Career opportunities at Three 13 Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Date: June 30, 2015, 4:00 pm - June 30, 2015, 5:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Pre-Placement Talk
  • Who Should Attend: BA, B.Com, B.Sc, BBA, Diploma, BE/ B.Tech , MBA
  • The event is to highlight current opportunities with Three 13 solutions. We are seeking fresh graduate and post graduate candidates for multiple position like Sales, Graphic Designer, Content Writers. We are looking for candidates with positive attitude towards work and be a part of our team at 313s.

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Sanika Khanolkar

Human Resource Manager Three 13 Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
"313s is an IT and Infrastructure corporation dedicated to provide green technology solutions to small / medium sized businesses and giant corporations.
We provide our clients with affordable pricing solutions for their IT needs. Be it web development, Software development or Branding, Marketing and Campaining our Client company.
313s also caters to our client maintainance and support requirements."

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  • Dear Candidates, We regret to inform you that the Chat Session of 313 Solutions Pvt Ltd scheduled at 4 PM today (19th June 2015) has been cancelled owing to incessant rains in the city of Mumbai;
  • as this would have been conducted out of 313's Mumbai office. We will reschedule the Chat Session as and when conditions restore back to normal in Mumbai. Please keep accessing your mailbox f
  • further updates. Wishing you all the success in your job search.
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Regards,
  • Firstnaukri: Hello Everyone, Thanks for logging in. Let us welcome Ms. Sanika Khanolkar to this interactive session. Request Ms. Sanika to give her opening comments and open the floor for student questions.
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Thank you
  • Manish Kumar: I'll completed my Diploma recently can i apply.
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Manish, Can you please mention your specialization
  • sasank: i completed B.Tech this year. But i have 1 back paper/Arrear with 62% current aggregate. i dont see much vacancies now for freshers. So should i join for some training courses or look for a job??
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Sasank, You should definitely look for an Internship and get some actual hands on exposure
  • varun mehrotra: i have 3.5 year experiance in marketing and sales
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Varun, We would like to look at your resume .
  • RISHIKESH NIRANJAN: Mam when will the selection process begin ?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Rishikesh , We have already started the selection process :) recruitment is in full swing
  • varun kumar: mam as an HR basically what you people expect from the freshers
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Varun, We expect the fresher to bring in innovation and creativity from the freshers
  • Shivam: Good Evening M'aam , I have read the company profile and I am really interested to work with your company. I am having good technical skills as i am a web developer and designer too.
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Shivam,

    Great ! We would definitely want to meet you and take ahead the association
  • vivek singh: mam i m looking for a job and i m a mech engrr and want a marketing job so is it good for me to go into an it sector
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Vivek,

    A good sales person is a person who has good convincing skills and SELL anything to anybody irrespective of the domain expertise
  • VishnuPrasath: Is thr current openings for software developer?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Vishnu, Yes we are looking a good developers
  • nargis: i have question regarding how to make our technical strong as we are fresher
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear NArgis, We expect you to be clear with your basic concepts and have good troubleshooting skills .
  • Souvik Banerjee: Hello Ms. Sanika please tell me when your organisation is going to conduct the campus drive
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Souvik, We are ready for a Campus drive even today
  • nargis: how we can make coding strong enough to get place?
  • mahesh karayat: what type of work in Three 13 solutions pvt ltd..?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: We at 313s ,believe in Innovation and being creative in our approach
  • prince ebenezer.b: Is there any requirement for MBA ? In marketing and HR specialization?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Yes we are looking to hire good interns for our Sales and MArketing department
  • shubham mittal: hello madam i want to know the criteria of selection procedure
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Shubham , We are looking for out of the box creative thinkers who enjoy doing their work
  • shobhit: Hi mam, what career growth can we expect from Three 13 Solutions
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear SHobhi , At 313s we have a career progression path chalked out for each and every person who becomes a part of 313s . We look at our employees as our ASSETS
  • Mahesh Bodhagire: how to crack HR round?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear MAhesh, The HR is always looking at your attitude , dependability , ability to handle work pressure , ability to work as a team..So you need to ensure that you have it in you
  • vandita sharma: and what are the respective qualifications?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Which positions are you willing to apply for? We are looking at graduates with good attitudes
  • Aswin P Kumar: How can I apply in your company?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Ashwin, Please mail us your resume on
  • Ranjit Sah: is there any vacancy for java developer??
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear RAnjit , Yes we do have opportunities for JAVA development for both Web and Mobile application development
  • shivaynegi: Mam why is there is a need for ... only experienced people in MNC's where there is developement
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Shivay , MNC's are hiring just need to apply at the right time for the right position
  • varun mehrotra: mam please provide me you mail id thuse i can mail you my resume i need pasion + pakg that as i told you i hav 3.5 yr exp and need pkg hike
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Please send your updsted resume on
  • GEORGE CHERIAN: Mam I have done my MBA in Operations ,marketing
  • Sanika Khanolkar: We do have urgent requirements in our Sales and MArketing Department
  • MD GOUSIYA SULTANA: how can i apply for this 313solutions and which positions are eligible for freshers?can you tell me clearly?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Can you please help me with your Educational Qualifications
  • Anik Hore: Dear Mam, can I know some details about the job profile please?
  • vandita sharma: what will be the salary for the concerned post?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Vandita, Salary is never a concern for the candidate with the right skill set
  • prasanna lakshmi moola: hii mam..i am prasana ...what are the requirements to ur company ?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Prasanna , you may check the careers page on our website
  • surya: mam good eve.. can i know what will be the role for us as a fresher
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Surya,
    We will take you as Intern for the department of your specialization
  • Rohit Kumar: could u please throw some light on the process
  • Rohit Kumar: I wish to apply for the job of VFX artist, anywhere in delhi
  • Sanika Khanolkar: We have our office in Mumbai only
  • nargis: The company recruit us on what bases if we only know the basic of languages ?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Nargis, Are you looking for a content or copy writing opportunity?
  • Krisgna: Madam, may I know the requirement procedure of your Company
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Please check the careers page on our website
  • sandip: hello mam i am BE Fresher from one year but lot off search i didn't get job plz send how geting job or whichhob oriented course for me
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Sandip,

    Are you looking for opportunities in software development
  • Nitin Khanna: Mam Please tell what's the requisite knowledge required to join the company.
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Good attitude , willingness to learn , troubleshoot and innovate
  • Onkar Kakad: I am B.E Production engineering 2015 passout graduate. My final semester result is still awaited. They will be out latest by July end.What are the opportunities available as fresher?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Onkar,

    Please send us your resumes on
  • vandita sharma: what are the posts to which one can apply?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Please check
  • Sandeep sharma: Hello mam,im computer engineering how to choose career based job not a temprory one.
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Sandeep,

    You may take up software development or software testing
  • GEORGE CHERIAN: have you any openings for MBA operations
  • Sanika Khanolkar: We could look at an intern in the Operations department
  • Nakul: What is the company about..?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear NAkul,

    313s is an IT & Infrastructure corporation dedicated to provide green technology solutions to small/medium sized businesses and giant corporations.
  • varun kumar: can ECE person apply for graphics designer
  • Sanika Khanolkar: YEs
  • Priyanka Tomar: I don't want to do post graduation right now because I want to gain experience first and able to help my family also
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Priyanka,

    Good decision
  • Aniket: Hello Ms.Sanika,do Three 13 Sol. deal with SEO or online marketing and if it does what is the future scope for BE graduates in SEO field ?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Yes we do. We need to have a good analytical and logical mind for both
  • Abhishek Gupta: My technical skills are C,C++,JAVA,HTML,PHP.Please tell me your current openings
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Abhishek,

    Yes we do have opportunities for you.
  • hemant gupta: mam in which field there are opening for software developers?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: We have opportunities for Web and mobile application developers
  • Subhash Kumar: What is the process of hiring and what is profile??
  • Shivam: With this I have good problem solving abilities . What should I do to be a part of your company ?
  • prasanna lakshmi moola: hello mam i am prasanna graduate 2015 ...what are the requiremnts to ur company ?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Please check the careers page on and if interested mail us your resume on
  • Onkar Kakad: Mam, How to apply for the recruitment process, Do we need to email our resumes?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Onkar,
    Yes . Please mail us your resumes on
  • vandita sharma: i have completed my B.E in EEE from BIT Mesra, what are the job openings in this branch?
  • Vaidik Jadia: I have completed my B.E. Civil this year. How will I be able to join your company?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Candidates,

    We currently do not have opportunities relevant to your doain expertise
  • Suraj B: I am interested in non technical positions. May I know the open positions right now?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Suraj,

    We are looking at Interns in our Creative Department (Graphic Interns / Web Designer Interns ) , Content Development Team ( Content / Copy ) writer.
  • balwinder singh: which profile u can provide me as fresher?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Balwinder,

    We will be able to provide you with a career opportunity based on your apptitude and interest
  • Vaidik Jadia: Good Evening M'aam , I have read the company profile and I am really interested to work with your company. I am having deep interest in Management. How can I apply at your company?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Please mail us your resume on
  • sasank: But i cant find many internship programs madam..
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Each department has an opportunity for atleast 1 intern at any given time at 313s
  • Ankit Pandey: I have gone throguh the Careers page of , May i know whats the exact requirements forthe profile of Web Developer?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Ankit ,

    We are looking at good coding skill.
    Client-side scripting (Javascript or Javascript-based tools like jQuery)
    Server-side scripting ( PHP, Python, Ruby, Asp.Net or complied languages like C++ or Java)
  • Swarupa: mam i m pursing M.E in Computer. can i apply
  • Amit Bose: I am now pursuing BCA 2nd sem.. Can I Apply?
  • abhinay: I have completed my BTech with 65%.I am 2015 passed out. Am I eligible?
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Yes
  • Nitin Khanna: I completed my so what's the requisite skills required to apply Three 13 Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ranjit Sah: mam i want to know somthing about your company
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Clear concepts and good coding standards
  • lakshmireddy: mam is there opening for .net freshers
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Yes
  • Bipin Tiwari: i will be completing my graduatin in 2015 so can i apply
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Yes sure you may
  • gaurav: Any opportunities for fresher mba (operations specialization)
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Dear Gaurav,

    Yes we do
  • Firstnaukri: Thank You Sanika for your insightful views. Thanks everyone for logging in. Tune in to Firstnaukri Net-Engage for more such events in future.
  • Sanika Khanolkar: Thank you