Grooming for Interview

  • Date: January 17, 2013, 3:00 pm - January 17, 2013, 4:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Pre-Placement Talk
  • Who Should Attend: MBA & Engineering students 2013 batch
  • The session is to address the students of Engineering and MBA gearing up for the placement interview and meant to address the way need to be well groomed for the interview. The session is Gender neutral, but has 2 parts meant to guide the respective genders on grooming tips.

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Ganesh S

Program Head McGraw-Hill Educational Services India (P) Ltd.
Ganesh S is a qualified and experienced Management Professional, Executive Coach, Trainer and Business Consultant with over 16 years experience in leading and managing multiple businesses verticals, with domain expertise in Education and Training business including latest ICT mediums.
Currently holds the following positions;
a. Program Head – McGraw-Hill Educational Services
b. Career Guide –
c. Business Intelligence Board Member – CLO Media, Chicago, US
Has served companies like First Computers, Pentasoft Technologies, Everonn Education, QAI and Aris Global in the past.
As a Qualified Senior Management Professional from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta, and Certified Executive Coach from University of Toronto, he also visits as a guest lecturer to various universities.

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  • Firstnaukri: Hello Everyone, Thanks for logging in. Let me welcome Mr. Ganesh to this interactive session. Request Ganesh to give his opening comments and open the floor for student questions.
  • Ganesh S: Hi Good Afternoon to all
  • Ganesh S: lets begin the session on Work place grooming (specifically for Interviews)
  • sonika: What kind of role is given to Btech it fresher in Tata McGraw hill?
  • Ganesh S: We are you are passionate about education, training, content creation on the IT space could be an option or technology platform developments for education space need professionals from IT back ground
  • khushi: Good Afternoon Sir, When shoudl i start preparing for interview ?
  • Ganesh S: What are you doing?
  • khushi: I am a MBA fina l year student specil in Sales and marketing
  • Ganesh S: It is time for you to prepare the interviews now
  • Teertha: SIr how does an ENgg student better comm skills
  • Ganesh S: 1. There are courses that aid you in enhancing your Communication skills
    2. Read English News Papers
    3. Try communicating with your friends in English
  • Kanika: Is it possible to get a job at the end of pre final year of engineering in EC BRANCH through walk-ins except placement????
  • Ganesh S: Walks-in options are very minimal in nature, Because organisations look for professionals who have completed the course. Campus Placement or Walk-in after course completion or Project Internship
  • Teertha: Sir would a MBA help me better my comm skills n persona?
  • Ganesh S: MBA is not meant for better Communication Skills, it is meant for acquiring Business Management Skills
  • sonika: Which computer language we need to focus for interviews.
  • Ganesh S: Basics, OOPS, C, C++, Software Engineering Skills
  • Teertha: What does McGraw-Hill Educational Services do?
  • Ganesh S: We are one of the largest Content and Publishing house in the world. We are an Education Technolgy and Solutions company
  • Stuti: Hi Sir, what preparations are required for B.Tech (EC) student?
  • Ganesh S: If you are refering to Interview Preparations, opportunities primarily exists with IT organisations, and hence prepare for IT interviews
  • Nitin: Good afternoon sir, how is Education sector different from any other?
  • Ganesh S: Can you be little more precise with your question (Context)
  • Nitin: How do u think, One should actually prepare for the interviews if he is going for a profile which is purely into Education Sector.
  • Ganesh S: Irrespective of the sector, Formal attire are important and there are specification for the formal attire and dressing
  • Kashish: Hi Sir, What is the hiring process for a MBA HR Fresher in Tata McGraw hill? What are the skills required?
  • Ganesh S: HR, Training, Interviewing skills
  • rahul: I am a software engineer, how important is for me to go in formal attaire, suit tie for an interview
  • Ganesh S: Irrespective of the sector, Formal attire are important and there are specification for the formal attire and dressing
  • sonika: Sir, I am interested in testing field, is it suitable for a fresher to start career
  • Teertha: I interested in writing. how can i improve my skiils in it?
  • Ganesh S: Good and Emerging field. opportunities are aplenty in this area and its one of the good space for Freshers
  • Neha: On what basis a candidate is selected or rejected in a face to face interview ?
  • Ganesh S: Presentation - Self, Body language, Grooming, Resume, behaviour
  • shuklapragya: on which position we appointed in taatamcgraw?
  • Ganesh S: We recruit MBA Freshers
  • Teertha: sir for interviews in manufacturin sector does well goomed is necessary?
  • Ganesh S: Irrespective of the sector, Grooming is neccesary
    *Makeup should be subtle-down to a minimum.
    *Avoid Chunky, jangling jewelry, bangles, anklets or anything which creates sound. This also includes duppattas with bells etc on them.
    *Your shirts collar, cuffs should be clean and there should be no missing buttons
    *Keep your nails clean and polished.
  • Teertha: sir what is startin salary in ur company?
  • Ganesh S: Depends upon the qualification, institute, etc
  • Divya: Hello Sir, My question is what are the qualities that are generally assessed in interviews by the HR for MBA?
  • Ganesh S: How particiapative you are, your family background, your education (growth trajectory & Breaks), why breaks if any, would he/she be a team player, leadership qualities exhibilted, projects engaged (genuinity), etc
  • Samarth: hello Sir, i want to get into publication field. How should i go about it?
  • Ganesh S: What is your education back ground
  • Stuti: how important is conceptual knwoledge during an interview??
  • Ganesh S: Again depending on the organisation you need to be prepared on the concept pertaining to the organisation and industry they belong to
  • rusha: how do i answer the question , tell me something about yourself ?
  • Ganesh S: I am not able to understand you question
  • Samarth: and does your company help budding publishers?
  • Ganesh S: sure, if you are interested you can approach us
  • Samarth: Sir i have done litreture grad from DU. My family runs a printing press and i wish to make a foray into the publication field?
  • Ganesh S: This field is today clustered too many publishing houses. Define your target audience, USP and plan your penetration. Publsihing today is not just about printing, it is going digital, technological

    Just to address the previous question on " Tell me something about yourself" in a interview. Please try ro elaborate about yourself that is not in the resume or CV. Articulate about yourself, ambitions, life, etc
  • vaibhav: Sir, I am a grad from Fore specializing in operations and finance. How can i join your company?
  • Ganesh S: Operations might have opprotuniteis, I am not sure about Finance. Visti our website and post your resume
  • prakash: hello sir, what is the growth for MBA marketing candidate in Mcgraw Hill? do you also look at percentage in class 10th and 12th?
  • Ganesh S: phenomenal. We look for your selling and presentation skills
  • Firstnaukri: Thank You Ganesh for your insightful views and sparing time to interact with jobseekers and address their queries. Thanks everyone for logging in. Keep looking into this space for more.
  • Ganesh S: Thanks for Naukri giving this opportunity to interact with youth and future of India