Banking as a Career

  • Date: July 19, 2013, 11:00 am - July 19, 2013, 12:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Knowledge Session
  • Who Should Attend: Tech/Non-Tech Graduates - 2013 Batch
  • A session by IFBI - On how to build a career in the fastest growing Banking sector. We will talk about the booming banking sector. Its stability & robustness, amount of job opportunities available, key skill sets required, salaries & growth one can expect & make an informed decision while entering this space.

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Hari Dev Gagneja

Experienced Faculty, NIIT IFBI NIIT Limited
Hari Dev Gagneja has an experience of more than 32 years with Oriental Bank of Commerce. He has outstanding achievements in the field of Systems & Procedures, Industrial and Trade Finance and
Retail Banking. Earlier he was the Vice Principal of Bank’s Training Centre. Also became the Regional Head performing all Development & Control functions while involving himself in the policy formulation at apex level. Presently, he’s training candidates in IFBI,the largest banking education and training institution, on operational banking, Financial Planning, insurance, mortgage finance, collections, fundamentals of finance and Rural banking.

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  • Firstnaukri: Hello Everyone, Thanks for logging in. Let me welcome Mr. Hari Dev Gagneja to this interactive session. Request Hari to give his opening comments and open the floor for student questions.
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: A decision about which career to choose is a very critical question and it is very important to make an informed decision. There are many things that have to be known and analysed before you reach a decision. Thus, we aim at educating young minds like you on opportunities in the BFSI sector.
  • vrahul: this is RAHUL from hyderabad.
  • Amrish: Good Morning, Sir
  • Anandh: hello sir
  • Hitesh Verma: good morning sir
  • shaikmeera: Hi sir! a very good morning...
  • Sumam Kumari: Hi
  • Sumam Kumari: Hello Sir
  • Sureshkumar: Hello Sir
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: hello everyone! How may I assist you?
  • Ajay Varshney: i want to set up my career in banking.suggest me
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Banking is the most promising industry with a lot of job opportunities for the next two decades.
    Banking is the most promising industry with a lot of job opportunities for the next two decades.Approach IFBI for a great banking career which gives an opportunity to start your banking career as an Officer
    Growth in banking sector is directly proportional to your performance. If you perform well in your area, be assured to receive a promotion sooner than you expect.
  • Sanyukta Mittal: What is usually the career growth path in this industry?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: You can join Banking career at entry level and rise to the most senior position as you grow but your performance in the job will be the key factor.
  • Alok: What is the role of a Probationary Officer?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: PO job is to manage the operations in the branch and any other duty asigned to him by the seniors. the operations job may include transaxtion banking, credit operations or investment banking depending upon the place of posting and task assigned.
  • chandrakumar R: how many banking jobs are available in india
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Endless job opp are available for the right candidate.
  • Divya: What is usually the hiring process in Banks?-
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: In PSBs. the hiring is thru competitive exam thru IBPS . For Prvt. sector banks, including ICICI bank, IFBI is the best place to get trained and recruited in the banking industry.
  • jigyasu prit: i would like to know what is the scope for an engineer in this sector
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: the engineers can join banking as a specialist officer / PO thru IBPS. For Pvt . sctor banks recuitment, IFBI may be the best option.
  • Manoj Singh Butola: I have scored second division in my Graduation. Does this hamper my chances of getting a job in Banking?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Only after completion og graduation with at least 50% marks, you can try your luck in banking.
  • Priyankar Basu: sir my educational background is technical,so how can I pursue a career in this field
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: All graduates in any discipline can join banking. theres no bar.
  • Priyabandhavi: I have completed my it compulsion to take coaching for banking? can we prepare from home
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Yes, you can prepare yourself . What is required is hard work, sincerety and consistency in preparation. If you can put in hardwork on your own and don't need further guidance, you can compete on your own.
  • yerrapragada sarika prabha: What is the objective of BFSI sector?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: To play a significant role in growth of agriculture industry and services sector so as to create no. of job opportunities in all sectors of economy.
  • Mukesh Johnson Kujur: i have applied for the forthcoming exams of RBI. and i m confused about its preparation, please guide me sir about the approach towards it
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Please go thru the syllabus & refer good books available on the subjects and prepare accordingly.
  • Kashish: What are the starting packages in banking industry?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: For a PSU Bank -from INR 1.74L - 3.35L p.a
    For Private Banks, from 1.25L to 3.7L p.a.
  • Kanika: How does a course from IFBI help me get into this industry? Do I, B.Com graduate have an edge over someone who has done MBA if I enroll myself in this course?-
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Not necessarily. At the entry level post, is good enough. However, the MBA qualification is an added advantage.
  • Kanika: Which is better, entry level jobs in banking or insurance sector?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Both are good enough, it depends on your choice.
  • Ratul: Is there any career option in Information Security in Banks??
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: There's no specific job for IS . However, the technical officers are expected to perform this function as part of his job.
  • Amit Keshari: Good morning sir, I have done my engineering from electrical engineering what is the advantage in banking as a career after doing engineering?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Banking is a good career option . If you have some interest in Banking , you can apply for job as a technical officer thru IBPS or as a PO, depending on your choice.
  • SHIVA: is ICICI Banks MBA and then PO recruitment worth attending?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: ICICI bank is a leading pvt. sector bank. You may try your luck in case you so desire.
  • vishant: how i can apply for pvt. banks?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Walk-in interviews
    Consultants/ Job portals
    Through a Banking institute
  • razina: can u let me knw the diff between ifbi and ibps
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: IFBI is largest banking training institute which prepare candidates for the placements in pvt. sector banks. IBPS conducts common examinations for Public sector banks.
  • Manas Jha: i am a team leader in BPO.but i want to start a carrer in banking.
  • Rituparna Pal: Sir what is the eligibility criteria for private bank?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Varies from bank to bank. However, for entry level jobs, graduation with at least 50% marks and good comm. skills are required.
  • Ashok: Hello sir.good morning...i had completed my gradution through diploma i Don't have 12th.....I am eligible for bank job or not please reply me sir
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Ordinarily graduation is required.
  • Bhumi Vaghani: Sir, I have just completed my BMS with 84% marks & was a topper in my college in TYBMS sem 6. I have already completed CFP from FPSB India. Presently I am pursing a CFA (US). Is it my right choice
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: You are on the right path . Complete your CFA and can hope for a bright career in financial sector.
  • DHRISYA RAJ: what are the topics to be prepared for bank exams ?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Quantitative, Verbal, General Knowledge and Arithmetic to clear the entrance exam.
  • Divya: What is required of us to be a part of the banking industry?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Prepare well for the competitive exams conducted by IBPS . For Pvt. sector bank jobs, contact IFBI.
  • Niharika Jain: Good morning sir. I would like to ask what kind of opportunities does a banking career provide for a fresher?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: You can join clerical positions, PO thru IBPS examinations and for Pvt. sector Banks, contact IFBI. For the right candidate, enormous growth opp. are available for rising up in the hierarchy.
  • Ratul: Hello sir, is there any career option in Information/Cyber Security in Banking Sector???
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Techinical Officers in Public sector banks selected thru IBPS. Have to perform this duty as a part of their job.
  • yerrapragada sarika prabha: How IFBI will help us to be a part of the Banking sector?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: IFBI is offering a program called PGDBO which teaches you a lot of things on banking, bank functioning and skills which are required to handle customers followed by a placement with ICICI Bank as an Officer. This course will ideally suit you.
  • G.Harika: sir Iam a btech graduate of 2013 batch.I wanted to start my career in I need your suggestion sir
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Yes, you can appear in the competitive exam conducted by IBPS for entry in PSBs as a technical officer or PO. In case you want a career as a entry level in Private sector banks, you cna approach IFBI.
  • DHRISYA RAJ: what is the work of an officer in any bank ?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: To do banking transactions, accept deposits, appraisal of loan proposals , sanctioning loan, etc
  • Manu Mehta: I am a BE Computer Graduate. I would like to know opportunities available in the Banking Sector so that I could utilise my technical knowledge
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: This question has already been answered. Please refer to the earlier replies.
  • Divya: Do we have job security in Public Sector Banks?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: For the right candidates who perform well in the job, they can have an assured career anywhere in public or private sector.
  • gireesh: how can i prepare myself without coaching for PO
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Please refer previous answers.
  • shaikmeera: is there any requirement i have to fullfill to get into banking sector
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Graduation with at least 50% marks.
  • JYOTI SINGH: i want to ask is it necessary to take classes before joining any bank?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Not necessary. But guidance also helps. You can contact IFBI.
  • Anaita: As a fresher, could you let me know what are my opportunities and how do I crack into the investment banking field
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: You can join as a PO in bank and then seek your placement in the Investment banking department.
  • karim lakhani: what is the fee course for po in ifbi
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Please contact IFBI counselor. Refer here :
  • raman: whether banking sector and insurance sector differ sir ?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Both the career options are good.
  • JYOTI SINGH: i want to ask is it necessary to take classes before joining any bank?
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Please refer previous answers.
  • Amit Keshari: what is the difference between branch manager & PO
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Branch Manager manages the whole affairs of the branch and PO is one of the officers working under him. All those who join as PO, can hope to become Branch Managers very soon in their career if they perform well.
  • siuli sarkar: hello sir i am a bsc biotech 2012 pass out from ms ramaiah what are the opportunities i have in ur industry
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: Banking welcomes persons from all disciplines You can appear as a PO exam of IBPS for Private sector banks jobs, contact IFBI
  • Firstnaukri: Thank You Hari for your insightful views. Thanks everyone for logging in. Tune in to Firstnaukri Net-Engage for more such events in future.
  • Hari Dev Gagneja: For any further queries, please call 1800-266-8000 or visit

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