult year the best thing to do is keep looking for a job, but also keep your mind open to other streams as well. Do not restrict yourslef to traditional jobs in the ECE segment. Also try online portals like FirstNaukri
  • Sameer Subhash Sawant: how much will be the training period ?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Sameer we have a 1-year Training period for Freshers
  • SONU RAJ: sir, I am a computer science student but I am also very much interested in EC branch can you please guide me?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : HI Sonu, if this is your interest, it is good to do a course in that stream which will help you make a career start there
  • Teertha: How many people do you intend to hire this year? and what is the future growth
  • Teertha: What products or services does your company sell
  • Teertha: Does your company work on foreign projects?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Teertha, you can see our product portfolio on Roche Dia website We normally hire around 20-30 trainees every year. And no, we do not work on foreign projects.
  • Debmalya Paul: Hello sir,I want to ask that what are the qualifications I require to work in your company?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Debmalya, an ECE degree for our Engineering depts is necessary
  • shalini joshi: so sir wat sort of roles are offered in your company
  • pralin pavithran: can you plz explain me the kind of roles that a fresher can take on your company..for an example
  • ramojirao Yalamati: Do you want the Technical service or like bpo services
  • shuklapragya: hello sir in which position this company appoint us
  • aditya mhatre: what kind of jobs is your company offering????
  • Apoorva: do you people recruit ece freshers?
  • sheenam narula: how can i get into dis industry??
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Dear all, we hire fresh Engineering Grads as Engieneer Trainees. Engineer Trainee Programme is a One Year detailed programme framed to give the incumbent a complete knowledge and enhance skills pertaining to products as well as service. Training on Business processes, Customer Service, Break down and preventive maintenance, Installation and commissioning are integral part of one year Engineer Trainee Programme.
  • Saiba kaur: their is a wide gap between our curriculam nd what industry wants from how to copup??
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Hi Saiba, why do you say this ?
  • Rohan Thapar: I am a second year student and from a technical background as i mentioned, i need a summer internship/training in the coming time . Do you offer that ? If yes , what are the application dates ?
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Yes Rohan we do. But for this year we dont have any open projects for the summer
  • Mr. Ravi Kumar : Ok guys, we are running short of time here. So time to say goodbye! All the best, and do visit us here : - Facebook - Linkedin - Career Webpage