Career Progression in HCL and Opportunities for Freshers

  • Date: March 12, 2011, 11:00 am - March 12, 2011, 12:00 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 0 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Company Presentation
  • Who Should Attend: Freshers
  • Know all about HCL in this interactive session.
    Questions about company philosophy, org structure, career paths are welcome.

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Ravishankar B

Senior Vice President (HR) HCL Technologies Limited
Currently heads the Human resources for core software (BFSI, CMHP, ERS & ETS Line of Business) at HCL technologies Ltd managing over 33,000 employees and will be responsible for Recruitment & Resourcing for HCL Technologies
Over 28 years of varied experience across multiple fields in HR, ranging from founding a company (Lister Technologies) to heading HR at Crompton Greaves Ltd & Deutsche software Limited.
Well known in the industry for this expertise in HR and also has a tremendous breadth and insight on broad range of subjects - Business Strategy, Information Technology, TQM & Service Quality.
An alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur and Harvard Business School in Information technology, Ravi is an Executive Coach at ISB, Hyderabad for their Senior Management Leadership Program.
Great listener, Keen reader, an Avid traveler and connoisseur of food.

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  • Firstnaukri: Lets welcome Mr. Ravishankar B, Senior Vice President (HR) HCL Technologies Ltd. The session is to get to know more about HCL as a company and opportunities there for graduates and post graduates.
  • Firstnaukri: The session is open for student questions
  • SUBHAJIT SARKAR: It is a pleasure to be with you online, sir
  • Ravishankar B: thanks. Nice chatting with you
  • Avijit Saha: Can I apply now in HCL for fresher software jobs?
  • Ravishankar B: yes through website.
  • Ritesh Kapoor: I made a complier as my previous year project. Will that help me in my placements?
  • Ravishankar B: It will surely help.
  • Mohit Sachdeva: Greetings, Is aptitude test for the freshers that much important?
  • Ravishankar B: yes it is the filtration process.
  • himani bansal: How and where can we participate in your recruitment process if it is not being conducted in our college campus?
  • Ravishankar B: Through campus now. Wait for off campus announcement which will happen thru or papers
  • Ravi kumar singh: Very good after noon sir, I would like to talk about eligibility criteria in HCL tech for U.G students
  • Ravishankar B: HCL currently hires only grad engg
  • Nikethan: What are the opportunities for B.Com graduates in your company?
  • Ravishankar B: There are opportunities in support functions
  • Prakash Philip Zacha: Do you suggest that I go for WIPRO's WASE program wherein i have to sign up a 4 year bond and will get a MS from BITS after the completion. Will it be very hectic?
  • Ravishankar B: Yes it will be hectic but it is worth the effort
  • Sumit: Good morning, Sir! I'm a final year student in Electronics and Communication. What are the career opportunities for me in HCL? How can I proceed to join HCL as a fresher?
  • Ravishankar B: Wait for off campus hiring.. Announcement will happen in naukri or newspapers
  • Ritesh Kapoor: Sir, I have already applied for job in your company through your website, but no response has been recieved yet. I have no campus placement & I'm in the first batch of my college.
  • Ravishankar B: Wait for off campus hiring that will happen post June
  • Mufti Abdur Rakib: I am with instrumentation specialization; can I work at HCL, if yes, in which area I should look at?
  • Ravishankar B: Embedded software.
  • Ganesh Patro: Sir my question is should we start working as a employee after graduation or shall we do our higher studeies?
  • Ravishankar B: work for 3 years and then do MBA.. that is ideal
  • Kangna Sood: Good Afternoon Sir. My question is that on what basis or criteria the recruiters will select me?
  • Ravishankar B: marks, aptitude test and good communication
  • Ravi: Is cloud computing hype? Lot of money is being spent on cloud computing; how good or bad is that ?
  • Ravishankar B: It may be an hype now but you already see lot of apps and games being run on cloud. So it will mature
  • Charu Chitra.S.S: hello sir, i am a final year student(ECE) of Anna Univ , trichy .. is there any job openings currently for us ? i would be glad if i am informed about any job offers in advance..thank you.
  • Ravishankar B: right now campus hiring is over in HCL.. If any off campus happens it will be announced thru naukri or newspaper
  • Prasanna: Sir, I am currently in my last sem of MBA. I have got placed in HCL for the Infrastructure services division. Can you throw some light on HCL-ISD and the career growth for MBA grads in ISD
  • Ravishankar B: wait for your induction to know which stream
  • Ganesh Patro: Sir is there any direct facility of HCL to get informed about all the job opening?
  • Ravishankar B: through job sites
  • Debasree Sen Gupta: Hello Sir,what do you want to hear when you ask a candidate to tell about herself/himself?
  • Ravishankar B: precise achievements in education, personal life
  • Hemant Badge: I am from computer engineering background. I am fresher. I got selected in Marchant Navy. Is there any chance to join the software industry after doing job in Marchant Navy after 5 to 6 years?
  • Ravishankar B: rare but exceptions are there
  • santoshkumar m h: I belongs to B.E(ceramics) but i would like to work in software field sir please help me here.
  • Ravishankar B: pl do certification course in a technology
  • Divya: Good afternoon Sir , Most of the IT companies provide training after hiring engineering grads.Why don't they tie with the campuses and provide training to under grads ??
  • Ravishankar B: we attempt the same; few colleges encourage and there are infrastructure issues at some places.
  • Logesh kumar: Sir, how secure is IT as a career?
  • Ravishankar B: any job is normally secure unles something goes wrong. Don"t worry about these things. It can happen to non IT jobs also.
  • naveenkumar: Hi Sir, I"m placed in HCL from campus. In what fields should I develop my knowledge before joining HCL?
  • Ravishankar B: Practice good communication especially speaking in English properly
  • AKHILESH TIWARY: What does an organization need?
  • Ravishankar B: Good employees with technical skills, communication and good innovative ideas
  • Ravishankar B: Hi all, thanks for your nice questions. It was pleasure interacting with you all and wish you all the best in your career. Bye and have a nice weekend.
  • Firstnaukri: Thank you Mr. Ravishankar for an enlightening session. We hope the session was useful for all who participated. Bye for now. Stay tuned for more sessions in future