Career Opportunities at Flemingo Duty-Free Pvt. Ltd.

  • Date: January 12, 2015, 4:00 pm - January 12, 2015, 5:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Pre-Placement Talk
  • Who Should Attend: All Graduates from 2013 and 2014 Passing Out Batches
  • The event is to highlight current opportunities with Flemingo Duty-Free Pvt Ltd. We are seeking young, dynamic, fresh & eager graduate candidates who are enthused to be a part of our sales team at Flemingo Duty-Free stores at Leading Airports and Sea Ports Pan India and who are keen to be a part of the fast paced Indian Retail Industry.

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Kunal Pathak

Assistant General Manager Talent Acquisition Flemingo International Limited
Mr Kunal Pathak is an experienced Human Resource Professional who has worked with Major Indian Retailers. He Joined Flemingo International in 2014 as Head Talent Acquisition. In his current role, Kunal is leading Talent Acquisition & Talent Management portfolio for India; he is also additionally leading and managing multiple HR Projects to support critical growth phase of Flemingo India Operations.

Kunal has earlier worked with HyperCITY (Shopper’s Stop Company, Aditya Birla Group & Future Group in HR Operations & Talent Acquisition Role.

Company Details:

Flemingo International is a global duty free and travel retail operator with its headquarters in Dubai.

Nearly two decades ago, realising the potential in the trade routes between East Africa and the Middle East, Flemingo opened its first outlet in Africa and its distribution business in Dubai. This was followed by further expansion in Africa. In 2003, Flemingo entered Asia with its first outlet in India. In 2010, Flemingo acquired Baltona and entered the European region followed by the acquisition of Iris Ekspres, the Turkey based In-flight duty free operator. In 2013, Flemingo acquired Chacalli-De Decker, a specialist in the supply of duty and tax free goods to diplomats, UN organisations and military missions. Today, Flemingo is present in 32 countries with over 140 operations in Asia, Africa, Europe and LATAM

Flemingo operates across different formats like duty free shops in airports, borders, downtown, seaports; UN commissary shops, diplomatic duty free in addition to inflight supply as well as convenience stores, food & beverage and luxury retail outlets at airports.

Flemingo is an emerging market specialist.

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  • NAISAM HUSSAIN: is there any opportunities available to show my talent and skill pls get back me with details
  • Kunal Pathak: Hello Naisam, yes we are looking at hiring talents who would like to be part of fast growing Global Duty Free Retailing
  • Harnish Zaveri: What are the opportunities for someone who is an MBA from Welingkar institute of Management majoring in Marketing(2012-14 batch) with 6 months of Marketing and branding experience
  • Kunal Pathak: Hello Harnish, Yes opportuniy is there with mentioned background. You may send resume on Currently i would like to give all possible information to candidates interested to work with us in Front Line Sales Role at our Duty Free Stores across India
  • Vivek : Hi Sir Good Evening...What are the recent trends in Retail industry when we see so many big players entering in India??
  • Kunal Pathak: Specific to Duty Free retailing opportunities are immense as you will get chance of working International environment, managing international brands and customers
  • udit bindal: sir how can i apply in the flamingo international ltd.
  • Kunal Pathak: Hello Udit you may send CV to me on and visit the location where we are planning to have waling in next 10 to 15 days
  • Good afternoon sir, I want to ask you what are the chances of jobs available for E & TC student in your company??
  • Kunal Pathak: E & TC Student can also be hired if they are interested in Sales role
  • Gopal Sarkar: where is the job location?
  • Manish: What are the job opportunities in flamingo international?
  • Kunal Pathak: Job Opportunity in Flemingo international is Trainee Sales Exec, Sales Executive at our stores in Airport and Seaport
  • Manoj Tiwari: What skills and experiences would make an ideal candidate?
  • Kunal Pathak: We are open to hire freshers who have positive attitude and will to perform well in retail and are also looking at hiring experience retail sales candidates
  • Manish: What is this flamingo international company dealing with?
  • Kunal Pathak: Flemingo International is a global duty free and travel retail operator with its headquarters in Dubai.
  • shivendra dutt bansal: may i know the job profile????
  • Kunal Pathak: Job Opportunity in Flemingo international is Trainee Sales Exec, Sales Executive at our stores in Airport and Seaport
  • Deepak Bhardwaj: Hello Mr Kanal, Greetings for the Question is what type of career opportunities do your company have for Experienced candidates.. 2013passouts..?? For finance profiles.
  • Kunal Pathak: We are currently hiring candidates for Front Line Sales Team at our Stores in Airport & Seaport
  • chandan: How much salary can an ideal candidate expect for this sales profile? Please provide information.
  • Kunal Pathak: Salary can range from Annual CTC of 1.10 lacs to 1.44 lacs
  • Vinayak: Hello sir, this is Vinayak, can you elborate the job resposibilities for Front line sales
  • Kunal Pathak: Front Line Sales Role - Responsible for sales of the product at the store. Manage customer requirement, take care of stocks, MIS, also manage process of pre and post sales. Take care of billing, Visual merchandising
  • Mamta: What Kind of talent is widely accepted in global duty free retailing?
  • Kunal Pathak: Candidate who are good in communication, who understands customer need and also for candidates who are highly ethical
  • Pooja Singh: Hello sir,I have completed my graduation in 2013 with bioscience am I eligible for the job??
  • Kunal Pathak: yes Pooja you can be hired as fresher
  • Sumant sharma: Good evening sir..... What is selection procedure....... How I get selected..... What are you looking for in candidate profile?
  • Kunal Pathak: Hello Sumant, I will be travelling to multiple locations and first naukri will communicate the details to all. There will be 2 rounds of interview on the same day and post which selected candidate will be offered
  • ravendra tiwaree: can you please elaborate in details in which field you are looking for..
  • Kunal Pathak: I am looking at hiring counter sales executives
  • Aniket Avhad: if I am select in flemingo then what I need to sale and where? ?? and is the selection process
  • Kunal Pathak: Good Question Aniket, we are a global duty free company with operations in 35+ countries. We sell international brands in the category of Liquor, Tobacco, Perfumes, Confectionery & Travel Essentials
  • Amol Phirake: wht is duty free retailing
  • Kunal Pathak: Duty-free shops (or stores) are retail outlets that are exempt from the payment of certain local or national taxes and duties, on the requirement that the goods sold will be sold to travelers who will take them out of the country.
  • ronald davis: May I know what about the challenging opportunities?
  • Kunal Pathak: Can you please elaborate on your question Ronald
  • vishal: sir what are the chances for growth in this sector
  • Kunal Pathak: Hello Vishal, Growth is tremendous. Good Candidates in our company have grown from Trainee to Store Manager with good experience and exposure
  • Vivek Kumar: So Kunal Can you let know if there is any opportunity in Delhi now
  • Kunal Pathak: Hello Vivek, We are currently not present in Delhi but we have stores in Amritsar, Jaipur, Lucknow in North. We do have plans to expand our operations in North
  • kanika.chawla: what is the hiring process followed at flemingo.
  • Kunal Pathak: Hi Kanika, we will conduct 2 personal interview and they will be done by HR & Store Manager
  • s.ramalakshmi: Hi sir good evenig?what kind of job is this does it suits for me i have completd my
  • Kunal Pathak: If you are fresher we can hire you as Trainee
  • Gaurav Mukherjee: i did my internship in retail but i did not get much Opportunities during that time, I want to make my career in retail, but I need to something about the growth and learning path in this sector
  • Kunal Pathak: Hello Gaurav, I have spent 10+ years in Retail - India & International Companies. I must say that retail is the only industry which gives tremendous growth . Duty Free retail is booming as the business model is apt for Airport & Seaport retailing.
  • Karishma Jayakumar: What opportunities are there for BSC Computer Science ?
  • Kunal Pathak: If you are interested in Retailing then we are open to consider candidates with your background but you need to have a will and passion to work
  • VISHAL: is there any opportunities for B.Tech Freshers also ?
  • Kunal Pathak: Open to hire freshers
  • Sasanka Bhuvanagiri: What do you look for in a candidate, for this kind of profile.
  • Kunal Pathak: Hi Sasanka, Good Question...we ideally look at below pointers-
    1.Passion to work in retail
    2.Willingness to work & learn
    3. Scalability from long term perspective
  • Prathmesh: what will be the exact job profile?
  • SOHAM BANERJEE: Sir i'm a bcom(hons) graduate from Calcutta university.I was wondering what opportunities do freshers have?
  • Kunal Pathak: Hello Soham, Yes Freshers can be hired as Trainee
  • NEERAJ PANDEY: Is there any hirings going on for delhi location too??
  • Mukund Jaiswal: Sir about to finish PGDM in Marketing from NDIM New Delhi, i want to join the retail sector, can this be a good profile for me to start.
  • Kunal Pathak: Hi Mukund, Yes why not. What is your passion?
  • prabhu: hello kunal, do you have any opportunities with you for any back end operations?
  • Kunal Pathak: Yes we do but they are limited to Corporate Office opening which is at Mumbai
  • Kapil: Sir i want to join Flemingo front line sales role.What i have to do to get this job & what are the roles & responsibilities it requires?
  • Kunal Pathak: Hi Kapil, you will have to attend interviews that we will be announcing soon for the location requirements
  • Gopal Sarkar: when is the interview is going to take place and where?
  • Kunal Pathak: Hi Gopal, i will be travelling to Chennai in next 10 days and then to Kolkota & Ahmd. This will be followed by TRICHY, KOLKATA, TRIVANDRUM, GOA AIRPORT, CALICUT, MANGALORE AIRPORT, JAIPUR, LUCKNOW, MUNDRA PORT, KOLKATA PORT
  • chandan: Is any type of experience is required for the job?
  • Kunal Pathak: Hi Chandan, I am looking out for candidates with experience in Retail and open to hire freshers as well
  • Vivek : Who all are the major players in India pertaining to same kind of work??
  • Kunal Pathak: There are very few players in similar company. We are number 1 Duty Free retailer in India considering presence and business
  • Rahul Sharma: Sir, can you elaborate on the third point - Scalability from long term perspective
  • Kunal Pathak: Rahul - Scalability will mean that i would want resource who will later become my store manager and senior portfolios with us
  • Rahul Sharma: Are you market leaders in duty free shopping outlets ?
  • Kunal Pathak: we are market leader in India and aggressively expending in emerging markets. Globally we are 4500 crore company and would like to reach 1 billion dollar (6000 crore Rs) in next 1 to 2 years. We want to reach 2 billion dollars by 2020
  • Harnish Zaveri: Sir when u mentioned salary ranges from Annual CTC of 1.10 lacs to 1.44 lacs,is it negotiable
  • Kunal Pathak: This is the range and is very good considering industry standards
  • Zoheb : Good evening Sir, Could you please tell me how is duty free retailing dirrenet from general retail?
  • Kunal Pathak: General retail will have customer like you and me who can walk in at any time and will have to purchase products at high cost because of tax. Duty Free retailing is where only International Travellers can buy with zero tax hence less cost
  • Arun Singh: Is there any other benefits you are providing to the candidates except salary?
  • Kunal Pathak: yes we provide PF, ESIC Cover to employees. Also we provide Accomodation & Food at certain locations for outstation candidates
  • Pooja Singh: I have completed my graduation in2013 with bioscience am I eligible??
  • Kunal Pathak: Yes
  • Firstnaukri: Thank You Kunal for your insightful views. Thanks everyone for logging in. Tune in to Firstnaukri Net-Engage for more such events in future.
  • Kunal Pathak: Thank you Everybody for participating!! Looking forward to meeting you all!!