Exploring Opportunities with Neom Labs

  • Date: April 17, 2015, 4:00 pm - April 17, 2015, 5:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Pre-Placement Talk
  • Who Should Attend: students, freshers and enterpreneur mindsets
  • Jobs and growth opportunities

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Cofounder Neom
Neom Labs is a next generation innovation driven company commited to
provide innovative and enterpreneurship driven minds with a platform for
rapid growth. We are committed to bring innovative products into the
Indian and Global market in the coming years.

Our first product is a social food app having a deeper understanding of
Your food choices and taste."

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  • Fatima: hi sir, what are the qualities to be an enterpreneur
  • Sohan: if you intend to become an enterpreneur, most important thing would be to be a part of startup and gain some experience, startups do not follow a predefined path so you can study and become one.
    we recently started a initiative for students to get exposure, you can check the details in below link:
  • mayra: What is this company all about?
  • Sohan: you can find details about vision culture and products in the slides
  • jasmeet Kaur: Hi Sir, What is the vision of your company?
  • Sohan: we intend to become the one of the best companies in the world recognized not only by products , but by culture and values as well
  • Firstnaukri: Hello Everyone, Thanks for logging in. Let us welcome Mr. Sohan to this interactive session. Request Mr. Sohan to give his opening comments and open the floor for student questions.
  • Sohan: There are lot of opportunities for students today. One thing you will need to take into consideration is your skills matter in today's world.

    Details about company are mentioned in the new Innovative program slidedeck :
  • Varun: Which was the recent innovative idea that your company supported?
  • manjunath: Dear Sir, i am manjunath completed my B.Tech am i eligigble for the openings?
  • Sohan: We are currently planning to launch our first product which is a social food platform app , way ahead then the existing food ordering apps you see in market today, we plan to launch it from Mumbai and Pune initially
  • Abhishek Vats: how many openings do you have?
  • anmol shubham: is there opening in ur company for b.tech students?
  • Ravi: sir, which all openings are there in your company?
  • Dinaji mohanrao marekar: what are the opportunities in your company for mechanical engineering students?
  • Sohan: We have multiple openings in our company currently for Mumbai and Pune locations , from android developer ,designer to marketing , sales
  • Dinaji mohanrao marekar: can a mechanical engineer become a good interpreneur?
  • Sohan: anyone can become an enterpreneur , important thing is how serious you are about it , it will really help you if you work in a startup for few years.

    in terms of opportunities , we have options available where we will completely support your ideas from execution to funding if you work with us for few years
  • anmol shubham: what are the recruitment processes or steps for ur company,Sir?
  • Sohan: we have a different model of recruitment , we first have intro sessions telling you about the company and then we have a interview process , most important thing we look is your interests and your skills, how passionate and hungry you are to grow
  • Robin: What will be the selection process.
  • Sohan: i hope answer to anmol shubham addresses your question as well
  • ronakrv: what kind of products does neom offers?
  • Sohan: innovative customer centric products in web and mobile space
  • Richa: Hi Sir, What kind of products you are launching & how are they different from other established products in the market.
  • Sohan: we are launching products targeted to indian market which are very easy to use and smart enough to understand your needs, products in the market today especially mobile are too technical and requires a lot of human effort
  • Shalini Sharma: What is the salary you are offering currently for the post you are hiring?
  • Sohan: salary depends on role you will be performing and skills you posses, if during the interview process we see a potential , we do train as well, you can write to hr@neomlabs.com with your resume
  • Abhishek Vats: what will be the selection process for desiner
  • Sohan: Selection Process for All positions :
    1.) Attent Intro Session
    2.) Complete an Assignment
    3.) Face to Face Interview
    and Offer letter
  • Jeewanlal Yadav: When will the recruitment start?
  • Sohan: you can send resume to hr@neomlabs.com , we are recruiting all the time
  • abhay: hello sir , I am very good in android programming and interested in marketing and sales as well , would you have an opportunity for me ?
  • Sohan: very well , we like that , send your resume to sohan@neomlabs.com and we will call you in few days, we like people proficient in multiple skillsets
  • ronakrv: Is your app like zomato
  • jasmeet Kaur: How this social food app is going to be useful?
  • Sohan: Its very much different than zomato interms of features , you need not have to go to a restaurant and try eating there to see if it matches your taste, with our app you will know before you go
  • Siddhardt: Sir, why don't you to launch some mobile phone for visually impaired people.
  • Sohan: we will in our upcoming road map, if you have any idea , lets get in touch
  • anmol shubham: could u please forward the link through where we can apply for multiple of posts in your company?
  • yogesh: is there any job opportunities for MBA finance students
  • Sohan: you can send resume to hr@neomlabs.com
  • Yogesh Baduge: can you explain me about company name 'Neom'
  • mayra: what is the vision and mission for Neom?
  • prashant bhanushali: I am a Mechanical Engineer,passing out in 2015..Please tell me more about Neom labs
  • Sohan: these questions will be very detailed, you can attend one of our webinar sessions for further information
  • Jadhav Yogesh Dipak: hi sir....what are the working product in neom company?
  • Sohan: we are coming with our first product
    http://tinyurl .com/mt88ppp
  • aslam khan: sir do neon help new startups
  • Sohan: we also work with people having ideas and looking for technical help, we have a team which execute there ideas till MVP or more depending on the relations , though its under a different company
  • HUSSAIN ALI: approximate salary for designer?
  • Sohan: It again ranges skillset and expertise,
  • Ganya: Hello!! What is the total strength of your company?
  • Sohan: currently we are incubating under our previous company we cofounded , we have a team of 20+
  • aslam khan: sir do neon help new startups in marketing, strategy development and launches?
  • Sohan: sure ,
  • Siddhardt: please help me to get in touch with you.
  • Sohan: you can write to sohan@neomlabs.com
  • Shubham Raut: is there any Eligibilty criteria for that?and which skill sets are necessary?
  • Sohan: no eligibility criteria
  • nikita luther: Do you provide financial backing for our ideas or do you further modify the ideas we have?
  • Sohan: we do that but under another company , we do have good relations with investors here, so we can help with funding as well
  • Zainul Abdeen.R: I'm a B.E (Civil) Fresher, How can i be of service in Neom..?
  • Sohan: you can be volunteer or intern or attend our live project program, if you are looking for a job , you can send our hr resume
  • nishant: What kind of work can I expect to be doing the first year
  • Sohan: it will depend on skill set , example if sales , you will be on field working with prospective cients
  • ronakrv: Are you offering an internship or a permanent job?
  • Sohan: both are available
  • Ashutosh Lahariya: sir , have gone through your slide, and your business plan is great!!!! . Do you have opening for B.E. + M.B.A. students.
  • Sohan: thanks , please drop a resume to our HR
  • ronakrv: Is neom labs a subsidiary of some company or does it operates independently?
  • Sohan: independent
  • Akshay Gosavi: when will be recruitment process and when are you planning to launch your company?
  • Sohan: company is already there, you can drop your resume to hr@neomlabs.com and someone will get in touch with you
  • Shubham Raut: Hello Sir,Where is the office of ur Company?
  • Sohan: Navi Mumbai
  • anmol shubham: Dear Sir,could u please forward the link through where we can apply for multiple of posts in your company and address of the company or recruitment cell, where we can come and give interviews?
  • Sohan: you can send in your resume along with your interest areas mentioned in the mail to hr@neomlabs.com
  • Sonali Bedre: Sir, pl let me the vacancies for Networking Engineer at Pune.
  • Sohan: right now we dont have network engineers openings
  • Zainul Abdeen.R: So is it possible to use softwares like Primevera or MS project in your company for planning and scheduling the works periodically.?
  • Sohan: we are currently in startup phase and crazy out here , plans do not work well in startups :)
  • Sonali Bedre: Pl confirm whether any vacancy for Networking Engineer available so that I can send you my CV.
  • Sohan: not at the moment
  • Shubham Raut: Which skills set are required i.e.Which languages to work in?
  • Sohan: excellent coding practice in android , java , ios
  • ronakrv: Any specific numbers you are recruiting?
  • Sohan: we are looking to build a team of 6 people
  • abhay: if i perform well, what are the incentives
  • Sohan: we have some excellent offerings if you perform exceptionally well , if you become a part of our core team , you will have a share of the pie
  • Rishabh: Sir, what are the other perks you offering except Salary?
  • Sohan: we have aggressive growth plan for students who are looking to grow in there careers, we do provide ESOP options as well
  • Yashita: How the startup company help us to make our career?
  • Sohan: startups can help you grow faster than the regular corporate job , however the life in startups are very demanding
  • Faisal Khan: I am B.com graduate. I have intrest in Java coding so I learnt it from my brother. I have no certification on JAVA. Am I eligible for this post?
  • Sohan: yes, if your concepts are clear and have done good programming practice , you can come for an interview , send your resume to hr@neomlabs.com along with the projects or programming you have practiced,
  • Yashita: Hi Sir, Just wanted to know the career growth with your organisation
  • Sohan: you can end up heading the key verticals in few years if you can push it :)
  • ronakrv: Do u prefer freshers or only experienced ppl?
  • Sohan: we prefer committed people who really believe in the company and are willing to give 100% for the company , we have the experience of 12+ years , so believe we can mentor you well if you are a fresher
  • Gauri: Hi sir, currently I m working as a freelancer providing Virtual Assistance. Do you have any opportunity for my profile?
  • Sohan: you can send your resume to hr@neomlabs.com , we can definitely work
  • Jadhav Yogesh Dipak: sir..this job are parmanant or temprary?
  • Sohan: both
  • Danish: I am a B-Tech fresher and want to make career in coding field. Is it better opportunity for me?
  • Sohan: building your career is the most important thing, make the right choice as you are going to live with that choice for next 30 years

    so , evaluate what your aspirations and strenghts are make a informed choice
  • Seyona: Sir, what is your business model & your business Plan?
  • Sohan: that will be a detailed one and we have multiple strategies . if you are interested in working full time or part time , please register for the event
  • Hrishikesh Mane : and what kind of preparation dat I have to make so dat I can grab it
  • Sohan: identify your core strenghts and work on it , if you are good in programming , practice programming on a daily basis ,if you are good in sales , keep talking to people and do part time stints , sharpen your skills
  • Saumya Rastogi: Hi Sir, Do we get a experienced mentor who will make us understand the nature of work?
  • Sohan: absolutely, we have an experienced team of founders and cofounders to mentor you at each and evey step , you will be not left alone till you are confident about the role
  • Amit Raj: Sir,I am Mba marketing fresher ,may I able to work with co& tell me procedure to apply.
  • Sohan: hr@neomlabs.com
  • Jadhav Yogesh Dipak: what are establish product in company?
  • Sohan: we have built products in trade finance area which seems to be doing very well
  • Saurabh Singh: In terms of resources, what will I have available to me to work with?
  • Sohan: whatever you need
  • Hrishikesh Mane : Sir do u have any vacancies for Embedded coding related things
  • Sohan: currently , we are present in web , mobile , cloud and analytics space
  • Sapna Saruna: Hi Sir, Can I know on which project you are working with right now?
  • Faisal Khan: What are three or four projects that you are currently working?
  • Sohan: you might want to check http://tinyurl .com/mt88ppp
    one of the upcoming apps we are planning to launch is in food tech
  • Firstnaukri: Thank You Soham for your insightful views. Thanks everyone for logging in. Tune in to Firstnaukri Net-Engage for more such events in future.
  • Sohan: thanks firstnaukri and everyone for your time , appreciate it.