Campus Recruitment Scenario post Recession - Promising Career Paths for MBAs

  • Date: April 25, 2011, 11:00 am - April 25, 2011, 12:15 pm
  • Duration: 1 Hours, 15 Minutes
  • Type of Event: Knowledge Session
  • Who Should Attend: MBA graduates of 2012, 2011 and 2010 batches
  • A discussion on what has changed post recession on fresher hiring trends in India specifically for management graduates.
    Are there any promising career paths emerging?
    How should an MBA graduate prepare to face this new post-recession world?
    All this and more from the man who heads the sales organization of – India’s No 1 Job Site

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Executive Vice President and Head Sales, Info_Test_InfoEdge
Holds a graduate degree in Engineering and Post Graduate degree in Management from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning with over 15 Years of Work experience in Sales, Relationship and Account Management. Started the career with Xerox Modicorp .Handled various assignments in Sales for over 5 years. Successful in establishing leadership position for in South India as the Regional Head- South from 2002-04.Played a vital role in ensuring phenomenal growth in revenues for year after year. As the Regional Head- South East Asian Operations of (2005-2007) played a significant role in's Entry into Asia Pacific Markets like Singapore.
In the current Role as Executive Vice President and Head Sales, manages a team of over 500 sales, telesales and customer support professionals spread across 67 branches, driving a business of over USD 45 Million. Holds the position of Academic Advisor for Institute of Technology and Management (ITM Chennai).

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  • Firstnaukri: Hi all, welcome to this interactive discussion on campus recruitment scenario in India post recession and career opportunities for management students.
  • V.Suresh: .
  • Firstnaukri: Lets welcome the speaker for the session, V Suresh, Executive Vice President and Head Sales
  • Firstnaukri: Suresh would be starting off with a brief overview on the topic, after which the session will be open for student questions.
  • V.Suresh: Good Morning All
  • V.Suresh: The Job Market post recession is really buyoant and we hope to see the campus recruitment reaching the 2006-07 levels on 2011
  • Khushi: After passing out form MBA why do we only get opportunities in Sales.
  • V.Suresh: Hi Khushi Good question...In my view opportunities are available in across functions and in functions like sales as the openings are more in number you may get a sense that only sales openings are available
  • Ranjana: Hi Sir....i am a recent passout and m planning to go for MBA....please guide me if i sud go ahead with it or should i go for job first ???
  • V.Suresh: Hi Ranjana Can you please let me know your UG specialisation is it Engg or Arts or Science?
  • Ranjana: I am acommerce graduate sir
  • V.Suresh: I suggest you go ahead with your plan and do full-time MBA
  • Surabhi: Why MBA is required for occupying Managerial positions?
  • V.Suresh: Post Graduate course in Management gives you a holistic idea on the various management concepts and its relevance in the current business context.
  • Nihar: but i could not find how should i enter in this area
  • Nihar: I am an MBA in finance with 10 months of experience ]
  • Nihar: I am having experiece in trading in capital markets now i am planning to go for career in research
  • Nihar: so please suggest some way to this
  • V.Suresh: Hi Nihar I suggest you register your CV in first.Brush up your knowledge on equity research and apply for jobs and use your contacts as well
  • Kunal Oberoi: I am an engineering graduate and am currently working with a top notch IT company...Why is MBA important for Engineers?how is it going to help us?
  • V.Suresh: Hi Kunal it all about your short-term and long-term career obectives basis which I can suggest if you need to do an MBA or not
  • Navin: Hello sir, I am in final year of MBA. My UG specialization is Engineering in Computer science. Will this affect my placement?
  • V.Suresh: Hi Navin all depends on your career objective and the kind of job you are looking for
  • swati: Sir , I want to ask that students who do their specilisation in two streams , what is the significance of having dual specilisation? because at the same one can go for job in one stream only?
  • V.Suresh: Hi Swati good question dual specialisation gives you the chance to look for opportunities in both the streams
  • Siddhartha: What are the career opportunities for students pursuing their MBA part-time along with their job?
  • V.Suresh: Hi Siddhartha,if you are looking for a career in the same industry where you have experience your part-time MBA will come as an added advantage
  • satish: good morning sir i have completed my PGDM course in aug.2010 with Mkt.and Fin.specialization but till now i dint get job and now iam so frusted pls sugges me?
  • V.Suresh: Hi Sathish,dont loose hope keep trying register your CV in and pick up the job that you get first
  • Nitin: hi suresh I have done my B.E textile tech and MBA in marketing I m looking after a profile in market research can you suggest me how should I move forward?
  • V.Suresh: Hi Nitin Good question please register your CV in and look for jobs in the market research and apply you also use your friends/contacts in the industry may be leverage the alumni networks for this
  • tanmoy: i have done my MBA(HR) & now working in a consultancy since last 9 months.but my salary is not that enough taht an MBA should have.What next...
  • V.Suresh: Hi Tanmoy if you do a very good job salary will follow you..Dont go behind money let money follow you
  • Nishant: In the present scenario a Post Graduate in Arts / Science / commerce stream with 2-3 yrs exp is not getting that package as what MBA is getting ? Why is it so?
  • V.Suresh: Hi Nishant understand that a post gradute course in Management prepares the candidate for managerial positions and hence MBAs are paid well
  • zafar: where are the opportunities a assistant professor
  • V.Suresh: Hi Zafar education sector is still very nascent in india and if you are passionate about teaching i suggest you do a phd in the respective field which will enable you to grow up in this profession
  • Praweja: Hi, I have done BCA & thereafter MBA in (IT & Marketing).So should I go for technical job or non-technical?
  • V.Suresh: Hi Praweja,In my view do what you like the most and follow your passion .either technology or management you will succeed when you do what you like
  • Antara Laha: Good mrng sir, I am Antara n I've passed MBA in HR in 2010, but our college couldnt help us with good campussing. I an from Kolkata and here I am not getting a suitable opening in HR as a fresher
  • V.Suresh: Hi Antara I suggest you keep your options open be it HR or Sales or Marketing pick up the job that you get first ..Also register your CV in
  • Nitin: I have done my B.E textile tech and MBA in marketing(fresher) & I m looking after a profile in market research can you suggest me how should I apply?
  • V.Suresh: Hi Nitin dont loose hope and hang on..It also about being at the right time and at the right place ..Keep at it..All the best
  • Rupa Padwal: SInce last 11 month. searching for project finance job. Please advice me. Am i on right track?
  • V.Suresh: Hi Rupa,to move from project co-ordinator to project finance you need right expertise and skill why dont you try and apply for jobs through your internal job posting routes if you have open positions within your company
  • sriram: hello sir! what suggestion do you give for aspiring entrepreneurs. should we work for some time & then pursue something on own or should we start frm the word go.
  • V.Suresh: Hi Sriram if you have a killer idea and if the solution is unique and if you think you can live on this idea for ever you can venture right away .
  • ashish sharma: Hi,I have an experience of 1 year. I have 2 offers to join for Research associate. One with small co offering a salary of 2.75 lak.Another with big co -2.4 What to choose??
  • V.Suresh: Hi Ashish the thumb rule is not to pick up the offer by looking at the salary,go by the job description,the financials/business of the company in consideration and the long-term growth propsects of the organisation .
  • Abhilasa : Hi Sir, I am persuing my MBA in marketing....I do not want to go for sales job...please suggest me what is the scope in marketing???and how do i go about it??
  • V.Suresh: Hi Abhilasa you will get Marketing Jobs if you are patient,increase your networks,leverage your alumni contacts and use true that marketing jobs at the entry level arent that many in number compared to the sales jobs
  • amrik singh: i have completed mba in marketing..vis a vis two month summer internship in pepsico....i have upload my resume on various job portals but didn't getting good job oppor. of reputed firm
  • amrik singh: wht shud i do,.....i have two month exp. in concept selling as well
  • V.Suresh: Hi Amrik,Keep at it.Luck is 99% hardwork..As I said earlier to get the right job you need to be at the right place at the right time .All the best
  • sandipan kundu: how to get operational job in privet banks?
  • V.Suresh: Hi Sandipan,operations jobs are available in plenty.You can use apart from applying directly to select pvt sector banks through the sites .
  • anumoses: Good morning sir,i am doing my MBA in (finance,HR).So can u tel me the job opportunities in these specialisation
  • V.Suresh: Hi Anumoses,you have varied options available in both HR and Finance from,recruitment and general HR jobs .
  • rudraksh: i have done BE in food technology & MBA in marketing 2010 & currently i m working as a quality oin a food processing company. so kindly tell me either i shuld go into the mktng field or in fo
  • V.Suresh: Hi Rudraksh,As i said earlier follow your passion and the rest will follow you..If you are passionate about the industry (which is food) in your case,you can continue to be in the same industry and continue to be in quality or production
  • V.Suresh: Hi All Thanks a lot Was my pleasure interacting with you all.

    Wish you all the best
  • Firstnaukri: Thank you Suresh, for spending time with students and job seekers. Thank you all for participating and stay tuned for more sessions.
  • V.Suresh: Thank you
  • V.Suresh: