2015 Engineering Hirings Pre-Placement Talk

  • Date: April 9, 2015, 4:00 pm - April 9, 2015, 5:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Pre-Placement Talk
  • Who Should Attend: Engineering 2015 Batch - Mumbai Institutes Only
  • "The event aims at introducing the fresh 2015 passing out engineering candidates to the career opportunities with Media.Net

    Get to know about the current openings and also what makes Media.Net an exciting place to work!"

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Ms. Mehernaz Italia

Talent Acquisition Specialist - Media.Net Media.net Software Services (India) Pvt.Ltd.
"Media.net is a premium contextual advertising company that utilizes superior analysis and
classification algorithms to dynamically identify and deliver the most relevant and
engaging ads on a web page.

Media.Net technology is able to uniquely blend contextual analysis
with behavior data, audience profiling, demographic information and historical performance
metrics to substantially enhance value for both web publishers and advertisers. "

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  • Firstnaukri: Hello Everyone, Thanks for logging in. Let us welcome Ms. Mehernaz Italia to this interactive session. Request Ms. Mehernaz to give her opening comments and open the floor for student questions.
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Hey All, Thanks for this opportunity......Students can go ahead and ask their questions
  • sonali eknath jadhav: what kinds of opportunity for computer engg in your industry
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Hey Sonali, we are Software Products Company...you can also go through the Media.Net website to learn more about the company per say.....with regards to your question, currently for computer engineering freshers we have a couple of profiles like Associate Web Developer + Associate Database Developer and Software Developer
  • Praveen: Hello mam on Which technology You work, And on Which tool
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Hey Praveen, we work on multiple technologies...to name a few..PHP, Scala, JAVA, Redis,Machine Learning and a lot more
  • Nazim Ahmed: Which course or area should I opt in being in Computer Sciences so that I get a good job apart from regular programming courses?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: @ Nazim - Try and write as much code possible to get into Media.Net or for that matter any big giants
  • Laukik: Good Afternoon Madam, Can you tell me about media.net in detail ? what work do you guys do?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: @ Laukik - request you to go through the website.....Media.net is one of the world's largest contextual advertising networks We build technology that automatically identifies the intent of a user viewing a webpage and then show advertisements related to what the user is looking for. In fact we own and operate the Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads program which is Yahoo!'s competitor to Google AdSense.
  • Arohi Raut: hello mam, i would like like to ask will there be an aptitude test conducted?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Hey Arohi...there wont be any Aptitude Test...the test will purely be Coding in nature
  • ganesh: Hello Mam, Can any one from any specialization join in?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: @ Ganesh - only Computer Science and IT grads can apply
  • Vivekkumar Singh: Hello mam, wats ur requirement or criteria for hiring B.E Comp freshers?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Hey vivek - 50% and above and specialization in CS or IT
  • Omin patel: I am B.Tech Electrical Engineer (fresher) & looking for a job in technical area.
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Omin - I am sorry but you cannot apply for any of these profiles
  • Sohini Rathod: Are there on site opportunities?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: @ Sohini - No onsite opportunities
  • sunny: Mam can we know where is the joining location?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: @ Sunny - Andheri East
  • Praveen: And what is the procedure for selection
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Coding Test followed by Multiple technical interviews
  • tushar tomar: hi, should there would be any short of scope to be continued working in foreign with your company
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Hey Tushar - we do have offices in other countries but we do not give any international offers
  • Sohini Rathod: What is the culture in your organisation?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: @ Sohini - not sure by what you mean about the culture....but it is a pretty open culture
  • Sufiyan: I am from BE electronics and telecom, but i know python, C, and C++, Linux. Is there is any oppurtunity for me ?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Hey Sufiyan - for freshers other than the CS and IT specialisations, we do not have any opportunities in the pure development profiles
  • Geetanjali Shintre: What all rounds should we have to clear to get through? and where will the test be held?
  • Geetanjali Shintre: Mam, as you said the test will be coding based. what is it actually? basic programming or java php etc?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Geetanjali - there will be 3 questions in the test and you all will have to write a code for each one of them
  • abhishek kumar gupta: I am abhishek Kumar gupta,and i want to know about scope for mechanical engineer ?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Hey Abhishek - Sorry but we cant consider you for this process
  • ganesh: And what r the scope for Analysts ?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Hey Ganesh - we do have openings for Data Analysts...but not for freshers as of now
  • Arunachalam: do u have opportunity for industrial engineering graduates?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Hey Arunachalam - NO
  • Arohi Raut: when and where will the test be conducted?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Arohi - the details for the same will be shared by First Naukri....Contest is scheduled for 17th April.....Test will have to be taken from wherever you are comfortable
  • Omin patel: is your company providing job opportunities for electrical engineers???
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: @ Omin - NO
  • Devansh: What will the coding round actually be about?Php,Scale java?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Devansh - you can choose your language from the given options
  • Sohini Rathod: What are the growth opportunities if I join in as a fresher?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: @ Sohini - As a fresher when you join our organization... you will be given the required training and then put on live projects....with regards to the growth....there will be more than enough opportunities considering your performance
  • Laukik: What programming languages will the coding test based on?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: @ Laukik - PHP, JAVA, Python, C, C++
  • Sohini Rathod: I have gone through your banner running on firstnaukri,can you plz let me know what is Codechef test?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: @ Sohini - request you to log in to codechef and get use to the protal
    its a free portal
  • Pranati Krishna Anuse: there is any bond??
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Pranati - there is no bond
  • Geetanjali Shintre: I am in my final sem of Information science.. will complete my course by the end of June. is it immediate joining?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Geetanjali - joining will be in 1st week of July
  • Rahul: Dear Ma'am, I am a Rahul are there any opportunities for MCA Graduates
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: @ rahul - MCA's can apply for these profiles...please go ahead
  • Manikanta: Hi mam.What will be the package?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: @ Manikanta - Package will range from 4.2 LPA to 9 LPA...purely depending on your interview feedback
  • Arunoday Vats: What are your expectations from new recruits?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: @ Arunoday - Expectations will be for ypu all to be smart enough to learn and grow
  • Prajakta More: maam plz tell me in what language the coding test will be asin java, c++?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: @ Prajakta - there will options for you to choose from
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Guys, few important pointers :
    BE/BTECH/MCA from CS and IT can Apply
    50% and above
    for the Coding test you can choose the language that you all are comfortable with
    Profiles offered - Associate Web Developer/ Associate Database Developer/ Software Developer
    Based on the test scores and the interview feedback we will be offering the profiles and the salary
  • somya kumari: hello mam i want to work in software testing profile so there is any opportunity in your industry..?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Hey Soumya - you can contact me directly for the same
  • vishal: How does the Media.net support and promote personal and professional growth?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Vishal - answering your question i would like to say that Media.Net offers more than enough opportunities to grow on a personal as well as professional level......
  • Amzad Basha Katika: is there any jobs for 2014 passouts
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Hey amzad - yes pls contact me directly
  • sandipan nath: what designations are you offering fpr freshers? And is an ECE graduate allowed to apply?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Sandipan - have already answered this question
  • maira: Are there any growth opportunities with media.net for students from non technical background?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Maira - yes lot of them
  • aditya bhat: Mam is there any scope for Linux Scripting, device drivers?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Aditya - not for freshers as of now
  • MOD ASHRAF ALI: mam how can apply for job in Media,net,,
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Ashraf - send in your resume on careers@media.net
  • Nazim Ahmed: Also Mam wwhat do Tech Companies generally look for in any candidate??
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Nazim - Product companies like Media.Net look for very strong coding and programming skills
  • Charu Sharma: i have been into operations from past 2 years
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Cahru - send in your resume at careers@media.net
  • Pranati Krishna Anuse: you provide any training and if u provide then how many months??
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: @ Pranati - yes training is provided for 2 months
  • Geetanjali Shintre: What is the eligibility criteria ?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Geetanjali - 50% and above
  • Sohini Rathod: What skill sets or traits do you expect out of a fresher?
  • Ravi Bhat: Madam,where could be find details about the selection procedure like timing and location?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Ravi - emailers and sms will be sent to you shortly with all the details
  • Arohi Raut: hello mam, what kind of tests are conducted during the selection process?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Arohi - please refer to the interview process that i have mentioned earlier
  • Shilpi Mishra: Is there any percentage criteria for B.Tech CS/IT.
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Shilpi - 50% and above
  • Shilpi Mishra: What are the profiles you are hiring for currently?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Shilpi - have already answered...please refer to the chat above
  • Payal Jaiswal: Hi Ma'am , Could you please tell me what are the appraisal policies in your company?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Payal - its a yearly cycle for us...June to July
  • somya kumari: Hello mam, there is any opportunity for software testing filed?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Somya - please mail us your resume on careers@media.net
  • Rajeev Chandra: Hi Ma'am,I would like to use this platform to appreciate the well designed micro site running of Media.net on Firstnaukri. It clearly mentions your hiring process and profiles you are hiring f
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Rajeev - thanks...
  • vishal: As a fresher can i work on big data technology?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Vishal - if you are capable then you will definitely be given the opportunity
  • manikanta: hi mam, in order to join your company what technologies should I know?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Manikanta - nothing in specific is required....you should be very strong in coding....
  • Charu Sharma: Are you willing fresh graduates or are you open to experienced candidates too??
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Charu - we are looking for fresh talents
  • maira: Mam I have done advertising from Xaviers Mumbai, are there any chances of me being a part of Media.Net?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: maira - send in your resume to careers@media.net
  • Basant Joshi: where and when will the selection process held ?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Basant - you will be informed about the same shortly
  • Shanaya Saraf: Ma'am,Is the process same for all the 3 profiles you would be hiring?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Hey Shanaya - the process is the same
  • Sukrati trivedi: you are talking about freshers so the basic degree should be of CS or IT? Right?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: yes
  • pritam nikam: hello mam, how many positions are there for Software Developer,Associate Database Developer and Associate web Developer respectively
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: we have multiple positions for each profile
  • Zeba Parveen: What will be the joining location?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Zeba - andheri east
  • Nakul: What are the prerequisites that you look for in a candidate?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Nakul - already answered...please refer to the chat
  • Zoheb: I have a back in my engineering, Am I still eligible to apply with your company?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Zoheb - I am sorry student who have Live KT's cant apply
  • Laukik: Is there any percentage criteria or eligibility for interview process?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Laukik - already answered
  • Annupriya: Hello Mam, I want to know that you will take coding test on a particular programming or basics programming like C &C++?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Annupriya - already answered
  • Sukrati trivedi: do you have opportunity for chemical engineer as in design or consultancy?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: not as of now
  • rabi kumar gupta: i am final year bachelor of mechanical engineering student.am i eligible for any job in view of you?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: not as of now
  • Sufiyan: I am from BE electronics and telecom, but i know python, C, and C++, Linux, but i dont know any about web developement. Is there is any oppurtunity for me in median.net ?
  • Shubham Vijayvargiy: Are you have any scope for Electronics & Communication Candidate in your company?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: not as of now
  • Geetanjali Shintre: Will it b an online test or do we have to be present at specific locations?
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: its an online test
  • Firstnaukri: Thank You Mehernaz for your insightful views. Thanks everyone for logging in. Tune in to Firstnaukri Net-Engage for more such events in future.
  • Ms. Mehernaz Italia: Thanks everyone. All the Best !!!